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21 The Blockbuster Scene, Noon Has Arrived! (Second More)
    Chinese Name: 落地一把98K  Author: Iced子夜(Iced zǐyè, Iced Midnight)
    Original: www.qidian.com | Translator: NineTalesFox.com

Looking at the safe area, Liu Zilang felt painful again.

     They jumped to the upper left corner of the map, but the safe area was an airport circle.

     Seeing this, Liu Zilang simply stopped searching.

     He ran all the way along the road next to the house by the sea, and finally found a blue car, and immediately rushed to drive it, preparing to take Zhang Xiaotong into the safety zone.

     However, at this moment, Zhang Xiaotong's anxious cry for help suddenly heard!

     "Where are you, God! Save me! Save me!"

     what's the situation?


     In Zhang Xiaotong's live studio, countless viewers and friends were also amused.

     It turned out that after Zhang Xiaotong hit the ground with a small fist and hammered two people to death, he was about to run to beat the third person, and suddenly a Jeep drove up not far away.

     The dropped teammate is here!

     Seeing Zhang Xiaotong punching his teammate with his fist, the Jeep stepped on the accelerator and rushed forward.


     Zhang Xiaotong was shocked and hurriedly avoided.

      She didn't dare to beat that person anymore this time, she was thinking about sneaking away.

     As a result, the person who had just been punched twice by her reconnected, and immediately got into the teammate's car, and the two drove directly to chase Zhang Xiaotong.

     Zhang Xiaotong's current location is an open space north of Guangmingding, with few trees and rare houses.

     Being chased by a Jeep in this kind of place can be said to be terrifying!

     In desperation, remembering that he still had a teammate, Zhang Xiaotong had to cry for help.

     ..."Don't worry! Wait for me!"

     "Come on! I'm going to be killed!"

     |"Did someone hit you with a car? Then find a cover to hide!"

     "No cover! Ah! Please don't chase me!"


     Zhang Xiaotong talked to Liu Zilang, begging for mercy behind him.

     Unexpectedly, the two buddies in the car behind didn't drive everyone and couldn't hear Zhang Xiaotong's voice. Naturally, they didn't have any thoughts of "to have tender, protective feelings for the fairer sex".

     Right now they recognized Zhang Xiaotong's intention to destroy their enemies, and they had to kill her if they were determined.


     Big jump!

     At the moment when the jeep rushed up behind him, Zhang Xiaotong jumped sideways and escaped!


     Looking at the empty jeep, Zhang Xiaotong let out a relaxed breath and then stuck out the tongue proudly.

     The two buddies who rushed past the clinker chip away at a task and not abandon it, and turned around immediately after a collision, and rush forward again.



     Zhang Xiaotong suddenly panicked, lose one's head out of fear, turned around and ran back.


     The jeep behind him whizzed, Zhang Xiaotong just wanted to play the same old trick, but he didn't expect that the guy driving behind him would learn the lesson just now. When Zhang Xiaotong jumped to the right, he slammed the steering wheel!


     Zhang Xiaotong was immediately knocked out and fell to his knees helplessly.

     Seeing this scene, the audience in Zhang Xiaotong's live broadcast room suddenly became angry.

     "Fuck! Who is this driving!"

     "This is too cruel!""Where are the friends who went in together? Come and save Xiaotongjiang!"

     "Guard! Call the guard!"

     "That's right! Where's the master brother? Why are people missing?"

     "Who is it! You know you search for things when you land."

     "Xiaotongjiang don't play with him, let us take you next!"


     Kneeling on the ground, clutching his abdomen, Zhang Xiaotong watched the jeep hit him, but he made a bend not far away and was about to hit him again. He burst into tears immediately.

     "Great God! Where are you?"

     "Come! Hold on!"

     "You lied to me! You didn't come at all!"

     "Hold on! Hold on!"

     "I am unable to endure/hold on any further!"

