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31 Individual Cut In, Anti-thunder!
    Chinese Name: 落地一把98K  Author: Iced子夜(Iced zǐyè, Iced Midnight)
    Original: www.qidian.com | Translator: NineTalesFox.com

34 kills!

     Survive on the field, 8 people!

     In the live broadcast room, countless audience friends heard the two people's dialogue just now, and they couldn't help feeling excited for a while.

     "Brother master said how many he killed?"

     "30 kills! In addition to the 4 heads just now, it is 34 kills!"

     "Oh my God! This is so fast that I can kill a night."

     "Stopping the night before, how many nights did I have no b count in my heart?"


     "I have a hunch, this master will break the record again!"


     At this moment, the poison circle shrank, and the next safe zone came out.

     The audience in the live broadcast room was a little speechless for a while after seeing the scope of the safe zone.

     Because the next safe area was actually brushed on an empty tarmac grass on the other side of the airport, the only upper bunker that can be counted is the few oil drums on the south side of the a-shaped building. The other places almost cover all at one glance.

     At the moment, including Liu Zilang and Zhang Xiaotong, the eight people surviving on the field are basically near the K-shaped building and the third factory building on the left.

     Don't watch Now be quiet! Come down, but wait for the next time to circle.

     Who moves first.

     Who is the target of others.

     In this case, if it is placed in the average players, I am afraid the vast majority of people will choose to squat calmly.

     It's a big deal when the time comes to fight medicine, anyway, not to be that early bird.

     But Liu Zilang will not.

     In the voice, I heard that he suddenly smiled and asked the question again.

     "Xiaotongjiang, do you believe me?"Zhang Xiaotong couldn't help shivering when he heard the words, and a bad feeling suddenly rose in his heart.




     Two smoke bombs, one after the other, were thrown toward the tarmac in front of the airport.

     "You...you said I won't die."

     "Promise not!"

     "What if you lie to me?"

     "Lied to you... is it a puppy?"


     "Hurry up! So many viewers in your live broadcast room are watching, be brave!"


     "You are the best!"


      at the same time, the third factory building of the airport.

     Two teams were hidden in the three factories, and a team was also hidden behind the low wall near the poison side in the third factory, exactly six people.

     They had planned to stay calm and stand against each other.

     But at this time, I suddenly saw smoke bombs on the tarmac.

     "Someone wants to enter the circle!"

     In an instant, this thought came to everyone's mind.

     as predicted!

     The next moment, I saw a person's silhouette rushing into the smoke.

     Da da da...

     For a time, gunshots suddenly burst out around the third factory building.

     At this time, these people's ideas were surprisingly consistent.

     I can't get into the circle, and you don't even want to get into the circle.

     However, there is smoke blocking the line of sight, they can only blindly scan in a general area, and it is difficult to knock Zhang Xiaotong down immediately.

     And what they didn't even know was that at the moment the gunfire sounded, a figure was like a ghost, touching it from the leftmost part of the third factory building with strange speed....

     "Ah! Someone attacked!"

     Da da da...!

     At the first factory building, as soon as one person found that something was wrong, Liu Zilang who was holding a 6 instantly fell to the ground.

     His teammates turned their guns instantly, but he just hit Zhang Xiaotong with a quadruple, and there was no time to change the lens in a hurry.

     Coupled with the chaos in his heart, before he had the time to pull the quasi-center after turning around, he was directly and straightforwardly knocked down by Liu Zilang again.

      Between Lightning Spark, a double team in the finals was instantly destroyed.


     "Vic123 used a grenade to blow up keac!"

     Another team was destroyed!

     However, just when Liu Zilang wanted to move to the right and continue to clear the past, his blood volume suddenly went wild!

     The nerves are tense!

     He made a judgment in an instant and rushed into the workshop in front of him.

     Stuck in the back door, Liu Zilang glanced to the right.

     It turned out that the team outside the factory heard that the close point was playing so intensely and gave up on Zhang Xiaotong in the smoke, and touched this way.

     Then he just saw Liu Zilang at the back door of the second factory building and hit him sideways.

     It can be said that if this wave weren't for Liu Zilang's timely response and accurate judgment of gunfire, it is estimated that it would have fallen by now.

     But even so, the third level A on his body is flushed, and his blood volume is only a trace.


     Calm down, Liu Zilang quickly calmed down.

     He listened to the movement on the right while typing on his first aid kit.


     At this moment, a familiar voice sounded.With only a trace of blood left, Liu Zilang thought flashed through the mind, and instantly gave up packaging.

     He stretched out his right hand, and a 98k has appeared in his hand.

     The next moment, a person suddenly appeared behind the factory building on the right, and raised his right hand towards Liu Zilang.

     This is certainly not the reported posture!

     This is thundering!

     Liu Zilang's eyes narrowed, almost at the moment the person appeared, he suddenly tilted his head and opened the mirror.

     At such a close distance, the previewed eight-fold 98k crosshair appeared in that person's head at the moment the lens was opened!


     "Vic123 used kar98k headshot to knock me down. What is yours!"

     In the picture, before he could throw his thunder, Liu Zilang exploded the second-level head with a shot, and he knelt on the ground, clutching his abdomen.


     "What's the situation?" his teammate wondered.

     "Get away from me!" The person who threw the thunder hurriedly called.

     The next moment, comes with a bang sound!

     I saw a flash of fire at the back door of that factory building, and the dust and turf flew up in an instant!

     Two System Notification, flashed out from the bottom left of the screen instantly.

     "Vic123 killed me with kar98k, what is yours!"

     "What am I? You are mine. You are mine. You are mine!"

     Liu Zilang was taken aback when he saw the prompt, and then he almost laughed when he reacted.

      At the same time, the picture on the screen in front of you freezes instantly.


     Ranked first in the team, 39 kills, and 1453 gold coins rewarded! !great luck, great profit, eat chicken tonight! ! !