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101 Landing On The Beach!
    Chinese Name: 落地一把98K  Author: Iced子夜(Iced zǐyè, Iced Midnight)
    Original: www.qidian.com | Translator: NineTalesFox.com

The undulating sea.

     The sea breeze was slow, and the sun was in the sky.

     At this moment, amidst intense and intense gunfire, a motorcycle suddenly stood straight from the bridge!

     "My God! They are flying! The remaining two of the magic four boxes are flying!"

     On the commentary stage, Rong's eyes suddenly widened, staring at the game screen and said, "They are still rising in the air! If they fall into the water, it will be troublesome!"

     As soon as Lord Rong finished speaking, the upward momentum of the motorcycle in the sky suddenly stopped, and then it crossed a strange parabola and fell rapidly toward the coast.


     The motorcycle landed on the shallows along the coast.


     As soon as it fell into the water, the motorcycle engine that looked a little lean unsteadily from side to side roared in the sea!

     However, in the next moment, it seemed that power was suddenly found, and the whole car suddenly rushed over to the beach like an arrow from the string.

     That's it... Liu Zilang and Pu Taizhuang managed to cross the bridge to the opposite side in this inconceivable way.

     All of a sudden, countless viewers in the live room and on-site were shocked by this scene dumbstruck!

     "6666, this is too beautiful! Is there such an operation?"

     "Yes! This is the operation!"

     "Is this a legendary charge? Is Xiaohao you?"

     "Blockbuster-level graphics! Epic stunts! Tortoises! Does this competition invite the Hollywood crew?"

     "My Nima can actually cross the bridge like this? I learned it! Take notes!""The Seagull team is probably also dumbfounded. It's slipped under the nose like this. This bridge is so badly blocked!"


     West Bridge Bridge Head.

     Jiang Xinou their three people After blasting a car for three rounds, they saw that the remaining motorcycle broke through their defense in this shocking way.

     The faces of the three people were also stunned for an instant.

     After Qin Xuanxuan was startled, she suddenly both eyes shines, clenched her fist excitedly, "Fuck! This is too cool!"

     Jiang Xinou had a calm face, and he looked bored after being shown off.

     At this moment, Ping Haoyu glanced at the kill prompt that had just been detonated three rounds on the screen, and suddenly said some hesitation, "The flower picking thief on the grass and the water Contra? These two people seem to be the magical four boxes, right? ?"

     Hearing Ping Haoyu's words, Jiang Xinou also reacted. He suddenly turned the head and looks to the motorcycle that had left after landing on the beach.

     Qin Xuanxuan suddenly said, "Then those two who just ran away in other words were vic?"

     Ping Haoyu glanced at Jiang Xinou's face, and slowly nodded.

     Jiang Xinou squeezed the mouse all of a sudden, and gradually narrowed his narrow eyes as he watched the motorcycle gradually disappearing from his field of vision.

     Then he took a deep breath again and looked at the two boxes beside the burning fiercely on the bridge.

     I thought in my heart, if that's the case, let you go first.

     I will accept your teammate’s box first.

     You will be reunited soon...


     The coast of the airport island.Liu Zilang was riding a motorcycle and carrying Pu Taizhuang quickly flew away, and the scenery on both sides retreated quickly in his field of vision.

     "Fuck! Your two boys are not dead!"

     Both Chen Zhifei and Ran Maotong's eyes stared out.

     Just now, they thought about trying one's luck, just cross the bridge to find a place and then search for supplies.

     If it doesn't work, you can stop halfway and jump into the sea.

     But I never thought that the first team from Jiang Dao on the other side of the bridge.

     The firepower is accurate and ruthless,

     That's a fierce!

     Before Chen Zhifei and Ran Maotong had time to find a bunker to park, they were swept and bombed in three rounds.

     At that time, the two heard Pu Taizhuang's scream and thought that the family was going to be neat and tidy on the bridge.

     It turned out that Liu Zilang, who was driving a motorcycle, actually took Pu Taizhuang across the bridge in an unbelievable way.

     Ran Maotong suddenly replied with regret, "I knew I wouldn't have three rounds...this is a strategic mistake!"

     Upon hearing this, Chen Zhifei suddenly corner of the mouth twitch ...

     This Nima,

     Blame me for co-authoring?


     Since they are rushing out alive, Liu Zilang and the others are naturally unable to go back to play some "revenge game" with this equipment.

     After all, the game is not the same as the passersby game. Even if they only have the next person in the game, they must live with the hope of the whole village...

     Next, Liu Zilang did not choose to play wild along the coast north of the airport island.

     Instead, they found a place to fight drugs with Pu Taizhuang to fill up the state, and the two once again rode their motorcycles towards the coastal area south of the airport.There are a few small housing areas over there. Although there may be people driving the yacht around to the back to land ashore, it is much better compared to the north side where Fire Beacon Reaches the Heavens keeps shooting.

      During this period, the first safe zone allowed countless teams on the field to migrate from north to south, but also indirectly caused countless encounters and ambushes, bringing the game's attrition time point earlier.

     When the first lap is finished, there are only six over ten people left on the court.

      It should be noted, in a slow-paced game like offline events, generally the fierce conflict will only appear when the third and fourth laps are refreshed.

     As for the first lap... if it is a game with 100 players, it is common for 90 players to remain on the field after the game.


     The wild area south of the airport.

     Pu Taizhuang complained while searching, "Grass! Why is this poor here!"

     Chen Zhifei, who was watching the game, couldn't help but smiled, "You think this is an airport, you can search and search the entire level three."

     "That's right, third brother, don't look at me and the boss, you are already fortuned." Ran Maotong suddenly said quietly from the side.

     Pu Taizhuang was stunned. The so-called no contrast would not hurt, and he immediately felt much better.

     The two searched for a while, and finally found the basic sights and a complete set of armor.

     I found a lot of accessories, but only one gun was found.

     Upon seeing this, Liu Zilang exchanged his ak for Pu Taizhuang, and he handed Uzi to 6. Pu Taizhuang has a Victor and an ak close to his match.Thus, the main and secondary weapons of the two are submachine guns and rifles. They are poor, but they can't match fat.

     Not long after they searched a wild area, there was a sound of hōng lóng lóng's boat from the sea to the south.

     Liu Zilang's ears moved slightly, and he quickly reported, "There is a boat in the s126 direction. This team may have to come up from our nearby."

     Pu Taizhuang was startled, and immediately asked slightly nervously, "Then What we do?"