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45 The Live Broadcast Is Torn Apart, Something!
    Chinese Name: 落地一把98K  Author: Iced子夜(Iced zǐyè, Iced Midnight)
    Original: | Translator:

Seeing this scene, the barrage in the live broadcast room is also Instantaneous Explosion.


     "Fuck, Qiu Shen is a man of Sao!"

     "Can't learn! Can't learn!"

     "Real hammer humanoid self-propelled hanger!"

     "Haha, the guy on the other side can't do it, I didn't grasp the opportunity."

     "The first one is chicken, I feel that Qiu Shen will even have chicken today!"

     "Autumn God, Autumn God! Your fan brother Little Seagull is waiting for you outside! Everyone brush up!"

     "Brother Seagull is waiting for you! Brother Seagull is waiting for you!"

     "Don't do it, don't bother you!"

     "Brother Seagull is waiting for you!"


     After Li Muqiu finished playing the game, he habitually glanced at the live broadcast room on the split screen on the left. After seeing some barrage from the audience and friends, he reacted and looked at his phone.

     On the screen, WeChat popped up an unread message.


      at the same time, Jiangda E-sports Club.

     Jiang Xinou is sitting in front of the computer screen and chatting with the water friends in the live broadcast room. The screen is the waiting interface of PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds.

     "Team Jiang, are you waiting for someone?" Someone next to him glanced at his screen and asked with envy, "Will you be in line with Qiu Shen again this afternoon?

     Jiang Xinou heard lightly smiled and pointed to the phone next to the keyboard and said, "Hehe, not necessarily, Qiu Shen is playing, but I just contacted him on WeChat."

     Although he said not necessarily, but in his tone there's nothing about it.

     Actually think about it.Although the popularity is not too high, Jiang Xinou said that he is also an anchor on the same platform as Li Muqiu, and after he and Li Muqiu had a double row last time, many viewers on Li Muqiu also knew him.

     In addition, the audience in his live broadcast room just passed by and "brought a wave of rhythm", and he did open the live broadcast and waited patiently for more than ten minutes.

     Therefore, no matter how you look at it, there is absolutely no need for Li Muqiu to give face on such trivial matters.

     At this moment, some girls in the e-sports club heard Jiang Xinou just talking about Li Muqiu's WeChat, and immediately came up with excitement and asked if they could add it.

     When Jiang Xinou heard the words, he shook the head with a smile, "It can't be added, Qiu Shen only adds people he knows to WeChat, not strangers."

     The girls around were suddenly disappointed when they heard it.

     At this moment, Jiang Xinou's phone on the keyboard vibrated.

     With a smile on his face, he pointed his cell phone to the people around him, "The news of Qiu Shen should have just called me after calling."

     As he said, he picked up the phone and looked at it.

     The next moment, the smile on Jiang Xinou's face suddenly froze, and then gradually disappeared.


     Panda platform, in Li Muqiu's live broadcast room.

     Li Muqiu glanced at the barrage, smiled and said to the audience in the live broadcast room, "Don’t do it, everyone. I made an appointment in the afternoon, so I won’t play with Seagull. He sent a message I didn’t see it just now Reply to him."

     After hearing Li Muqiu's words, Li Muqiu's fans in the live broadcast room were nothing else.

     They mainly watch Li Muqiu, whoever they play with is to play.But Jiang Xinou's painstakingly "has a half-day rhythm" fan and water friend, but now he can't accept it.

     "Don't! Play with Brother Seagull!"

     "That's right! People have been waiting for you for a long time."

     "Brother Seagull is very strong! Let's play with Brother Seagull."

     "I feel that playing with Brother Seagull today will definitely be able to connect the chicken!"


     However, some of them Cynical scribbled "Forget it, let's go back, they are the big anchors, they look down on our little anchors.", "It's so bloated! Let's go, tell Brother Seagull not to wait. "...

      It should be noted, many fans in Li Muqiu's live broadcast are old fans of his fps career for several years.

     Seeing someone Cynical playing this kind of barrage in the live room, how can you bear it? Just opened it on the spot!

     "Your head was caught by the door?"

     "Some people have a brain disease, right? Qiu Shen said that he had an appointment first."

     "That's right, besides, it wasn't Qiu Shen who asked you Brother Seagull to wait."

     "If you want to get out, just get out, don't influence labor and management to watch the live broadcast."


     In this way, the fans on both sides baffling each other in Li Muqiu's live broadcast room.


     After Jiang Xinou heard the news, his face was slightly surprised, and his heart was immediately full of embarrassment.

     To be honest, even if he felt uncomfortable after seeing the news of Li Muqiu just now, it was far from that level.

     Moreover, he is a newcomer who has just entered this circle, and compared with Li Muqiu, both in terms of qualifications and popularity, he is inferior.Originally, he took the initiative to find Li Muqiu in the double row, so he was more or less suspected of being a family man.

     At the moment, the double row cannot be achieved, and the water friends in the live broadcast room ran to the other side to tear it, which gave the outsider a feeling of "cannot eat grapes, say grapes sour".

     What has to say here is that as long as you can be an anchor, no matter how big or small, your brain's emotional intelligence will not be too bad.

     After Jiang Xinou realized this, he didn't directly dissociate himself from the audience members who went to Li Muqiu's live broadcast.

     After all, other people's water friends are also trying to protect him. Isn't it chilling if he wants to say that?

     So he quickly took out the phone, opened the WeChat chat log, and then explained to the camera that Qiu Shen had sent him a message. It was indeed that someone had an appointment first, so that everyone would come back wisely.

     In Li Muqiu's live broadcast room, some Jiang Xinou's fans and friends were torn up on the barrage.

     But suddenly seeing my anchor say so, there was no motivation to continue tearing it down.

     For a time, many people lay down the flag and still the drums, only a handful of diehards were left to die.

     However, Li Muqiu's live broadcast is more popular with barrage. If no one is paying attention, these barrage will soon be submerged in the wave.


     Jiang Hai, in the club base of se7en.

     Sitting in front of the computer, Li Muqiu watched the developments in the live broadcast room without a word or movement, and a slight smile appeared at the corner of his mouth.



      This time, his mobile phone next to the keyboard suddenly shook and received a WeChat message.

     "Autumn God, I was embarrassed just now." (Embarrassed expression)Li Muqiu saw lightly smiled and replied casually, "It's okay, we will be together next time."

     After sending, he just wanted to put down the phone, but a ringing tone suddenly rang.

     Li Muqiu glanced at the caller ID and couldn't help but secretly said in heart, "This guy, he came really in time."


     "Yeyyyy! What about people? Die where did it go?"

     "It's here! Don't call it!"

     "Grass, pull me quickly!"

     "Are you online?"

     "Nonsense! I will let you pull if you are not online?"


     y In a channel, two voices sounded one after the other.

     The audience in the live room heard the two people's dialogue and was shocked at that time!

     "My turtle! Who is this guy playing with Qiu Shen?"

     "This tone is too real! This is the first time I heard someone talk to Qiu Shen like this..."

     "The most important thing is that Qiu Shen hasn't gone back..."

     "This vocal line sounds pretty good."

     "It's crooked in front! No one really knows who this is?"

     "I can't hear the voice, is it a real friend of Qiu Shen?"


     The next moment, when Liu Zilang was pulled into the team by Li Muqiu, everyone in the live broadcast room was dumbfounded again!

     "Yeao, Nai Wo He" agreed to join your team!


     Everyone can't help but suck in a cold breath.


     This buddy’s name seems to have something...