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88 All Are Talents! (Second More)
    Chinese Name: 落地一把98K  Author: Iced子夜(Iced zǐyè, Iced Midnight)
    Original: | Translator:

After the four of them licked their bags, they were really fat and greasy.

     At the moment, the first lap of the game has just begun to shrink, and 79 is currently on the court.

     The magic four box team Liu Zilang killed eight, Ran Maotong just killed two of them by bombing the boat, in other words they already pinched ten heads in the first lap, and the current points directly lead the audience. .

     Then, before the poison brush came, the group of four drove two boats toward the south coast.

     At this time, on the commentary stage, seeing this wave of "air-dropped naval battles" finally ended, and there was no war in other places on the field, Rong Ye and Meng Yeqing couldn't help but chat.

     "Hehe, it seems that the saying that the master is in the wild is really not blowing."

     Rong Ye smiled and shook the head and said, "I originally thought that what I saw was nothing at all. Once I took action, others could only leave."

     Hearing this, several people burst into laughter, and the car was filled with cheerful air.

     On the commentary stage, Lord Rong saw this scene as corner of the mouth twitch, and he smiled dryly, "This is a bit skinny. It seems that our Jiang University students’ way of playing is really very spiritual."

     Meng Yeqing also covered her mouth and laughed twice.

     But when she looked at the game screen again, her eyes widened suddenly.

     On the big screen, just when the director is about to switch perspectives.

     I saw a Rapid Spin sniper bullet in the air, flying across the plain extremely fast, and one shot hit the head of a person in the driving jeep!

     In an instant, the cheerful air in the car was stagnant!"Jd-w used kar98k headshot to knock down the funeral family-young evil!"

     Seeing this scene, the audience in the live broadcast room was taken aback for a moment, and then burst into laughter.

     "Fuck! Moving target with headshot! Brother Seagull has cheated!"

     "Young love funeral...puff hahaha! It turns out I laughed unkindly."

     "I'm not convinced by killing Matt!"

     "All the students of Nyimajiang University are talents, and the commentator lady speaks nicely, and the team names are so unique!"


     On the ground not far behind the jeep, Feng Yanzu yelled in a panic while crawling, "Fuck me! Someone beat me!"

     Wu Yu, who was driving, hurriedly said, "I know, don't move! Let's save you, the more you climb, the faster your blood will drop."

     Feng Yanzu was taken aback when he heard the words and immediately knelt down in stand still obediently.

     But the next moment, the crisp gunfire of 98k sounded again.

     In an instant, there was a mist of blood on Feng Yanzu's head, the red blood emptied instantly, and the falls to the ground became a box.

     Feng Yanzu was startled and immediately said angrily, "You t me!"

     Wu Yu:......


     On the slope north of Okura.

     Jiang Xinou pulled the 98k in his hand, and a smile turned up at the corner of his mouth.

     "Team Jiang!" Ping Haoyu praised, and then said, "What we do?"

     Qin Xuanxuan drove up a jeep quickly, "Then you need to say, who is with me?"

     Zhang Qing shrank his head and whispered, "Can I refuse?"

     "What do you mean?" Qin Xuanxuan smiled coldly.

     "..." Zhang Qing.Ping Haoyu on the side quickly stated, "Me and Team Jiang have a car."

     He didn't want to go crazy with this devil, so he drove the car towards the face of others...

     Seeing a jeep start suddenly, Lord Rong and Qin Xuanxuan on the commentary stage also spoke very quickly in real time.

     "Oh! We can see that after Brother Seagull knocked out one man, Jiang Da's first team chose to face directly! In the jeep are two assaulters from Jiang Da!"

     "Yes! The distance is getting closer! After losing a teammate, the Love Burial Family seems to be trying to avenge their teammates, they stopped."

     "The two sides got off the car and directly removed the tires of the opposite car. This is irreconcilable until death! But wait! There is a car behind Jiang Da's team. It is Seagull and his teammates. They pulled to the side!"

     "The buried love family will face the danger of being attacked from the side! The jeep will no longer be an effective cover for them."


     Just in the two commentators on the stage, you and me...

     After half a minute, the remaining three people of the funeral family became three boxes beside Burning Fiercely's jeep.