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61 This Is The Same Root! (Third More)
    Chinese Name: 落地一把98K  Author: Iced子夜(Iced zǐyè, Iced Midnight)
    Original: www.qidian.com | Translator: NineTalesFox.com

After a few jokes, Ke was quickly drawn into the team on Tuesday.

     A "Jedi four-wheeler" started.

     While waiting, Ke just heard Liu Zilang speak on Tuesday and couldn't help but said with interest, "Your voice is pretty good. I just saw you playing in the finals, really amazing! Are you a professional player? "

     Ke said so much on Tuesday, and he was obviously somewhat curious as Liu Zilang.

     As soon as she finished talking about clinker, Liu Zilang said casually, "No, I just want to play."

     "..." Ke Ke on Tuesday.

     When pdd heard it, he couldn't help but feel happy, "Brother, you are a bit amazing! This is the first time I saw someone directly chuck to death..."

     "I'm sorry." Liu Zilang also realized that there was something wrong with the way he spoke, and he couldn't help but smiled and said to Tue Ke, "Actually, I am a good player. Do you want to learn? I can teach you if I want to."

     "Wow! Brother! You're not interesting enough! Aren't we talking about a good deal." pdd cried.

     On Tuesday, Ke was overjoyed when he heard Liu Zilang's words, and then he was disappointed, "I can't learn this, and I can't become a great god like you. This should depend on my talent?"

     "No, no, no! Talent only accounts for a part." Liu Zilang found the rhythm, said with a chuckle, "The subsequent efforts are also very important, for example, you just say Laoqiu..."

      "Fuck! Why take me as an example?" Li Muqiu protested immediately, "Why don't you say yourself?"

     "I am a talented player, so I have no reference."Liu Zilang shrugged reluctantly, and Li Muqiu's teeth were itchy.

     But he really couldn't refute this.

     Because from the day Liu Zilang joined se7en three years ago, Li Muqiu has experienced a process of constant beating.

     Finally, he has to acknowledge, there is something called talent!

     There are people who are really geniuses born for a certain field!

     Listening to Liu Zilang being there with Li Muqiu "shoo", Ke Ke "chuckled" amusedly on Tuesday.

     Suddenly, pdd couldn't help but sighed, "Autumn God, you buddy is a talent!"

     "How do you say?" Li Muqiu asked.

     "It's not terrible to be able to kill a mouthful of air." pdd sucked in a mouthful of air, exclaimed, "The most terrible thing is to be able to kill the dead to live again!"

     Li Muqiu: ...


     In the quality square, after waiting a period of time, the picture changed and a few people got on the plane.

     The route of this game starts from the bottom left of the map and passes through the airport. The terminal should be Port l on the right side of the map.

     "Where to jump? Where to jump? Where shall we jump?"

     After getting on the plane, Ke's tone on Tuesday was very lively, sounding full of yearning for the unknown future.

     "Airport!" Li Muqiu immediately high-spirited and vigorous said.

     "Ah... the airport..." Upon hearing Li Muqiu's words, Ke immediately paused on Tuesday.

     Because the airport is not unknown to her.

     Is known."Or let's not jump to the airport." pdd suddenly said, immediately at once added, "it's not me! I'm afraid Erke landing into a box, let people watch the three of us play. Ok."

     Liu Zilang is also nodded, "Well, Er Ke is not very good at it, I have to teach her slowly, Lao Qiu, I also think we should stop going to crowded places."

     "Come on, you can teach others about Caiji who has played for 50 hours." Li Muqiu showed no mercy, "It is estimated that Erke will play longer than you!"

     "Hey, how hurtful your words are." Liu Zilang said suddenly.

      "Ah?" Li Muqiu was taken aback, a little confused.

     "Leave me alone, I want to be quiet..." Ke said with a black face on Tuesday.


     With three votes to one, Li Muqiu's airport trip was instantly passed.

     In the end, a few people chose a place where there were not too many people as their landing point, and that was the farm below the route. When they parachuted, only a group of people fell.

     The advantage of this location is that after searching the farm, you can hit a wave in several places along the seaside and the highway to the south, and then go directly to the east bridge to block the bridge.

     But obviously, there are people who have similar ideas in this game.

     "Find a gun! Find a gun! Clean up people first!"

     When landing, Li Muqiu said loudly immediately.

     Liu Zilang jumped into the warehouse of the farm and found a magazine and a second-level bag on the ground as soon as he entered the door. Unfortunately, they could not be combined.

     When he came out after searching the warehouse, he had another pistol and grenade in his hand.At this moment, there was a scream from Ke Ke on Tuesday, "Aaaaaaahhh! Someone robbed me of a house, he got a gun!"

     Li Muqiu said helplessly, "I don't have a gun yet, there are people in my room, and I can't get through."

     "Ya'er, I only have a machete!" pdd said no place to fear, "Er Ke hold on, I am coming!"


     in the room.

     A man holding a handful of u9 pointed at Tue Ke, and said, "Don't move! I'll shoot when I run!"

     As he said, he hit a few bullets on the wall next to Ke Ke who wanted to open the door and run out.

     Ke was shocked on Tuesday, and suddenly pitifully squatted in the corner.

     The man continued, "Look at the panda suit you are wearing, are you the anchor of the panda?"

     "Yes...Yes." Ke Kaimai said weakly on Tuesday, "You have the clothes, can you not kill me?"

     "Wow! It's still a little sister!" The man laughed happily, "Good drips! Undressing without killing! Undressing without killing!"

     At this moment, Liu Zilang touched the window.

     He was holding a p911 pistol, and while the man was making fun of Tue Ke, he shot two "pā pā" through the window.

     "Yeao, how can I use the p9111 pistol to headshot the little man on the roof!"

     "Who attacked me! Did I draft it!" The man who was knocked down on the ground was taken aback, and curse without restraint immediately.

     "What did you say?" Liu Zilang opened the door and walked in.

     He turned the game on and everyone's voice was turned on, but it was still on.The man suddenly angrily said, "Did I say drafting! Do you pretend to be pretending to be you! Do you want me to say it again? Drafting! **Boy, you kind of and grandpa are just facing you! Drafting!"

     "This person's mouth is really stinky." Ke frowned on Tuesday, shaking her small fist to make up for him.

     But the man's desire to survive was quite strong. Seeing Ke shook his fist on Tuesday, he immediately moved and crawled into the toilet in the room. He still cursed chatter, "Draft? For dog men and women, there is a kind of waiting for the labor teammates to come."

     Obviously, although this person has a bad mouth, he still has some brains.

     He obviously wanted to provoke Liu Zilang to scold him and delay his teammates to support him.

      At this time, Liu Zilang suddenly said, "Er Ke don't fight."

      "Ah?" Ke froze on Tuesday, panting with rage said, "He scolded you like that, aren't you angry?"

     Liu Zilang has not replied.

     He walked to the door of the toilet and said to the person crawling inside, "Seeing you are a Chinese, I won't make up for you today."

     After speaking, he threw a thunder into the toilet very naturally.

     Then...the door was closed easily.

     "Let's go." Liu Zilang turned around and said calmly.

     "..." Ke on Tuesday.