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23 Sniper Of God Killing! (Fourth More)
    Chinese Name: 落地一把98K  Author: Iced子夜(Iced zǐyè, Iced Midnight)
    Original: www.qidian.com | Translator: NineTalesFox.com

After a while, Liu Zilang tried again, "How about...give me the gun?"

     "No! I haven't fired a shot yet." Zhang Xiaotong finished speaking, and hurriedly added, "The shot just didn't count!"

     Liu Zilang said helplessly, "Well, then you shoot a few shots first."

     Hearing Liu Zilang's words, Zhang Xiaotong immediately ran to the side of the building with joy, and repeatedly nodded, "Okay! Okay! Tell me where I am?"

     "Remember to save me some bullets." Liu Zilang reminded him and began to report, "The rear wheel of the jeep, yes, that person showed his head, be careful, your water friend seems to have a 6."

      "Un." Hearing what Liu Zilang said, Zhang Xiaotong had already worked very hard from the building! "


     Liu Zilang was a dark face, counting the shots of Zhang Xiaotong.

     He remembered that Zhang Xiaotong just said that he had only picked up 15 rounds of 7.62 bullets, and the two had previously discussed how many shots each would fire.

     Although the bullet of the revolver and 98k can be used, since Zhang Xiaotong has forgotten this, Liu Zilang naturally hid it in his heart.

     At this moment Zhang Xiaotong had already fired 10 shots, which had already exceeded her limit.

     But seeing that she was in high spirits and Liu Zilang was being bombed again, he silently held back.


     After three more shots...

     Zhang Xiaotong said in her voice panting with rage, "This gun is too bad! The sight can't hit people at all! Here you are!"

     After speaking, she threw the gun on the ground and dropped the only two bullets left.

     Liu Zilang corner of the mouth twitch!

     This girl really looks up to herself.Two people, she left herself two bullets.

     If it was not intentional, he didn't believe it!

     He could probably guess Zhang Xiaotong's thoughts already.

     As long as Liu Zilang is also empty in these two grabs, Zhang Xiaotong can say in the right and self-confident in the live broadcast room, "Look! The great god is also empty! It's really not my bad marksmanship! This gun problem too big!"

     This girl at what time has become so black!

     Picking up 98k, Liu Zilang flicked silently, as if Zhang Xiaotong beside him felt pursed and snickered.

      Thought until here, the corners of his mouth could not help but slightly cocked.



     The violent gunfire cut through the sky above the prison, and a bullet from a sniper rifle swiftly passed through the air!

     At the gate of the prison, a blood spattered!

     At the bottom left of the screen, a system kill prompt appeared.

     "Vic123 used kar98k to headshot down the Xiaotongjiang guards!"


     At the gate of the prison, the buddies hiding behind the jeep were suddenly dumbfounded.

     Due to the delay of the Douyu live video, they still do not know the 98k on the top of the prison building suddenly replaced.

     So as soon as the guy with 6 showed his head, he was brought down by Liu Zilang with a headshot!

     "No, the roof has changed people, and now it's the master brother playing."

     "Can you save it?"

     "It should be possible. There is barbed wire here. Come here carefully and I will give you the gun."

     "..."It turned out that the two friends who were chasing after Liu Zilang were busy sniping Zhang Xiaotong, and didn't search for what thing.

     Two of them picked up a 6, there is still one came with a pistol, and the situation was almost the same as Zhang Xiaotong and Liu Zilang on the roof.

     And at this moment, Liu Zilang on the top of the building did not squat down with a shot like Zhang Xiaotong.

     He stood quietly on the roof, holding the 98k in his hand!

     The aura of Yuan s Yue Zhi seemed to tell everyone silently.

     As long as the opponent dares to show his head, he has the confidence to take it away before the opponent shoots!

     You hurry up!

     I am faster!

     Behind him, Zhang Xiaotong, who had been praying for Liu Zilang's empty gun, was immediately stunned when he saw this scene.


     The next moment, a figure dangled behind the barbed wire fence at the prison entrance.

     And at this flash, Liu Zilang pulled the trigger!

      bang sound!

     The familiar gunfire sounded again, and blood suddenly appeared on the other side of the barbed wire!

     The barbed wire fence known as "on the side of God" was shot through by Liu Zilang, and Goddess of Luck stood on his side.

     "Vic123 used kar98k to headshot the guard Xiaotongjiang!"

     "Vic123 used kar98k to kill the Xiaotongjiang guards!"

     A two-person team was killed by Liu Zilang with two shots!

     In a moment, the audience in Zhang Xiaotong’s live broadcast room was messed up...

     Are you playing the same game?

     Why can't my 98k hit someone?

     Why is one of my shuttle bullets swept away, and a shot can't pass through the barbed wire!"Fuck! These two shots are too handsome!"

     "Take it! Brother master, I really take it!"

     "Watching that video today, I still think that the man was pretending to be a sniper. I didn't expect that they were cheating!"

     "No blows, no black! These two shots are better than Shen Zeyan how is it?"


     Seeing this last barrage, many people were silent.

     Who is Shen Zeyan?

     Once a generation of snipers of se7en, currently the chief sniper of the ig team.

     In the last offline PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds competition, he created a miracle of 4 abruptly killing a professional team. He is known as the man who is fanatically sought after by countless Jedi players as the "Sniper of God". It is already the idol in the hearts of all those who play this game.

     Is this vic123 in front of him compared with Shen Zeyan?

     Is it comparable?

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