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35 Enthusiastic Netizens! (Second More)
    Chinese Name: 落地一把98K  Author: Iced子夜(Iced zǐyè, Iced Midnight)
    Original: | Translator:

in the room.

     Zhang Xiaotong leaned back behind the door, her face flushed, but a mess in her heart.

     She wrung her hands and unconsciously recalled Liu Zilang's words in her mind.

     Have you seen the space of predestined relationship?


     Zhang Xiaotong was annoyed and screamed. He threw himself on the bed and rolled around in the quilt. He didn't know what he was thinking...


     At the same moment, Liu Zilang returned to his own room.

     After he went online at Baidu It, he learned how this is a "human affection" masterpiece.

     Liu Zilang's face suddenly turned black.

     Sitting in front of the computer, holding his mobile phone, Liu Zilang wanted to explain to Zhang Xiaotong.

     But I don’t know how to explain.

     I'm sorry, I haven't seen it either. I was told this by others.

     Who believes it?

     Even Liu Zilang himself didn't believe this!

     To be honest, at this moment he really wants to go back to the day when he first joined the se7en club three years ago.

     Not miss.

     Because he wanted to directly choke Li Muqiu to death on that day!


     Woke up the next day.

     As soon as Liu Zilang opened his eyes, he remembered the scene last night, and there was a sudden pain.

     Thinking of the possibility of meeting Zhang Xiaotong today, needless to say, Liu Zilang is even more awkward.

     At this moment, he picked up the phone and looked around, and suddenly realized that today was October 8.

     On October 8, this means that the seven-day National Day holiday is over, and it also means that school should start today.

      Thought until here, Liu Zilang woke up instantly.He called up the timetable to take a look, and suddenly let out a relaxed breath.

     so close!

     No class in the morning.

     Otherwise, even if his home is close to the school, in a place like Jianghai, it must come without enough time in the past.

     By the way, that girl must have gone to school at this point.


     Then it's fine.

     Thinking that embarrassment could be avoided, Liu Zilang couldn't help but feel relieved.


     Open the door, walk into the living room and listen to the movement.

     Sure enough, there is only his one person at home.

     Liu Zilang stretched his waist and felt the sun shines brightly outside the window.

     After letting the water out comfortably, Liu Zilang passed by Zhang Xiaotong's room, and suddenly found that her door seemed to be open, and a slit came out.

      It should be noted, the girl usually closes the door completely when she is at home, let alone not at home.

     This situation is really rare.

     After thinking a little bit in his heart, Liu Zilang understood.

     It is estimated that this girl has also forgotten today already passed National Day Week. When she woke up in the morning, she found that it was not early, and she left in a hurry, so she forgot to close the door.

     In fact, Liu Zilang guessed right.

     But more importantly, it was because Zhang Xiaotong had insomnia last night.


     For the little girl’s room, Liu Zilang can not have any interest.

     I wanted to come over and lend a hand to close the door, but when he approached, he looked through the crack of the door and found that the computer screen in Zhang Xiaotong's room was lit.

     This girl, is so anxious this morning and still have time to play on the computer?Hesitated in his heart, Liu Zilang still opened the door, wanting to go over and turn off the computer.

     As soon as I entered the room, I smelled a young girl’s fragrance. Zhang Xiaotong’s room looked exquisite and tidy. Some dolls and two-dimensional figures that she usually bought were also neat and tidy on a table, and Liu Zilang’s room There are totally two extremes.

     Before turning off the computer, Liu Zilang inadvertently glanced at the screen and found that it was some web pages like Tieba Weibo.

     In the next second, after he saw the content on the screen clearly, a mouthful of blood suddenly came out.

     It turned out that on the screen was a post by Zhang Xiaotong using the newly registered trumpet, asking "Brother let me see Yuan Zhikong. The look in my eyes last night was strange. Is he perverted?"

     The following replies seem to be quite a lot, and Liu Zilang looked at it again, and almost even had the heart to kill.

     Almost Quan Te was saying "it must be abnormal" and "pretty close", asking Zhang Xiaotong to be careful, and some people reply with some funny facial expressions and hehehe.

     In an instant, Liu Zilang's hand froze when turning off the computer.

     Because he suddenly reacted.

     If this is when Zhang Xiaotong comes back from school, he sees that the computer is turned off.

     As for just two people at home, they will know that Liu Zilang has entered her room.

     Liu Zilang couldn't help shivering, and almost instantly thought of Zhang Xiaotong's next possible post.

     "I'm not at home, brother sneaked into my room, is he perverted?"

     When the time comes, the netizens who are watched by the majority of people who are not too busy will "analyze", and then his perverted hat will be completely solid!Thought until here, Liu Zilang immediately exited the room obediently and honestly and restored the scene.

     Even the gap in the door has been restored to its previous size.


     After coming out, sitting at home have nothing to do for a while Liu Zilang felt depressed for a while, and decided to go to school.

     After washing, he went back to the room and changed his clothes, then went out to take a taxi and drove straight towards Jianghai University.

     When you arrive at the school, stand at the gate of the school, a feeling of meet again after a long period of separation rise in the mind.

     Liu Zilang was about to sigh in his heart, and suddenly his shoulder was patted from behind.

     Looking back, Liu Zilang suddenly got a toothache.

     It turned out that it was Qin Xuanxuan who gave him a "flying grass" at the comic show last time.

     At this moment Qin Xuanxuan was carrying a bag, and the four girls who followed grinningly looked at her.

     There was a girl with short hair and a round face said with a smile, "President, this is the elementary school brother you started talking about. She is really handsome."

     "Which college, do you have a girlfriend?" Another girl with a long ponytail also asked with a smile, "Do you need a senior sister to introduce you to?"

     As soon as she spoke, the other two girls also laughed and coaxed.

     What else do you say don't let one's own fertile water flow into others' field, other colleges cannot be cheap.

     Seeing the unscrupulous teasing of several girls, Liu Zilang felt embarrassed no matter how thick-skinned he was.Qin Xuanxuan, who has been staring at Liu Zilang with a smile, suddenly spoke this time, "Okay, don’t bully the junior, and I tell you, this guy is not as honest on the surface, don’t be fooled by his appearance. ."

     Hearing Qin Xuanxuan helping her out, Liu Zilang began to look at her gratefully.

     Liu Zilang couldn't help the corner of his eyes twitching suddenly when he heard the words below her.

     This is so special, who did I piss off?

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