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67 Blasting Ghost?
    Chinese Name: 落地一把98K  Author: Iced子夜(Iced zǐyè, Iced Midnight)
    Original: www.qidian.com | Translator: NineTalesFox.com

After killing people, seeing that the poison hadn't come over, several people began to lick their bags.

     Liu Zilang first drove Ke Ke to the warehouse on Tuesday to scan the two boxes, and then the three of them came to the box where pdd was killed by the sky fire.

     After all, it is the bag of the teammates, and everyone behaved very "sorrowful" at this moment.

     Li Muqiu threw two smoke bombs on the incense, and then said heavily, "Although the prostitute has left us, he has gained immortality in the blood and fire. This will definitely eat chicken for us!"

     After speaking, he immediately lay on the box.

     On Tuesday, Ke was also acting online, with a hint of "cry" in her voice and said, "Woo, no! I don't have teacher's chicken, I would rather not eat it!"

     As soon as she finished speaking, she hurriedly lay on the box.

     But Liu Zilang was always silent here, he was the first to lie on the box faster than Li Muqiu.

     However, Liu Zilang's silence at this time did not show mercilessness, but faintly revealed a sorrow of "sorrow is greater than heart death".

     I saw him quickly switch to pdd's 4, but he seemed to be at a loss and murmured and repeated with a trace of self-blame, "Why...why...what the hell is this!"

      At this moment, Liu Zilang's voice sounds a little muffled...

     Like resentment against the ruthless sky fire!

     It's like a roar against unfair fate!

     Li Muqiu and Tue Ke two on the side saw Liu Zilang's "real performance" and then looked at their crappy exaggerated acting. For a while, they felt somewhat shy and their licking speed slowed down.When pdd heard that, also couldn't bear smiled and said with relief, "It's okay, it's okay, I'm okay, don't be sad everyone! Come on! This must make us..."

     Clinker his hasn't even finished his sentence.

     Liu Zilang, who was lying on the ground and burying his head and repeating "why" in his mouth, suddenly said with great emotion, "Why... why are you so fat!"


     pdd was taken aback for a moment, like a hiccup.

     "Puff! Hahaha!" On Tuesday, Ke laughed out instantly.

     On the side Li Muqiu also suppressed a smile and said, "Teacher whoring, don't worry! We are all strong!"

     "Wow! Mom sells batches, you little pigs..." pdd was immediately shocked, but he didn't know what to say for a while.

     The audience in the live broadcast room saw this scene and laughed continuously.

     They have never seen a pdd who has been screaming, and they have this day...


     "Hahaha, lick the bag with tears, this is too real!"

     "I can be as good as you at what time!"

     "Turtle tortoise! This wave of Saozhu is really naive, and Langshen is a real show! My tingling sensation is so showy!"

     "Wait, I'm a little dizzy. This Nima is the show of Li Xiuqin, the head of the Independent Regiment of the 386 Brigade of the 129th Division of the Eighth Route Army!"

     "No way, no way! Really LMAO, I want to know how big Sao Zhu's mental shadow is now."

     "Answer: Three rooms and two halls."



     In the game, the remaining three people "tearfully" licked pdd's bag and set off again.When the sky fire bombed, Liu Zilang and Tue Ke’s jeep were destroyed, so now the three of them can only sit on Li Muqiu’s hard-top jeep with only half the durability.

     When the second circle is finished, group of three happens to enter the circle near the puzzle building of the dormitories next to the school.

     At this time, the next safe area was brushed in R City, the ruins, the shooting range to the north, and S City.

     On Tuesday, Ke leaned out of the car from time to time and looked around, "Where are we going now?"

     Li Muqiu chuckled and marked a point on the high slope south of R City, "Since everyone is so fat, let's go to the high slope near the poison side to shoot."

     "This is good! This is good!" Ke immediately agreed with excitement on Tuesday.

     As a box spirit and Voldemort's, she actually rarely had the opportunity to shoot.

     At this moment, there are two great gods flying, and there is no fears of trouble in the rear. Tuesday Ke just can take this opportunity to shoot more and practice his marksmanship.

     But when they wanted to get in the car behind the dormitory building, a yellow car suddenly drove out of the poison to the northeast.

     The people in the car obviously didn't find Liu Zilang and the others. As soon as the poison came out, they drove to a toilet on the side of the road.

     Next, four people jumped into the car, walked in in a line after opening the toilet door, and then closed the door.

