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42 There Was A Sound On The Ground!
    Chinese Name: 落地一把98K  Author: Iced子夜(Iced zǐyè, Iced Midnight)
    Original: www.qidian.com | Translator: NineTalesFox.com

The so-called creating a custom server is actually similar to creating a custom room in lol.

     But PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds not all players have this permission to create, they need to apply to the official, the requirements are actually quite high.

     At present, if it is an unofficial activity in China, a separate application is required.

     Usually only some of the more popular anchors have this permission. If the player wants to apply for it, it is still very difficult.

      Thought until here, Liu Zilang had doubts again in his heart.

     Since the Jiangda E-Sports Club’s custom server was only applied for today, how did they train before?

     At this moment, Ran Maotong on the side suddenly whispered in Liu Zilang's ear, "That person is Jiang Xinou, a sophomore. He was elected as the president of the e-sports club when he just started school this year."

     "I heard that he was the anchor of the panda before, and his solo rank ranks in the top 100 of the Asian server. He is very strong. He has also doubled in the game with Li Muqiu on the same platform, so he will be selected this time. The president's."

     "Oh right! I heard that our e-sports club used to train on his host's private server."

     Hearing what Ran Maotong said, Liu Zilang couldn't help but glanced at him somewhat surprised.

     He wasn't surprised by what Ran Maotong said, but it was somewhat curious how this stuff seemed to know everything, like an "inquiry".

     But at this moment, Liu Zilang was stared.

     He suddenly saw someone who couldn't think beside Jiang Xinou.

     Qin Xuan Xuan.And it seemed that she was the deputy president Qin among the surrounding population.

     It won't be so coincidental!

     Liu Zilang rubbed his face, feeling a little nervous.

      Thought until here, he couldn't help but reached Ran Maotong with his arm, and snarled at Qin Xuanxuan, who was standing next to Jiang Xinou on the stage, "Do you know that girl?"

     "Oh! You mean Vice President Qin, she is the first team assaulter, she seems to be the only girl in the professional team of our school's e-sports club."

      Spoke until here, Ran Maotong couldn't help but hehe said, "Why brother, I'm a senior sister, you won't be good at this, right?"

     Listening to what he said was awkward, Liu Zilang couldn't help but said ill-humoredly, "Go, I'll just ask."


     Looking at the people on stage, Liu Zilang felt a little uneasy.

     With Pikachu's shadow last time, he is too late to avoid Qin Xuanxuan now.

     Fortunately, there are many people in the e-sports club, and Liu Zilang and Chen Zhifei are not conspicuous among that many people.

     And after Jiang Xinou announced the matter above, there was no ink, and he quickly found a place to get on the machine with a few people who came with him, and then Enter Game created the custom room that he had just applied for.

     After the password was issued, everyone in the activity room swarm in (of people etc).

     There are a total of 100 game seats in the room, which were filled in the blink of an eye, and even the ob's seat went up to four people.

     For the first time playing this kind of training game similar to private servers, Chen Zhifei and others were quite nervous.

     After entering the game, the suddenly quiet square became even more weird, as if it had become a legendary "quality square".But for this, Liu Zilang also understandable.

     Normally, when arranging passers-by, we don’t know each other on the Internet, and when we meet each other, as long as someone starts, naturally they won’t have any psychological burden to follow along.

     But now everyone is sitting together in reality. You are still making a big fuss. Isn’t that a brain disease...

     Liu Zilang was thinking this way, and a voice suddenly sounded in the headphones.


     Suddenly, the activity room of Nuo University became quiet.

     Almost everyone can't help looking at the source of the sound.

     Liu Zilang also couldn't bear glanced curiously, mainly because he felt that his voice seemed very close to him.


     Liu Zilang was at a row of machines not far from them, and he saw Feng Yanzu, who had only met in the afternoon, looked excited.

     This buddy noticed the eyes of everyone around him, and it was strange.

     I wonder why everyone is looking at me?

     In his opinion, enter the "quality square" what else is there good to say?

     "Impatient" is over!

     As for the three teammates around him, at this moment they wish they could get their heads under the table.

     But Feng Yanzu unconsciously continued to shout, "Get upset! Everyone gets upset!"

     "Qeqe! Can't eat chicken while standing! Hahaha!"

     The people in the activity room were suddenly dumbfounded, and couldn't help but talk in low voices.

     "Who is this buddy?"

     "I do not know.""Is it our school?"


     Liu Zilang felt painful when he saw this, and he withdrew his opinion of him in the afternoon.

     This buddy is two!


     Fortunately, "Brother Yanzu" saw that he hadn't played the leading effect of "a hundred answers to a single call". After shouting a few times, he closed his mouth with a sense of boredom and stopped talking. .

     The gaming room was quiet again.

     Several people from the Jiangda E-sports professional team are all sitting here on the machines near the front of the stage.

     "Who was that person just now?" asked a team of shorter people who kept their feet.

     "It seems to be a first-year student." Someone next to him replied, then shook his head and smiled, "Now the freshman students are quite lively."

     "What's lively, I think it's a bit different..." Qin Xuanxuan spit out mercilessly.

     Her view is quite consistent with the current Liu Zilang.

     "Stop talking about it, play the game well."

     At this moment, a quieter-sounding voice came from the president Jiang Xinou wearing glasses.

     "I know, my Captain Jiang." Qin Xuanxuan stuck out the tongue after hearing this.


     board the plane.

     Choose a drop point.


     After the game started, I came into contact with Liu Zilang, whose Game Time was not too long, and immediately discovered that the passers-by game in this training match was completely different from the usual row.

     This game lasted until the first lap, and the game with 100 people on the field only lost less than 10 players.If it is placed in the usual passerby game, almost half of the lap is left.

     In addition, after landing, Liu Zilang and the others occasionally encountered a team, and the opponent was also quite decisive in advancing and retreating.

     Liu Zilang and the others only showed a little bit of strength in long-range firepower, and they quickly chose to evacuate without a high-power lens.

     The one Liu Zilang knocked down was also helped by them and rescued.


     Next, as the safety zone continues to shrink.

     The more people alive on the field, the more depressing the atmosphere becomes.

     Because in this case, once any two teams meet and fight.

     The exposure of the gunfire will soon develop into a big melee.

      Thus, the nerves of almost everyone on the court are always in a state of high tension.

     But all of this has nothing to do with Liu Zilang and the others.

      this is not how well they choose their spots and how safe they are.

     But because they are already out...

     When he entered the second lap just now, Pu Taizhuang drove a "flat overturn" in the wheat field next to City P.

     Of course, if it's just overturning nothing else.

     The key is that there are about three or four teams lurking around P City, stalemate with each other.

     When everyone saw a Jeep coming in the wheat field, no one fired a shot while being vigilant.

     Because the car is moving, shooting at this time may not kill people, and it is easy to reveal your position.

     But Pu Taizhuang's "flip"...

     Good guys!The surrounding gunshots immediately rang out at the same time, crackle rattle, and it was as festive as the New Year.

     Then there was a "bang"!

     In less than two seconds, the Jeep is Instantaneous Explosion!

     As for Liu Zilang who hurriedly got off the car before they could leave the scene of the accident, they were directly "killed four by one car" and turned into four boxes around the burning fiercely jeep.

     This is really the "Magical Four Boxes"...