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68 Mountain Chase! (First More)
    Chinese Name: 落地一把98K  Author: Iced子夜(Iced zǐyè, Iced Midnight)
    Original: | Translator:

The audience in the live broadcast room was shocked when they saw such an "exciting" scene.

     "Turtle! This is too beautiful, right?"

     "Take notes! Take notes! I will try again next time."

     "Haha, I thought of knowing the mental activities of the four people in the toilet when they saw the thunder."

     "Have you experienced despair? I have experienced it!"

     "The name of this team seems to be some kind of team. If you are killed like this, will you leave any mental shadow in your career in the future?"

     "I think it's very possible, 2333, forgive me for smiling unkindly."



     In the game.

     After Li Muqiu and Tue Ke reacted, they rushed to lick their bags.

     But at a glance, the two of them were a little dumbfounded.

     Except for the bullets I couldn't hold, I didn't look at any of the four boxes, such as first aid kits and drinks.

     Seeing this, Li Muqiu couldn't help being speechless, "Damn it, the prodigal son, your hands are too fast. Anyway, save some for me and Er Ke."

     "Hmm, precisely precisely!"

     On Tuesday, Ke nodded quickly like chicken pecking rice and protested together.

     Liu Zilang explained, "Actually, I didn't lick anything. This team is too poor."

     "Do you think we will believe it?" Li Muqiu said contemptuously.

     "Really." Liu Zilang looked innocent, and said with a sigh instead, "Well, then I will sell you the medicine I used to drink for the finals."

      "Ah?" Ke was dumbfounded on Tuesday.

     "Whose medicine didn't come from the wind." Liu Zilang said as it should be by rights.Then he slowed down his tone and said with a smile, "Let's see if everyone is acquaintance, I will offer a big promotion, three dollars for drinks, three bottles for ten dollars, first aid kit..."

     "Wait!" Li Muqiu interrupted, "Three yuan a bottle, ten yuan three bottles? Are you a big promotion?"

     "You are a black shop!" Ke also protested with a loud voice on Tuesday.

     "The price is clearly marked, cheating neither old nor young!" Liu Zilang looked like he wanted to buy or not.

     Li Muqiu suddenly turned his head and said to Tue Ke, "Eh! Er Ke, I remember this game can kill people and explode equipment."

     On Tuesday, Ke was taken aback, and then reacted, repeatedly nodded, "Hmm, and it doesn't distinguish between enemy and us."

     As they said, the muzzles of the black holes of the two men seemed to point at Liu Zilang's body unintentionally.

     "Uh...hehe." Liu Zilang laughed at the sight, waved his hand, "Don't! I'll just make a joke to enliven the atmosphere, what do you sell? It's all his own, Erke, what do you want? Here are three painkillers, there are still two drinks, interesting enough, Laoqiu, is your sks bad accessories? I just picked up the expansion..."

     "..." Seeing a lot of things suddenly appearing at Liu Zilang's feet, Li Muqiu and Tue Ke couldn't help but their eyes twitched.


     Several people pulled along, and at the same time drove to the city of r.

     Li Muqiu suddenly suggested, "I remember there is a garage in R City. No one should jump to R City on this route. Let's change a car. This car is too easy to explode."The jeep that a few people ran poisoned was originally only half-durable, but Liu Zilang drove it to block a wave of toilets, and let the people in it sweep a few shots. At this time, half of the durability was gone.

     In this four-row race, if their car encounters a team of people and is set on fire, unless the car jumps directly, it will be an instant car crash.

     But speaking of the result of jumping at normal speed...

     It seems to be different from nothing else.

     Hearing what Li Muqiu said, Liu Zilang and Tue Ke of course agreed.

     Only when the pdd who has already been on the ob position, "harbor evil intentions" say that it is irritating. Changing the car is what it is...

     These words were of course ignored by the three.


     It turns out that Li Muqiu's guess was correct.

     Sure enough, there is a car in the garage of the southern half of R City, which is still a yellow car.

     Several people looked at the poison circle, and still felt that according to the previous thinking, it would be better to shoot the poison on the high slope with the tower south of the city.

     However, when the three of them changed the yellow car and drove uphill, an orange car suddenly rushed out of the poison in the east.

     As soon as the car was poisoned, Liu Zilang and the others were seen all the way.

     He immediately hit the steering wheel, took a turn and circled the road between the school and the puzzle building towards the south.

     Li Muqiu's sks tried to shoot a few shots, but they all hit the car, the next moment they were blocked by the school building.

     He put away the gun and glanced at Liu Zilang, "It seems that there is only one person in the car, how do you say? Do you want to chase?"Liu Zilang said calmly, "Only dead people can run in front of us."

     "Wow! So cool!" When Ke heard it on Tuesday, a small star appeared in her eyes immediately, "So we are so formidable?"

     Hearing the words of a few people, pdd who was watching the battle quickly reminded, "You little pigs don't talk to each other. If you don't chase people, you will run away."

     Upon hearing this, several people slid into the car quickly.

     Liu Zilang drove, Li Muqiu's No. 2 position and Ke's No. 3 position on Tuesday, the three of them rushed to catch up in the direction where the man ran.


     On the hillside south of the school.

     The person who had rushed out of the poison heard the gunshots stop behind, and hurriedly braked and stopped on the half slope to spray the medicine.

     He had just eaten a wave of poison and he didn't have much blood right now.

     However, just when he just got a first aid kit and wanted to drink another bottle of painkillers.

     Suddenly there was a roar of a car engine!

     The man followed the sound, he was shocked and cursed, "Grass! Chasing!"

     At this moment, he was alone and weak, so he quickly acted without taking time to think and gave up fighting drugs.

     However, you must know that in PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds, the car is the most difficult car to climb.

     Start acceleration is so slow that people want to smash the car.

     Seeing that the car was too slow to get up, the man hurriedly drove a dozen steering wheels along the slope to add the speed, and then hurried back to flee.

     However, Thus, it also gave Liu Zilang and the others a chance to catch up.

     Soon, the distance between the two sides was shortened in one runs away one pursues.When Li Muqiu saw it, he couldn't help but stick out his body out of the car window, and drove all the people to shout loudly, "Please stop the car in front, you are speeding! Stop and cooperate with the inspection!"

     "I'll stop Nima!" A curse came from the car in front.

     Obviously, the person driving in front also drove everyone.

      dā dā dā dā Da!

     Li Muqiu not saying anything further, immediately took out the ak and fired at the car.

     But the car was shaking too violently when driving, and the ak gun itself shook.

     No matter how good his marksmanship is, Li Muqiu can only sweep towards a rough position in this situation, basically unable to guarantee the accuracy.

     "I'll help too!" Ke also leaned out from position 3 on Tuesday, picked up a fully equipped car and swept the car ahead.

     For a time, two cars were on the hillside one after the other, flying over the one after another hill from time to time. The gunshots were constant in the middle, the fire was blazing, and it looked proper Hollywood blockbuster.