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70 Through The Gaps Of Leaves! (Third More)
    Chinese Name: 落地一把98K  Author: Iced子夜(Iced zǐyè, Iced Midnight)
    Original: | Translator:

Under the cover of Liu Zilang, Li Muqiu, with only a trace of blood left, miraculously survived.

     He ran down the hill quickly and squatted down to fight medicine.

     "Wow! Autumn God, you are not are too gay!" Pdd was shocked and speechless when he saw it.

     "Prodigal son, don't say anything, one Haidilao! This time I invite you!" Li Muqiu patted his chest and said deeply moved.

     Liu Zilang walked down the slope and threw another medical kit next to Li Muqiu, "Two meals."

     "Uh..." Li Muqiu was taken aback, and then abruptly held back the words that were brewing later.

     At this moment, on the other side of the bridge.

     Ke, who was lying on the ground, suddenly asked nervously, "Is there anyone? Was someone hitting us just now?"

     There happened to be a big rock between the place where she was lying on her stomach and Shuicheng, which blocked the opponent's sight and was not beaten.

     She was stunned by the gunshots just now, but now she is reacting.

     "Er Ke, your reflection arc is a bit long..." Li Muqiu couldn't help but complain.

     Liu Zilang said with relief, "It's okay, Erke, you just need to throw a few smoke on the bridge, you don't need to shoot."

     He just heard that there was a sniper on the other side. If Ke Ke knows the position of the other side and the opponent is shooting at this time, the logistics rescue force may not be able to keep up.

     Once Liu Zilang finished speaking, he walked along the river slope to the location where he had just hidden the car.

     After getting in the car and starting, I saw that the few smoke bombs that Ke threw on the bridge on Tuesday had already "chi chi" in large swathes of smoke, which blocked the gun line of the two people over Shuicheng.Considering that there may be more than two people in the Shuicheng team, if they are still clinging together when the other party knows their position, they will appear excessively passive, and the rest of the team may turn around and steal sideways.

     So Liu Zilang quickly rushed over from the bridge while taking advantage of the smoke, and said to Li Muqiu, "I'll pull it to the left, across the corridor, "The remaining buddy, you can solve it yourself. We are a three-person team. You have no chance. of. "

     As soon as his voice fell, another voice rang.

     "The voice of Qiu Shen! Are you the Qiu Shen?"

     Liu Zilang smiled and said, "You guy is quite famous, you can still meet fans this time."

     Li Muqiu smiled, and continued to say among everyone, "It seems that you also know me, so let's not bully you. You throw all the guns away. Let's have a fair boxing duel to see who is the real one. The number one boxer in Asia!"

     As soon as Li Muqiu finished speaking, in the bushes on the slope not far to their right, they suddenly climbed up a Voldemort wearing auspicious clothes.

     That buddy seemed to show his sincerity, not only threw all the guns, but also took off his auspicious clothes and clothes, and ran over naked.

     Liu Zilang couldn't help but squinted and smiled, "Your fans still like running naked?"

     Li Muqiu twitched the corner of his eyes, and said to that humanity, "Why did you take off your clothes? Put it on quickly and don't catch a cold."

     "Wow, Qiu Shen cares about fans so much." Ke happily said with a smile on Tuesday.

     After the man ran over, he was quite nervous, took a cautious glance at the three of them, and whispered, "You... won't attack me?""Sneak attack to kill you?" Li Muqiu said ill-humoredly.

     "Hehe, let's start, who will go first?" Liu Zilang smiled.

     "I'm coming! I'm coming!" On Tuesday, Ke raised his hand excitedly.

     After a while...

     A man knelt down on the ground, clutching his abdomen.

     "The Northwest Clashing King knocked down the courier Xiao Gongju with his fist headshot!"

     "Woo, help, help me..." Ke shouted, lying on the ground on Tuesday.

     The two of them twitched their eyelids and forcibly turned their heads away.

     Li Muqiu smashed his mouth and said in surprise, "Brother, Lianjiazi!"

     "Fortunately, fortunately, I learned from watching Qiu Shen's videos." The man was quite humble.

     Li Muqiu's eyes twitched, and he suddenly felt that the person in front of him was extremely hateful!

     After he said this, if he loses later, how can he meet people?

     Liu Zilang on the side urged, "Lao Qiu, hurry up, that buddy, my medical kit was thrown on the ground, you hit it, don't wait until the poison is brushed, everyone is finished."

     The man originally thought that Liu Zilang and the others were going to play a "wheel war", and he was very nervous.

     Unexpectedly, after a round of fighting, he could still fight medicine, and suddenly a happy facial expression picked up the medical box on the ground quickly.

     When Li Muqiu saw it, it was complexion turned black.

     The cautious thoughts that had just risen in my heart about "taking advantage of others" could not help being stifled in the bud.


     After the man finished the medicine, the two were about to start.

     Liu Zilang spoke again, "Lao Qiu, why are you wearing a tertiary head? Do you want to take advantage of the fans?"

     Li Muqiu:.......Then he glared at Liu Zilang bitterly, took off the third-level helmet, and turned to the humanity, "Brother, my fists are too heavy, let's stop at it, don't hurt your peace."

     The clinker said grinningly, "It's okay! If you can die under Qiu Shen's fist, it will be I'm honored."

     Li Muqiu heard this corner of the mouth twitch.

     Black powder!

     This Nima must be a black powder!

     Why can't you understand the hint?

     Then I saw the two fisting in the ruins, the air was swift and the ground was dusty...

     Of course, these all are Li Muqiu's brain supplement.

     In fact, the two just jumped up to meet each other.

     Li Muqiu first received a punch on the head, and when he landed, he was punched again in the stomach, and then he squatted on the ground with his belly.

     "The Northwest Chop King knocked down lech321 with his fist headshot!"

     No. 1 boxing champion in Asia,