     Climbing on the ground and trying to move slightly, Zhang Xiaotong looked at the jeep roaring in front of him, and could not help but closes the eyes in despair!

     give up...

     However, at the moment she closes the eyes, a loud sound of "bang" suddenly came from her ears!

     Zhang Xiaotong suddenly opened his eyes, and saw a blue car rushing out wildly from the side, and suddenly hit the side of the jeep that was running towards Zhang Xiaotong!


     There was the sound of friction between the wheels and the grass.

     Under the huge impact force, the front of the jeep rushing towards Zhang Xiaotong was forcibly rammed away from the direction uncontrollably, and it brushed past Zhang Xiaotong's side to the limit.



     "The feeling of a blockbuster, do you have it!"

     "Cool! Brother Master is too handsome to appear in this stage!"

     "So handsome!""..."

     Seeing this scene, the audience and friends in Zhang Xiaotong's live broadcast room were also shocked!

     Sitting in front of the computer, Zhang Xiaotong rubbed his eyes and dully looked at the person who had jumped out of the blue car with an inconceivable face.

     After a while, she reacted, and suddenly be pleased beyond one's expectations exclaimed, "Ah! Great! Save me, save me!"



     Finally caught up!

     Liu Zilang let out a long breath, jumped out of the car and walked towards Zhang Xiaotong who was crawling on the ground.

     He just squatted down to save people. Who ever thought that the jeep that was hit just now was secretly observed not far away, and found that Liu Zilang who got off the car didn't seem to have a gun in his hand, and he rush forward deranged again.

     "Is there any humanity?"

     "Guard! Call the guard!"

     "It's cold! It's cold!"

     "Next one!"


     Seeing the movements of the Jeep on the opposite side, the audience in Zhang Xiaotong's live broadcast room was also speechless for a while.

     At this moment, Liu Zilang, who was squatting to save people, was suddenly stopped/stood, facing the jeep that was not far in front and turned to rushing over again, blocking Zhang Xiaotong's body.

     At this moment, everyone was shocked!

     Is there such an operation?

     The audience in Zhang Xiaotong's live broadcast room suddenly cheeks streaming with tears, and they cursed Liu Zilang's routine!

     Sisters should also follow the Basic Law!


     Deserve to be single!

     Look at people, playing a game is so particular.In their opinion, Liu Zilang's blocking in front of Zhang Xiaotong this time is undoubtedly trying to "block the car for my sister", and whether it makes sense at this time is no longer important...

     But the next moment, everyone was stunned again.

     I saw Liu Zilang, who stood in front of Zhang Xiaotong, suddenly fetched a revolver from the holster of his leg, then held the gun in both hands, holding his breath, motionless like a statue, and opened the sight on the spot.

     Is this... just kidding?


     In the jeep rushing from the opposite side, Liu Zilang actually took out the left wheel to face them.

     The two buddies in the car froze for a while, and laughed overjoyed one after another.

     Want to knock me down with a revolver?

     Dude, are you still up?

     Out of this mentality, the man driving the car suddenly left, suddenly right slammed the steering wheel and showed off his "snake skin" skills.

     But at this moment, a gunshot suddenly sounded on the empty flat ground!

     The guy sitting in the Jeep co-pilot was still laughing for a second, and turned his head, only to find a lot of blood sprayed beside him!

     Not far away, a wisp of smoke rose from the muzzle of Liu Zilang's revolver.

     "Vic123 used the r1895 pistol to headshot and knocked down the chasing wind!"


     Without driving, the car started to slow down.

     Damn it!

     The shock in my heart has not faded, and the person who reacted on the co-pilot hurriedly switched to the driving position, trying to stabilize the car first.

     Who would have thought that as soon as he switched positions, gunshots sounded at the same time.

     "Bang"!At the next moment, the two system kills were displayed on the bottom left of the screen.

     "Vic123 used r1895 to headshot and killed my Taiwanese girl!"

     "Vic123 used r1895 to kill the chase in the wind!"

     One shot one person!

     Double kill!