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62 Go Strange!
    Chinese Name: 落地一把98K  Author: Iced子夜(Iced zǐyè, Iced Midnight)
    Original: www.qidian.com | Translator: NineTalesFox.com

"Man, did they make up for you?"

     "I... Am I messing with him! Isn't this a brute?"


     The man's three teammates were taken aback, and then only heard a "boom".

     "Ye Ao, how can I use a grenade to blow up the house? The damage should be even deeper. A spray is not a system problem.

     But the prerequisite is that you have to fight accurately.

      At this moment, Liu Zilang himself took the initiative to jump out and surprised the man, adding that Liu Zilang kept moving around while shooting.

     The person on the other side saw the blood spattering on his body, and in a hurry, he shot a spray that didn't even spray Liu Zilang's hair!

     s1897 Everyone knows this sprayer, and the sprayer is empty when there is no cover face to face...

     That ending as you can well imagine.

     Bang Bang tied!

     After Liu Zilang stood still, three shots were fired again, and the man fell to the ground instantly.

     The next moment, two consecutive system kill prompts swiped out from the bottom left of the screen.

     "Yeao, how can I use p911 to kill one day is a day!"

     "Yeao, how can I kill one day with p911!"


     In a house on the farm.

     Li Muqiu, who finally found a spray and pdd who licked the box, ran over excitedly in the toilet on the second floor, and asked excitedly, "Man! Man! I have a gun! See if I won't kill you. !"

     Ke Tue who touched the toilet licker halfway also couldn't bear cried, "Wait for me! I found the gun too! Let's be together!"This time, Liu Zilang licked the boxes of the two men, and then walked out from the back of the house, "Don't pass by, one person has a gun, nothing?"

      "Ah?" pdd was taken aback.

     Li Muqiu subconsciously glanced at the bottom left of the screen, and couldn't help but let out a "fuck"!

     Liu Zilang said calmly, "They are all dead."

     "They're all dead?" Pdd felt his head couldn't turn around.

     He had just seen Liu Zilang being chased and was still worried about whether Liu Zilang could run away.

     Unexpectedly, in a blink of an eye, as soon as he got the gun, Liu Zilang told him that both of them were dead, and Liu Zilang was still full of blood...

     Pdd rolled his Adam's apple and said hard to believe, "Dude! Are you kidding me! If I'm not mistaken, you just had a small pistol."

     "Well, p911." Liu Zilang had already entered the house and started searching for things, and added, "It's pretty easy to use."

     "Fuck! A small pistol will kill those two people... Oh no! Are all four people killed?" Pdd suddenly felt that the whole person was not good.

     The audience in the live broadcast room was shocked after seeing this scene!

     "Fuck! P911 killed the team alone? Still full of blood!"

     "Nima...is this the same game? Why can't my p911 hit people?"

     "Do you know who is this agent? How do you hit someone without charging? Huh?"

     "Dude! Did you really buy your game in 98? Is it an enhanced version of the 298vip collection? If there is a channel, tell me! I buy it! Can't I buy it!"

     "...""By the way, has Langshen launched a live broadcast? This wave is really a show of tingling sensation!"

     "Tongqiu Langshen Live Room! If this kind of god is not a professional player, it must be the anchor?"


     In the game, pdd took the time to look at the barrage in the live broadcast room, and couldn't help but curiously asked, "The audience in my live broadcast room asked you if you started the live broadcast? Where is the room number?"

     "What live broadcast?" After searching a house, Liu Zilang turned to pdd and said, "What? They want to steal technology for free?"

     Hearing what Liu Zilang said, pdd scratched his head somewhat stunned, feeling speechless.

     This buddy...a bit unreasonable to play cards.

     Can't talk! Can't talk!

     "Puff!" Ke also couldn't help but laugh on Tuesday, "Haha, you are too..."

     For a while, she didn't know what words to use to describe it.

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