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85 Undersea Treasure! (Second More)
    Chinese Name: 落地一把98K  Author: Iced子夜(Iced zǐyè, Iced Midnight)
    Original: www.qidian.com | Translator: NineTalesFox.com

At this moment, the remaining two brothers in Bakusō Kyōdai Let's & Go were also confused.

     This is not because of the two teammates' instant loss of staff, but their ship is gone!

     Then, although they picked up the airdrop, what should they do next?

     Without the boat, even though they wouldn't be hit as long as they dived and held it, they couldn't shoot while in the water.

      It should be noted, the locations of these two airdrops are on the sea far away from land.

     But can Nima swim back?

      The remaining two brothers in Bakusō Kyōdai Let's & Go suddenly looked torn by grief and indignation, and looked at Liu Zilang and others who were parked not far behind, and their teeth were itchy.

     The "Mediterranean ship gods contend for hegemony" is said to be first-come, first-served airdrop?


     Bomb the ship if you can't grab it?

     Quality too! ?


     Panda platform, Jiang Xinou's live broadcast room.

     From the perspective of the director, many viewers were shocked after seeing the sudden outbreak of the naval battle!

     "I'm a ghost! This magic four box is too fierce! It was blown up directly by someone else's ship! Can't afford to offend!"

     "Hahaha! LMAO, the four-wheel drive changed to two-wheel drive in an instant, and they got into a boat and picked up miscellaneous dogs and auspicious clothes. If they knew what was in the other airdrop, would they be more angry?"

     "Look at others, look at you, look at the old man next door."

     "Distressed the two brothers in the water, I want to know if they can swim back after the poison is brushed?"

     "I think it's difficult, I don't know if the remaining two teams are willing to take them for a ride."


     ...In the game, at the moment the ship on the opposite side exploded, Liu Zilang immediately cut to position one and sailed towards the airdrop side.

     When he arrived at the airdrop, Liu Zilang stopped the boat and turned around and said to Ran Maotong and Pu Taizhuang, "Look at the boat, I'll go to sea."

      Without a doubt, the purpose of Liu Zilang's trip is to lick the bag,

     However, he was so careful that he was afraid of being taken advantage of by the two remaining in the water, so he specifically asked Ran Maotong and Pu Taizhuang to stay on the boat.

     Otherwise, if the ship is robbed, it will be their turn to cry later.

     After entering the water, Liu Zilang quickly swam to the two boxes floating on the sea.

     Under the sea, the "two-drive brothers" who finally recovered from the huge "grief" were about to come and lick their bags with tears.

     Seeing Liu Zilang who suddenly jumped off the boat, the two of them were taken aback.

     "Fuck! Hurry up!"

     "Don't be robbed by him!"

     The two immediately used both hands and feet underwater, and the crazy dog swam over.

     Immediately afterwards, the three of them arrived at the box almost at the same time!

     Time to witness the hand speed!

      It should be noted, in the field of bag licking, Liu Zilang is the man who makes "Asian God of Killer" Li Muqiu tremble!

     The two brothers under the sea just opened the box, drinks, painkillers, quadruple mirror, eightfold mirror...

     Every time their mouse clicked on something, before they had time to drag, the thing in front of them disappeared magically!

     When they dragged it to the next one, things disappeared faster than before.

     Just a blink of an eye!

     All the resource items in the two boxes disappeared.The two brothers put up a life or death struggle under the sea only grabbed seven bandages, fifty-five rounds of 9mm bullets, 46 rounds of 7.62mm bullets, plus a red dot and a hologram. They all already have.

     I didn't grab anything I didn't have!

     Looking at the two boxes with only fragments of clothes and the third-level bag behind Liu Zilang, the two brothers underwater were a little confused.

     I won’t say anything about the beverage first aid kit.

     The key is that they clearly know that there are still two four times and one eight times in the bag of the two teammates, plus nearly 400 rounds of 5.56 bullets.

