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94 Chasing The Wind In The Wind!
    Chinese Name: 落地一把98K  Author: Iced子夜(Iced zǐyè, Iced Midnight)
    Original: www.qidian.com | Translator: NineTalesFox.com

Looking at the black-and-white picture in front of him, Jiang Xinou sat stiffly in front of the computer, unable to let go for a long time.

     If he was beaten to death in this wave, even if he failed against the sniper and was shot headshot by the opponent, then he is nothing else so entangled, the big deal is to admit that "the skill is not as good as the person, willingly acknowledge defeat".

     But the only way to die by thunder is that Jiang Xinou cannot accept.

     Because this method of death is like a martial arts master looking for another individual duel, he fell into a cesspit halfway and drowned alive...

     This Nima...

     It's uncomfortable!


      At this moment, the two commentaries on the host commentary stage are also completely messy.

     They guessed the beginning, but didn't guess the ending.

     "Even though I saw this scene, I still felt a little unbelievable. A team was destroyed by a thunder group in a cigarette on the main road. This is really disheartening. I think the few people on the Jiang Da team must be in their hearts Very uncomfortable."

     "Yes, the team of Magic Four Boxes came all the way from the airport. It really brought us too many surprises and surprises. Whether it was airdrops at sea or just this wave of attacking buildings and thundering on the road, they did not accord to Common sense plays cards... I'm almost numb to all kinds of neuroknife tactics, how to say it, I think if this team has a commander, then this command is really flexible and scary. ""Well, looking at the magic four box team at present, there are two great gods leading the team. I think the last few waves should have been made by both of them, and it is more likely to be'Yeao, Nai Wo He', because I don’t know much about the id of vic. The only thing I know is the video on the Internet not long ago, but I watched the live broadcast of "Ye Ao Nai Wo He" and the Qiu Shen double row that day. I think that person’s style is the same as that of today’s magical four boxes. The style of play is very similar."


     On the commentary stage, Rong Ye and Meng Yeqing rushed up for an analysis.

      Although it sounds very close to the truth, it is actually further and further from the truth.

     Because they didn't expect that the two of them were actually the same.

     Pu Taizhuang was shot while lying down. Baffling was carrying pressure and praise that he shouldn't bear at his age...


     After solving the first team of Jiang Dao, after taking advantage of the cigarette thrown on the opposite side, he quickly went in and licked a wave of packets, and the poison circle outside almost shrank.

     Soon, the next safe zone came.

     This safety zone covers the northern half and the grassy low slope outside the city.

     Half of them are in the city and one side is outside.

     When the circle was just shrunk, several waves of conflicts and encounters also occurred in the "urban-rural junction" in the east.

     The number of people on the court suddenly dropped a lot, and 41 people still survive.

     In fact, judging by the size of this safe zone, if this is not the case, because it contains half of it, there are too many buildings and bunkers to hide, and it is not easy to fight each other even if they are very close.Then there will definitely be fewer survivors on the field right now, and it is likely that there are not even thirty.


     After Liu Zilang and their group of four cleaned the battlefield, Chen Zhifei and their three people immediately became more confident and morale!

     After all, even the first team of Jiang Da, who had only been able to look up to them before, was taken away by them in one round this time, and his side was almost unharmed.

     All these three buddies were broken for a while, and they all wanted to stand on the big road with their hips akimbo.

     At this moment, there is still aw in the head uncertain. "Ran Maotong is also obviously somewhat unwilling.

     Liu Zilang saw Pu Taizhuang on the side wanting to speak, and immediately said, "It's not impossible to pick it up, but who is going to pick it up?"

     This can be said to be directed at the core.

     Pu Taizhuang was stunned when he heard the words, and then he closed his mouth in a shame.


     Since the risk of picking up airdrops is too great, follow the principle of eating chicken first.

     The few people didn't get to the point where they couldn't walk when they saw the airdrop. Naturally, they first touched the suburbs to the north.

     Although at the time of departure, a few people still "one step and three times look back".

     However, just as the airdrop landed, there was a roar of motorcycles on the road!

     Next, in the surprised eyes of countless people.

     I saw two "wind chasing boys" riding motorcycles rushing directly from a slope in the city, tracing an arc in the air and flying onto the road.

     Speed party?

     When everyone saw this, they were taken aback!

     On the commentary stage, Lord Rong, who originally thought this airdrop would be of no interest to anyone, was suddenly excited."Wow! There are also warriors to pick up this airdrop! It seems that there is no shortage of true dream chasers for any game!"

     "Then can they succeed, let us wait and see..."

     Da Da Da...!

     Lord Rong's hasn't even finished his sentence, just listen to a two-story duplex building beside the road, suddenly there was a violent and unmatched gunshot!

     On the road, before the motorcycle had time to stop, it skidded suddenly and flew out.

     Under the huge inertia, the two people in the front and rear seats of the motorcycle were taken to roll around the road, just to the airdrop box.

     Two boxes were left not far behind.

     Rong Ye looked at the game screen with a messy face, the phrase "to wipe one's eyes and wait" was abruptly held back in his throat.

     The next moment, the red and blue airdrop box landed steadily, emitting a thick burst of red smoke.

     Now add the two boxes next to the airdrop box.

     Suddenly, the road was filled with a different kind of fatally attractive...