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93 At Home?
    Chinese Name: 落地一把98K  Author: Iced子夜(Iced zǐyè, Iced Midnight)
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What about the said "composite" bullet?

     Seeing this scene, countless viewers in the live and live broadcast rooms have been made somewhat dull.

     Through God's perspective, they had just clearly seen the moment when Jiang Da's team appeared in the garage room.

     Liu Zilang, who was near the window on the third floor, suddenly tilted his head and opened the mirror very quickly to lock the person, moves later but arrives first and fired a shot with the 4 iron sniper!

     This shot also overturned Zhang Qing directly and instantly, turning their so-called "composite bullet" into a joke.


      at this moment, Jiang Da first team is here.

     After seeing the id of "vic123", Jiang Xinou couldn't help being slightly surprised, but a smile appeared at the corner of his mouth.

     Is this the 35-kill "Fish Pond God of War"?

     It's really interesting.

     Since there is no God's perspective for the director, at this moment, except for the audience in the live and the studio, and two commentaries.

     Although the people in this game know that there are two people, "Yeao, Naiwohe" and "vic123", they don't know that they are in the first team for the time being, so it is naturally impossible to know these two numbers Actually alone...

     This is why Jiang Xinou's mentality is still so stable after seeing "vic123".

     Because subconsciously, he didn't think Liu Zilang was his opponent.

     Perhaps in his opinion, this game really deserves him to take seriously, only that day that day in the confrontation, the three top sniper gods in Asia, Bai Shaobin, was at a disadvantage.


     This is the three-story building near the sentry box.After being supported by Ran Maotong, Chen Zhifei couldn't help but sucked in a mouthful of air, and then angrily scolded, "Damn! These crippled calves, labor and management just look at me and beat them to death!"

     "No problem!" Ran Maotong and Pu Taizhuang also responded openly.

     After speaking, the eyes of the three of them were intentionally or unintentionally cast on Liu Zilang.

     If they met a great god like Jiang Da's first team in the past, let alone being provoked, even if they were chased and spanked, they could only run away dingyly, and ranking was the most important thing.

     But at this moment they knew that there was Liu Zilang, the "true god" in the team, and their mentality had changed, so they naturally looked down on the "little Buddha" in the opposing team.

     Hearing the words of the three, Master Liu Zilang, who was standing at the window holding 4, said indifferently, "I also no problem."

     Rong Ye and Meng Yeqing on the commentary stage also saw the strong fighting intentions of the two sides at the moment through the gun line of the two sides in God's perspective.

     Seeing this, Lord Rong couldn't help shook the head and said, "Unexpectedly, the two teams still smashed here. As a commentator, this is actually a scene that I don't want to see. But it's done. So far, it seems that there's nothing about it better."

     Meng Yeqing on the side blinked curiously, and said softly, "Then if there is a fight, which of the two teams has the better chance of winning?""Um..." Rong Ye pondered, and then shook the head. "I'm really not sure about this, because in the team competition of the Jedi game, many times it is not a pure marksmanship duel. It depends on the team's tactics and the understanding and application of the terrain. Although there are two great gods in the magic four box without a doubt, we can see that the first team of Jiang Da is obviously more familiar with this terrain."

     At this moment, Meng Yeqing suddenly said in surprise, "Oh! The first team of Jiang Da has come out of the fake garage. They used the terrain and bunkers all the way to touch the third floor where the magic four boxes are. It seems that we can't capture their movement track and specific location."

     Lord Rong was also nodded when he saw this. "This is me mentioned the terrain factor. The first team of Jiang Da is obviously playing frequently. This is likely to be a point of their usual training, so they can move every time. It's just perfect to find a cover that perfectly separates the sight of the other side."

     "Well, maybe this is the home game." Meng Yeqing smiled, then watched the game screen and continued, "But now they already have to cross the road, there are no bunkers on the road, Jiang Da really wants to take the initiative to pass. ?"


     Next to the road, behind the low wall near the house.

     Jiang Xinou crouched behind the low wall to observe the surrounding situation with his eyesight.

     As the commander of the team, he at this time not only has to consider the opposite, but also eliminate the surrounding unstable factors.After discovering that there was no team around who heard the gunshots, Jiang Xinou immediately said in a deep voice, "Fengyan, let's go straight ahead, before the next poison brush, a blitzkrieg strategy."

     "No problem!" Several people said in unison.

     Thinking of playing against the legendary "Fish Pond God of War", several people from the Jiang Da first team also fig. to rub one's fists and wipe one's palms, still a little excited.

     Soon, two smoke bombs were thrown on the road.

     Chi Chi Chi Chi!

     After the smoke bomb rolled a few times on the road, it immediately expelled a lot of smoke.

     After a while, the road was completely white, and nothing was seen.

      at the same time, on the other side of the road.

     Now that they have decided to be upright, Liu Zilang and the others are naturally not guarding the three-story building, passively waiting for others to attack.

     At this moment they also went downstairs and also touched behind the low wall beside the road.

     At first, when he saw the opposite side touching this side, Chen Zhifei wanted to shoot them back, but Liu Zilang stopped them.

     He didn't say why, just waited.

     Looking at the smoke bombs thrown behind the low wall across the road, Liu Zilang's face showed an unexpected expression.

     Let the corners of his mouth be slightly tilted, "Okay, since the other side wants to stir the water, then let's have a fish fried in muddy water."

     They licked so many bags along the way. Everyone had two or three grenades in their bags.

     So after Liu Zilang finished speaking, several people cut out a grenade almost at the same time.

     On the commentary stage, Rong Ye and Meng Yeqing were stunned when they saw this scene.They originally thought that when Jiang Da's first team took the initiative to touch it, the magic four boxes would stay in the building again to start an offensive and defensive battle.

     It turned out that they didn't know why, and suddenly went downstairs.

     At this moment, seeing a thunder cut out of each of the magic four boxes, Rong Ye and Meng Yeqing couldn't help but eyes twitched!

      this kind of feeling, the scalp is a bit...


     The first team of Jiang Da saw the smoke disperse.

     They immediately climbed over the low wall quickly, with the assaulter in front, the sniper in the middle, and the freeman behind.

     However, just as they rushed into the smoke, Qin Xuanxuan suddenly moved her ears and said in surprise, "Who threw the smoke bomb again?"

     The other three people in the smoke also heard the movement and couldn't help being taken aback.

     not good!

     Several people suddenly complexion changed and guessed that it might not be a smoke bomb!

     However, at this moment, there was another familiar sound of impact and rolling on the ground.


     There seems to be at least 10...

     This Nima is too cruel!

     The people in the smoke were startled!

     Immediately afterwards, the white smoke instantly turned red, forming a small "artificial bombing zone" in the middle of the road.


     With a series of sounds, the bottom left of the screen began to swipe.

     "Vic123 used a grenade to blow up jd-xuanxuan!"

     "Water Contra used a grenade to blow up jd-zq!"


     "Yeao, how can I blow up jd-w with thunder!"The screen was suddenly black and white, Jiang Xinou and the others were a little confused at first, but when they saw the name "Yeao, Nai Wo He", they were stunned.

     Jiang Xinou's pupils shrank suddenly, and a very complicated expression appeared on his face.