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87 The Stage Is Huge! (First More)
    Chinese Name: 落地一把98K  Author: Iced子夜(Iced zǐyè, Iced Midnight)
    Original: www.qidian.com | Translator: NineTalesFox.com

On the commentary stage.

     After retiring and transforming into PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds, Lord Rong, who has explained various online and offline large and small events, was also speechless by this abruptly arising scene.

     He just said very conclusively that if Liu Zilang wanted to hijack the ship, whatever the case would not succeed.

     However, the fact that happened before his eyes slapped him in the face, leaving Lord Rong in a stunned state.

     Although Meng Yeqing on the side just thought it was impossible to hijack the ship, when this scene really happened before her eyes, she reacted a step faster than Lord Rong.

     Because Meng Yeqing usually played PUBG, but it was an explanation of this kind of event, and he couldn't clearly judge how terrifying the marksmanship reaction Liu Zilang had just demonstrated had reached.

     "Wow! Vic this wave is really amazing! He actually robbed a ship!" Meng Yeqing raised her hand to cover her mouth, with a look of amazement, "If this is not the case, I saw it with my own eyes. Won't believe it."

     Hearing Meng Yeqing's words, Master Rong, whose jaw was about to dislocate, finally reacted.

     He immediately smiled bitterly, "Don't say you don't believe it, even if I saw this scene with my own eyes, I still feel a little unbelievable!""The vic player of the magic four box just now is 1v3 first, and he has just killed two people head-on in a real fight, and then in the case of red blood, he can actually react instantly and cut out 98 and one person in a second, almost every second. It's all extreme operations, and every frame is a highlight. I honestly speaking, this kind of operation is very rare even in the professional players I know."

     Hearing what Rong Ye said, the countless Jiang University students in the E-Sports Hall were also shocked.

     Although they just felt that Liu Zilang's operation of destroying a team head-on was simply "destroying" and so handsome that they had no friends, they really didn't expect a place that far away.

     At this moment, I heard Rong Ye actually said that few of the professional players he knew could do it. These talents finally realized how abnormal Liu Zilang was just now!

     Who are the people Rong Ye knows?

     Whether it is Turaf or obang or illusion...

     These people are either well-known technical anchors, or what is the relationship between him and Xiaotongjiang? "

     "Precisely! This is the first time I have seen Xiaotongjiang promote other anchors."

     "Last time Vic Great God sounded a vicissitudes of life, he should be quite old, wouldn't he be Xiaotongjiang's elder?"

     "Is it Xiaotongjiang's father?"

     "Puff! That is Lord Father-in-Law! Please be respected by my son-in-law!"

     "Fuck! Xiaotong sauce is mine!"


     After Zhang Xiaotong's summons courage helped Liu Zilang publicize, he couldn't help but stuck out the tongue cutely.

     However, the next moment when she saw the barrage in the live broadcast room, it was suddenly complexion turned black.

     ......In the game at the moment.

     After killing people, Liu Zilang, who had hit a medical box on the boat and was full of blood, was licking his bag. He naturally didn't have the time to go out to watch the barrage, let alone how he became a father by baffling.

     On the sea not far from the ship, the last remaining person in Bakusō Kyōdai Let's & Go stared blankly at the large swipe at the bottom left of the screen just now, and his Adam's apple rolled slightly.

     To be honest, the reason why he cooperated with Liu Zilang's sneak attack on the ship was not because he was really ignorant or willing to help others.

      Not surprisingly, he was naturally thinking of "sandpiper and clam war together (and the fisherman catches both) the fisherman catches both".

     Let Liu Zilang go up and take the lead first, and wait until both sides suffer on the boat, and then he will go up and complete a wave of harvest.

     However, what he never expected was that when he heard the movement of the boat, he immediately swam towards the other side, but the boat was over as soon as he was halfway through.

     And it ended in a very shocking and impactful way!

      Thought until here, this buddy finally recovered from the water.

     Looking at the poisonous circle getting closer and closer, he cannot bear licked his lips, and then silently dived into the water.

     Because he suddenly felt that maybe he rushed to the boat to fight to the death, in comparison, the survival rate of poisoning in the water would be higher...

     And in this kind of competition, you can only be ranked.

     He can only comfort himself in his heart and only temporarily endure humiliation as part of an important mission, and have a death race with the poison ring.


     On the sea, before the poison ring came over, Ran Maotong, who had just sold him, also picked up Chen Zhifei, who had jumped into the sea in front of him, and returned in the boat.Looking at the four boxes in a circle around the ship, the three of them couldn't help but swallow their saliva after being greatly shocked.

     "Hehe, the weather is good today, brother." Ran Mao Tong Gan smiled.

     Pu Taizhuang also scratched his head and smiled and agreed, "Right, right!"

     As soon as the two spoke, Chen Zhifei on the side seriously criticized, "It's too blunt, let's be more natural."

     Suddenly, the two of them couldn’t help laughing with a grunting sound it stops ...