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26 The So-called Gun! (Third More)
    Chinese Name: 落地一把98K  Author: Iced子夜(Iced zǐyè, Iced Midnight)
    Original: www.qidian.com | Translator: NineTalesFox.com

Seeing the barrage in the live broadcast room, Zhang Xiaotong suddenly said hesitantly, "You don't want to betray me, do you?"

     "No!" Liu Zilang said decisively.

     "Then...Will I die?" Zhang Xiaotong asked.

     "Yes." Liu Zilang said.

     "Ah! Then you said you weren't betraying me!" Zhang Xiaotong said angrily.

     "The opposite is here!" Liu Zilang's ear twitched, and instead of continuing the topic, he said very quickly, "Listen to my instructions and believe me!"

     The next moment, hiding behind the airdrop box, he suddenly tilted his head sideways, quickly shot a 6-three burst, and then retracted very quickly.

     Bang bang bang!

     In the case of doesn't have any aiming, Liu Zilang's three shots were completely relied on the preview hiding behind the airdrop box, and only one shot was hit.

     However, despite this, the other side jumped in fright, and quickly avoided to the left.

     When the other side wanted to return the gun, there was no one on the airdrop side.

     "Be careful! This 6 is a bit powerful!"

     "Hmm! Get closer first!"

     For a while, the two subconsciously used the car in front of them as shelter.

     But with the lesson just now, their guns have been alert to the right to prevent Liu Zilang from making another sneak attack.

     However, at this moment, the individual suddenly rushed out on the left.

     "Someone has come out on the left, be careful!"

     At this moment, the attention of the two was instantly attracted by Zhang Xiaotong.

     However, at the same time, almost the instant Zhang Xiaotong rushed out, Liu Zilang's gunshots rang!

      dā dā dā!

      dā dā dā!dā dā dā!

     Six three bursts of shots sounded, and there was a burst of extremely fast gunfire.

     The person behind the opposite car had just shot Zhang Xiaotong down and was about to make up for it directly.

     In the next moment, their faces changed suddenly!


     I saw a fire suddenly appeared on the car in front of them!

     But still doesn't wait for them leaving distance in between, the next moment, the car exploded!


     A violent explosion sounded on the shore.

     Two system kill prompts also appeared from the bottom left of the screen.

     "The vi16 rate of fire is a bit faster! I feel faster than a fully automatic rifle!"

     "Me too! The rate of fire sounds stupid to me!"

     "My 6 is a bit weird not in the same game series!"


     In the game at this time, Zhang Xiaotong, who kneels down on the ground for the third time, dully looked at the two people who were killed by a car not far away.

     At the moment when Liu Zilang swept the car, she fell to the ground just on the side of the airdrop box, which avoided being affected by the explosion.

     But to be honest, Zhang Xiaotong was already ready to cool off when he rushed out of the knocked-down moment with his eyes closed. Reversed, she miraculously survived.

     At this moment, until Liu Zilang rescued her, Zhang Xiaotong, after the calamity, renewed life, still felt a trance, living in a dream.

     Speaking of this game fell to the ground three times and didn't die, Zhang Xiaotong really felt that everything was not real.

     In the past, even once, she would have started the next one...But soon, the real feeling came.

     Seeing the two boxes behind the car, Zhang Xiaotong's eyes suddenly showed numerous small stars.

     I saw her not saying anything further, she spread her legs and rushed over the two boxes quickly.

     In place!

     Get down!

     Zhang Xiaotong’s licking action is exceptionally skilled!

     While lying on the ground, he kept pulling things from the box into his bag with both hands, and from time to time he sent out a burst of inexplicable "hehehe".

     "..." Liu Zilang.

     He still wants to wait for a few words of thanks. It’s really impossible to compliment them.

     But when he saw the scene before him clearly, Liu Zilang couldn't help but his eyes twitched, knowing that he was thinking too much.

     Got it!

     Go lick the bag.


     After licking these two bags, the two people who came out almost "streaking" all the way from Guangmingding in the upper right corner of the map, they are finally bird shotgun replaced by cannon.

     The two stood on the shore facing the sea breeze.

     The sound of waves in the ears fluctuated.

     "You are a good third-level head!"

     "Well, you are also very handsome as a Level 3 A!"

     "You gun..."

     "Your bag..."

     "Concession and concession!"

     "To each other!"



     In the live broadcast room, countless viewers watched the two "shamelessly" complimenting each other, and they were speechless for a while.

     "Ah! It's time to run the poison!"

     Zhang Xiaotong suddenly patted his forehead to think of it.

     "Ah! Fuck! We have no car!"

     Liu Zilang also reacted suddenly.Hearing the words of the two, everyone in the live broadcast room was once again speechless about the degree of disconnection between the two.

     Fortunately, the two of them have a lot of medicine now, and this is only the second circle, and the poison does not hurt too much.

     The two rushed to fill the medicine and speed up, and ran towards the bridge.

     On the way, Liu Zilang asked if he wanted to find a boat to smuggle, but Zhang Xiaotong rejected it contemptuously. She felt that since the two of them are now equipped with such good equipment, they must rush directly.

     Zhang Xiaotong, who seemed to have been succumbed to most of the game, had an unprecedented level of fighting spirit at this moment.


     After half a minute, the two were blocked in the middle of the bridge.

     Zhang Xiaotong, who was half-blooded by two shots, hid behind the car while applying shiver coldly, and said angrily, "I am so mad! Why are there people blocking the bridge? The circle has passed, and he won't run poison. ?"

     "Perhaps someone has a drug addiction." Liu Zilang said, looking thoughtful.

     "..." Zhang Xiaotong.

     After a while, Zhang Xiaotong beat up his blood volume, glanced at Liu Zilang, and whispered, "Then What we do?"


     Liu Zilang spit out a word, rubbing the 98k in his hand, and slowly said, "Wait for you to rush out directly from the back of the car, I will help you with a gun."

     "You want to betray me again!" Zhang Xiaotong stomped with anger when he heard it.

     "This time is different!" Liu Zilang said confidently, "Only there is one person on the other side. As long as he dares to show his head, I guarantee that he will not hit you with a single shot!"


     "Why did I lie to you?"After a spell of silence, a person's silhouette suddenly rushed out from behind the junk car in the middle of the bridge!


     Can't hit me!

     Can't hit me!

     Zhang Xiaotong, with his eyes closed, was running while muttering quickly in his mouth.

     Da da...!


     Suddenly a familiar gunshot came from my ear!

     Zhang Xiaotong dully looked at the blood spattered on her body, but she did not lose any blood!

      what is this situation?

     A bug?

     In a daze, a system kill prompt swiped out from the bottom left of the screen!

     "Vic123 used kar98k to headshot the Jedi drug lord!"