     Seeing this scene, the three of them look at each other in dismay and glanced at.

     "How do you say this, enter the circle to trap them, or go straight to eat it?" Li Muqiu asked.

     "I...I listen to you!" On Tuesday, Ke took all his actions as directed.The pdd who entered the viewing angle after death on the side encouraged the fierce generals, "Go! What are you afraid of? Autumn God, you won't be counseled?"

     I believe many people have said this when ob teammates died.

     As for what purpose, it is is unable to find out...

     Li Muqiu was really nothing to persuade. He just subconsciously wanted to ask Liu Zilang's opinion.

     Hearing what pdd said at this moment, he immediately fig. to rub one's fists and wipe one's palms and said, "No problem, then we will do another vote!"

     At this moment, Liu Zilang, who had been looking at the toilet on the side of the road, suddenly said, "Wait..."

     "What happened?" Li Muqiu was taken aback.

     "You said that this game is very real, right." Liu Zilang said looking thoughtful.

     "Yeah." Li Muqiu nodded, wondering why Liu Zilang suddenly asked why.

     The next moment, I saw Liu Zilang suddenly got into the jeep and started the car behind the road, "Help me set up the toilet, don't let them out."

     "What are you doing?" Li Muqiu asked in a daze.

     Liu Zilang has not replied.

     As soon as he stepped on the gas pedal, he accelerated the car to the fastest speed in a very short time, and then rushed over straight towards the toilet.


     In the toilet.

     Four people squatted on the ground and were packing.

     One person said, "Who has bandages, give me points, I only has one first aid kit reluctant to fight."

     "I have and I have, and you will be divided into five." Another human being.

     At this moment, a roar of car engine suddenly came.

     Someone runs poison!

     This was the first thought that came to the minds of the four people in the toilet.After all, they are on the side of the poison, and they have just emerged from the poison. It is not uncommon for someone to run poison at this time.

     The human with the most blood volume said, "You take medicine first, I'll go out and see."

     After speaking, he got up and opened the toilet door to get out.

     Unexpectedly, as soon as he left the house, he only heard two sks gunshots!

     Two blood flowers splashed on the person in an instant, but he reacted very quickly "swish" and retracted, quickly closed the door with his backhand, and cursed, "Grass! There is a boy looking at our nearby, Wait for me to beat him up, let's go out and fuck him..."

      After talking a while, he suddenly felt the sound of the car engine getting closer and closer, as if it was in his ears.

     not good!

     The opposite is coming!

     As soon as a few people reacted, they heard a sudden "bang" at the toilet door!

     There seems to be a what thing hit the door.

     A person near the door subconsciously pressed the "f" key and wanted to go out to fight, but then he was shocked to find that the door couldn't be opened!


     Outside the door, Liu Zilang drove his jeep and blocked the door of the toilet.

     He pulled the handbrake and jumped out of the car, then quickly cut out a grenade.

     When the four people in the toilet heard the pulling sound of the grenade, they suddenly felt a little panicked!

     "Grass! Open the door!"

     "Nima! Can't open it!"

     "Get out of me!"

     "hurry up!"

     "Fuck! I can't open it!"

      dā dā dā dā!

     A rush of gunfire sounded, and someone in the toilet swept the wooden door of the toilet with a gun in a hurry.With the sawdust flying, the front of the Jeep was exposed on the door that was swept out of a large hole.

     At this moment, just listen to a "bang"!

     The glass on the small window on the toilet wall was broken, and it seemed that something was thrown in.

     Hit the wall and then bounced to the ground.

     A few people looked down, and suddenly they were collectively confused!

     I saw a grenade lying peacefully on the floor of the narrow toilet.

     Next moment, with a bang sound!

     There was a flash of fire in the toilet, and the smoke was flying!

     Immediately afterwards, a large swath of kill prompts appeared in the bottom left of the screen.

     "Yeao, how can I use a grenade to blow up c-king!"

     "Yeao, how can I use a grenade to blow up c-laoa!"


     "Yeao, how can I use a grenade to blow up c-duoyun!"

     I saw a swipe screen suddenly appeared in the lower left corner...

     Ke was dumbfounded on Tuesday!

     Li Muqiu was stunned!

     As for the pdd who has been watching Liu Zilang, he was so shocked that the cigarette in his mouth fell on the keyboard...

     One thunder and four kills!

     Is this Nima possessed by Giggs?