     So many things, can Liu Zilang fit them in his bag?

     Did he come here with an empty bag?

     But even an empty bag should not be enough!

     What exactly is it situation with Nima?


      At this moment, the two commentators and the audience in the live broadcast room watching this scene of "Battle for the Bag" through the director God's perspective were stunned.

     Because they clearly saw that when the three people licked their bags "one up and two down" on the surface of the sea, there was a lot of baffling in the depths of the ocean floor directly below the box.

     Four times lens, eight times lens, 5.56 bullets, and three-stage head...

     Is this what happened?

     Could it be that the bottom of the sea also started to brush things?

     Nima is so fat!

     After all, Master Rong was still with ample experience. He just froze for a while, and then quickly reacted, "It's someone! Someone is throwing things from the bag on the sea."

     After hearing Lord Rong's words, the audience in the live broadcast room was stunned.

     In this case, only the one-to-two "vic123" has the motivation to do so.Because his one person's bag has a large capacity, two bags have a large capacity, so do I have to throw it away?

     After figuring this out, everyone was speechless again.

     If you can't let it go, you have to throw it away.

     It sounds like the truth is indeed the truth.

     But this Nima is too cheap!

     "Ahem..." The Rong Ye on the commentary stage coughed twice and said with a smile, "It seems that the vic player of the magic four box is not only very good in shooting skills, but also in tactical thinking... quite..."

      Spoke until here, Lord Rong got stuck, he suddenly a thought flashed through the mind and said, "It's quite flexible!"

     Hearing what Rong Ye said, the audience in the live broadcast room also laughed!

     "Hahaha, I feel sorry for a wave of Lord Rong, it is not easy to think of the word flexible!"

     "Master Rong: p, a cheap word suffocated me! I didn't say it so risky."

     "23333, I guess the two buddies in the water are still in a daze."

     "You can't inherit your teammate's box, it's a bit uncomfortable!"



     In the game, the two under water frustrated for a long time.

     As soon as he turned his head, he saw Liu Zilang licking his bag and then turned back. One of them couldn't help but shouted among everyone, "Buy wait! I want to ask how you put so many things in your bag?"

     Hearing the underwater sound behind him, Liu Zilang was taken aback, then turned his head and smiled, "I didn't put it in the bag."

     Another person subconsciously said, "Where did you put it?"

     Liu Zilang laughed and said sincerely, "You guys, have you ever heard of storage ring?"

     Hearing what Liu Zilang said, the two suddenly corner of the mouth twitch ...This Nima is a recreational person!

     This game is called PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds, not a domestic Kimchi Xianxia online game!

      storage ring ...

     Save your brother-in-law!


     In the sea, Liu Zilang, who had bid farewell to the two behind him, was swimming back when he heard the roar of a yacht engine suddenly.

     At this moment, their ship has been parked on the sea next to the airdrop, without moving.

     So now this voice must have picked up the first ship that dropped the team!

     as expected!

     Liu Zilang turned his head and saw that a ship was brave the wind and the billows not far away, galloping from the sea.

     Da Da Da!

     Before the ship arrived, a burst of intensive gunfire suddenly sounded.

     In an instant, countless sparks spattered from Liu Zilang's ship.

     Ran Maotong, who was sitting in the driving position, immediately started the boat.

     Liu Zilang thought he was coming to pick him up, so he couldn't help shouting loudly, "Go! Leave me alone!"

     Because the ship on the opposite side has been getting closer and closer at this time, if Liu Zilang is delayed for a while and the other side pulls the ship closer, then they are likely to face the same fate as Bakusō Kyōdai Let's & Go.

     But the next moment, Liu Zilang's eyes suddenly twitched...

     On the sea, I saw Ran Maotong start the ship and quickly turned around, directly speeding up and heading in the opposite direction.

     During the whole process of moving clouds and flowing water, I didn't even look at him.

     This Nima is also real!