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24 One Shot Through The Clouds! (First More)
    Chinese Name: 落地一把98K  Author: Iced子夜(Iced zǐyè, Iced Midnight)
    Original: www.qidian.com | Translator: NineTalesFox.com

Speaking of Shen Zeyan, Zhang Xiaotong's live broadcast room suddenly began to discuss.

      Very large part people think that Liu Zilang and Shen Zeyan have left nothing to be compared, and there is a gap between professional players and amateur players; but there are also a small part people who think that "the master is in the folk", Liu Zilang may not be much worse than Shen Zeyan.

     Naturally, there will never be any results about this kind of controversy, and the live broadcast room will become lively. Fortunately, Zhang Xiaotong glanced at the barrage in time and said, "Stop arguing, everyone, I think the great god is quite powerful, just see if he can take me to eat chicken!"

     She said this to mediate the atmosphere in the live broadcast room, but she didn't expect that the style of the live broadcast room suddenly changed when the words were spoken.

     "Take Xiaotong sauce to eat chicken?"

     "Uh...the weather is good today."

     "I don't think this can be a standard at all!"

     "Yes! Bring Xiaotong sauce to eat chicken, even if Shen Zeyan comes, he may not be able to do it?"

     "Why do you guys? If it's Shen Zeyan, I think maybe maybe... OK?"



     Zhang Xiaotong took the time to look at the barrage again, and suddenly angrily coldly snorted.


     Let's talk about the game at this time.

     After killing the prison team, Liu Zilang and Zhang Xiaotong quickly went downstairs.

     Two people one each box.

     Liu Zilang returned the 98k to Zhang Xiaotong, and licked a 6 that had only 30 shots left;

     Zhang Xiaotong is elatedly licking a durable secondary head and a secondary backpack that has turned red.Seeing that the second circle had been refreshed, Liu Zilang decided not to stay here and urged her to get in the car quickly.

     I brought up the map and took a look. At this time, the safety zone was almost completely brushed to the airport side, and only the bridgeheads of the east and west bridges on the entire map were still in the circle.

      Without a doubt, in this case, someone must be blocking the bridge.

     If you want to go over the bridge, relying on the equipment in the hands of Liu Zilang and Zhang Xiaotong, I am afraid that even the "toll fee" is not enough.

     However, just as they drove all the way from the prison, the lta town close to there wanted to fight minutes, snatch seconds and go in for a quick search, they headed.

     Obviously, she was determined to win the airdrop she "felled".

     But the situation right now is that the two of them were put behind a small car by the people on the bridge, and they couldn't even move...

     At this moment, there was a "boom" in my ear.

     I saw a big red and blue box was placed by a parachute on the shore not far from the front of the car, and then a thick cloud of red smoke slowly emerged.

     Seeing the airdrop in front of him, Zhang Xiaotong couldn't help licking his lips.

     The next moment, she crouched behind the car suddenly fell down.

     "What are you doing?" Liu Zilang stared wide-eyed, "You don't want to climb over, do you?"

     Zhang Xiaotong has not replied, but tentatively moved forward.


     She one's hearth is happy and moved forward again.

     There is still no response from the other side!


     At this moment, she was pleased beyond one's expectations, and immediately crawled on the ground towards the airdrop by the sea.Liu Zilang looked at the people at Qiaotou and then at Zhang Xiaotong, feeling puzzled.

     At this distance, there is another beach on the coast, which doesn't have any cover.

     You shouldn’t be able to see the opposite.

     Didn’t the other party look here now?

     With this thought in mind, Liu Zilang took the opportunity to take another look, thinking about sneaking into the car.

     Unexpectedly, a familiar gunshot suddenly came from Qiaotou.

     In the next moment, countless bullets fell beside Zhang Xiaotong who was crawling on the beach like "bang bang".

     At the same time that he hit the 10,000-point pit, he also hit Zhang Xiaotong with two shots.


     Zhang Xiaotong exclaimed, got up quickly, and ran away like a frightened rabbit!

     However, when she was about to run behind the airdrop, the "human stroke" marksmanship on the bridgehead shot another shot, which immediately knocked Zhang Xiaotong to the ground.

     Fortunately, she was already closer to the airdrop box, so she quickly crawled behind the box to hide, and then "eyes brimming with tears" looked at Liu Zilang who was hiding behind the car.