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103 Coronation!
    Chinese Name: 落地一把98K  Author: Iced子夜(Iced zǐyè, Iced Midnight)
    Original: www.qidian.com | Translator: NineTalesFox.com

In fact, it's not just the team in the game that was tickled by Liu Zilang.

     After seeing this scene, the audience at the scene and the anchor room were also shocked and speechless!

     This Nima obviously has the ability to destroy a single team, but he chose this ultimate old-yin-match method...

     It’s just make one's hair stand up in anger!

     For a while, the barrage in the live broadcast room was frantically brushed.

     "6666, I'm completely convinced of this routine! I feel sorry for the wave of people who came by boat."

     "The thunder vic really flew up. Seeing that buddy wanted to pick up thunder in the past, I was stupid in Nima."

     "Hahaha, I don't know if I will leave a mental shadow for that buddy, I will never pick it up again when I see Ray."

     "23333, I think the worst thing is that the person who went to the door to pick up the first aid kit, turned his head and pointed at two guns. Are you moved?"

     "Don't dare to move, don't dare to move..."


     In the game at the moment, after licking the box of this team, the equipment of Liu Zilang and Pu Taizhuang finally improved slightly.

     At the very least, Liu Zilang's usual main and auxiliary weapons, 98k and 6 are already available, but unfortunately this team has searched the city of Boxia and sailed over, and they are actually not fat.

     Four people only has one quadruple lens, let alone eightfold.

     If the dead team knows that Liu Zilang still thinks they are poor, I am afraid they will throw the headphones and come directly to "real pk"!

     But a quadruple is not bad, it is better than nothing.

     In this case, the high-power lens is of course the priority for the sniper. Liu Zilang quickly installed the quadruple lens on his 98k."Where shall we go next?" Pu Taizhuang asked Victor over his shoulder.

     He just tasted the sweetness with this gun, and licked a few bags to match Victor.

     I won't use the spray anymore, I just use scar-l in one hand and Victor in the other.

     Liu Zilang looked at the map after hearing this.

     At this time, the poison circle had been shrunk, and the third safety zone was also brushed out. The whole area was southwest of the airport island, and the land to the north was no longer in the circle.

     But right now, the area where Liu Zilang and the others are located is still in the next safe zone.

     Liu Zilang pondered for a little bit, and then he said, "We have already reduced the number of staff by two. I don't think there is any need to move. Just stay here and catch the people coming from the east."

     As soon as Liu Zilang finished speaking, there was a roar of the car engine.

     "Someone runs poison as soon as the circle is brushed?"

     He was slightly uncertain in his heart, and then quickly became vigilant.

     Because the poison has not yet begun to shrink, those who choose to transfer at this point in the game mostly want to advance to the next safe zone to occupy a point.

     And their house area is the point in the next safe area.


     But after Liu Zilang went out to investigate for a while, he realized that he had guessed wrong.

     Because just on the edge of the cliff where the team just landed from the sea, a red and blue airdrop box was lying quietly at this moment.

     When the sea breeze blows, the airdrop exudes a strong red smoke, which is extremely attractive.

     If not surprisingly, this airdrop should have been dropped by the plane that just passed overhead.Previously, Liu Zilang and the others were busy licking their bags after they had finished their shame in the house, so they didn't care to come up and take a look outside.

     At this time without a doubt, the sound of the car in the ear is mostly not for the purpose of occupying the spot, but for the airdrop.


     Facts quickly proved that Liu Zilang's guess was correct.

     The sound of cars outside was indeed for the airdrop, and there was more than one team.

     The jeep from the east is a team.

     The white car from the west is another team.

     After the two teams met on the plain in front of the cliff, they didn't dare to get out of the car to lick the airdrop. Instead, they staggered and then turned around again.

     When Pu Taizhuang saw that he was somewhat unable to hold back and said, "What shall we do?"

     "Don't worry, maybe they need the audience and applause more than their opponents now." Liu Zilang said earnestly.

     Pu Taizhuang: ...

     It was the first time that Nima said that Yin Ren was so refreshing and refined.


     At this time, the two cars on the plain obviously regarded each other as their own enemies of life and death, and they never found Liu Zilang and Pu Taizhuang on the side of the house.

     That being the case, the two naturally did not rush out to have a "triple-party talk" or something, first they observed in secret and said.

     I saw that the two cars had to deal with the airdrop attachment for a few more waves, and the Jeep was finally unable to hold back.

     If you turn to attract other teams, this airdrop will be more difficult to get.

     Of course, if they knew that they were on the grass at the door of the house not far away, and a person was lying there holding a quadruple mirror and watching the game leisurely...I'm afraid I will just turn around and leave.

     But at this moment, ignorance and fearlessness.

     I saw that Jeep drove directly towards the airdrop rushed over, obviously wanting to strike first and gain the upper hand (idiom, martial arts term).

     When the white car team saw this, they immediately followed rushed over. At the same time, another person leaned out of the car window, set up a rifle at the jeep "crackle rattle" and swept around.

     At the next moment, two cars hit the airdrop box almost at the same time, and a sudden brake came to a halt!

     Immediately afterwards, all the people in both cars jumped out of the car.

     It seems that both sides are two teams, and they burst into action with guns.

     Soon, two lines of System Notification appeared on the bottom left of the screen.

     In the first round, both sides fell one person.

      At this time naturally impossible to help people, the remaining two of the two sides quickly competed in the second round.

     On the grass in front of the house, Liu Zilang's quadruple mirror.

     The two men used their cars and airdrops as shelters, tilted their heads to steal a few shots, and then immediately retracted.

     The next moment, the two of them were you chasing me around the airdrop box and played the "two-person turn".

     For those two teams, the extremely tense game of life and death fell in Liu Zilang's eyes, but it seemed extremely happy...

     After idle and bored, Liu Zilangzhi commented, "The one on the left has too many useless bullets. If this goes on, his magazine will be empty first."

     "What do you mean... the man on the right is going to win?"

     Also lying on the grass, Pu Taizhuang, who looked at that fiercely with a hologram, turned his head and asked.Clinker Liu Zilang immediately shook the head, "I don't think it is necessary. The man on the right is not flexible enough, and he almost hit the car in a circle several times."

      Spoke until here, he suddenly eyes shined, clenched his fist and said, "The one on the left has changed bullets, it's now! Come on! Come on!"

     The three people next to him saw Liu Zilang's excitement and were speechless...

     How does Nima look like watching a football game?


     At this time, the airdrop box is over there.

     The one on the right obviously heard the sound of the other party's reloading, and immediately rushed over with the gun.

     Hearing the footsteps, the eagerness of changing the bomb suddenly sounded that he still had a spray!

     The next moment, he decisively stopped changing bombs, and cut out two sprays of s686 "Boom Boom" at the moment the man rushed up!

     Suddenly, the situation on the field reversed, and the man on the left completed a comeback!


     Liu Zilang blew a whistle with a smile on his lips, "Then as a winner, let me crown you."

     The voice just fell,

     Just listen to a "bang" shot, and a sniper bullet quickly swept across the plain!

     After the airdrop showed off his opponent, he was helping his teammates while bragging about how awesome he was just now.

     The next moment, a bloody flower suddenly surged on his head!

     Then with a "clam", he fell down beside the car with a confused face.

     A sea breeze blew by, and the area around the airdrop box became completely quiet.

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