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55 Is Ze Shao You?
    Chinese Name: 落地一把98K  Author: Iced子夜(Iced zǐyè, Iced Midnight)
    Original: www.qidian.com | Translator: NineTalesFox.com

While Li Muqiu was busy fighting medicine on the side, he got stuck in the front of the car and glanced at the opposite side.

     I saw the figure swaying at the rear edge of the burning jeep, and it was obvious that someone was stuck there observing this side.

     Liu Zilang a thought flashed through the mind, and suddenly leaned out.

     The next moment, as if Hearts of One Mind, the opposite side instantly appeared.



     The two gunshots blasted on the bridge to the extreme with an unimaginable reaction speed of ordinary people!

     And the moment Liu Zilang fired the gun, a huge sense of crisis suddenly rose in his heart!

     So he almost squatted down at the moment of Bullet From Chest.

     In the next instant, a bullet flew past his scalp.

     A "ding" hit the skin of a truck that turned over behind him.

     Obviously, if Liu Zilang's reaction is a little late, even 0.1 second!

     The determination of the bullet's impact should be his head!


     Liu Zilang takes a deep breath in surprise.

      It should be noted, the situation where the two men confronted just now was that Liu Zilang set up a gun, and the other side forced a probe to attack.

     So in other words, the person just after the opposite car doesn't have any time to aim when he shows his head.

     He just relied on the preview behind the car, and he shot a shot instantly!

     And it was this shot that almost killed Liu Zilang!


     Only at this moment, in his heart will have judgment.Thought until here, Liu Zilang's violent The Beating Heart not only didn't feel nervous, but suddenly became excited, like finding a long-lost opponent!


     Jiang Hai, tyloo club base.

     Seeing a blood flower suddenly burst out of his head, almost half of the durable third-level head was shattered.

     Bai Shaobin, whose blood volume dropped to the end in an instant, quickly shrank back, his face showing a shock!

     "White team, what's the situation?"

     Sitting next to him, a teenager who looked 17-18 years old couldn't help asking in surprise.

     In fact, it was not only him, at this time, there was also a surprised breath in the training room of the second team next door.

     To be honest, they just saw the two people hiding behind the car on the other side dared to show up and confront Bai Shaobin, and they were all ready to watch the show.

      It should be noted, Bai Shaobin, known as the "Eye of Nighthawk", is as famous as "Sniper of God" Shen Zeyan, and is currently recognized as one of the three pinnacle gods of Asian clothing!

     In the recent Jedi offline professional tournaments, his performance is also quite eye-catching. He created the first lap of the professional tournament and all his teammates were killed in action. He relied on a horrible record of 16 kills with a single shot. , And has never fallen out of the top five in the Asian server rankings for several seasons!

      At the same time, Bai Shaobin knocked down tyloo-deadrunner with his previous 24 headshots! "

     That's right!

     There was only one bullet in the whole process!

     There was only one gunshot!

     Although Hou Dongfang grabbed Liu Zilang first, at that moment, he caught the car in his retina and suddenly someone squatted together!Immediately afterwards, before he could see the figure clearly, he was knocked to the ground without omen, not to mention aiming and returning the gun.

     When Bai Shaobin saw this scene, he couldn't help but took a breath for a long time, his face solemnly spit out two words, "Flash!"

     Hou Dongfang, who was hit by the falls to the ground, suddenly shook his whole body, as if he heard something inconceivable.


     What has to say here is that "flash" is different from "snap".

     If the sniper is to quickly lean over and open the mirror to lock people, then sniper is based on this, and there is an additional operation of retracting.

      Thus, as long as your marksmanship is accurate enough! The body is fast enough!

     Flash sniper is always only you hitting others, others have no chance to hit you at all.

     This operation is actually not a secret in the previous fps circle, but it only exists in theory, and almost no one will use it in real battles.

     After all, I want to aim and shoot, and hit someone in the blink of an eye.

     The difficulty is so high that it is a bit non-human!

     This is so that many players who inadvertently made this operation in previous games are generally regarded by the audience as the "nerve gun" of the night-blooming cactus shows once.

     However, with this shot, Bai Shaobin dared to guarantee 100% that the other party was definitely not a "nervous gun"!

      Thought until here, he raised Hou Dongfang next to him and looked at the id brushed out in the lower right corner, and he couldn't help but wonder even more.

     Ye Ao, what about me?

     This person... who is it?


     In the live broadcast room.Countless viewers were surprised to see Liu Zilang's two stunning shots in the extreme!

     "Fuck, Qiu Shen's friend is too abnormal!"

     "It's so strong, I really have nothing to say about these two shots."

     "Does the great god accept disciples? I want to learn how to snipe!"

     "I want to learn how to find me! Two hundred, teach and teach!"


     At this moment, someone on the barrage suddenly said, "Hey, didn't you pay attention to the id of the person who was knocked down just now?"

     "I want to say too, tyloo-deadrunner, isn't this the little warm guy of Team Tianlu?"

     "Little Nuan? Tianlu? Young Master Bai's team?"

     "Fuck! I just came from Huyabaishao's live broadcast room, and the team across from the bridge is Baishao!"

     "Really? No way?"

     After a while, countless people returned from the live broadcast room, and the barrage suddenly became lively again.

     "Fuck! It's really Young Master Bai!"

     "Well, it seems that Bai Shao and Xiao Nuan Nan led two second-team professional players in the passerby round."

     "Furthermore, the two friends of Qiu Shen who have just shot down are Bai Shao and Xiao Nuan Nan!"

     "My God! Just kidding!"

     "Fight against Young Master Bai? You won right? I'm not dreaming, right?"

     "That... Doesn't Qiu Shen's friend really turn on the voice changer?"

     "Same feeling! Hey hey hey! Is Shao Ze you?"

     As soon as this barrage came out, after a while, the whole live broadcast room was full of screens "Is Shao Ze you?"