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104 Are You Faithful?
    Chinese Name: 落地一把98K  Author: Iced子夜(Iced zǐyè, Iced Midnight)
    Original: | Translator:

Seeing this scene, the live commentary and audience were also dumbstruck.

     Shouldn't it be Lao Yinbi's favorite to hide in the dark and place cold arrows?

     How can even this magical four-box vic play so skillfully, and it has reached a new height!

     This Nima...

     I feel that Vic’s image of the great god is getting more and more distant. Hey!

     "E.. As we have seen, although the two teams of the airdrop box have decided the winner, the 98k shot by vic has declared the final victory."

     "Hehe, in fact, I am quite distressed by the airdrop box players. With great difficulty battle of wits and bravery, they have achieved the fruits of victory, but unfortunately I have no chance to taste it.

     "Perhaps this is PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds, haha, this also tells us once again that master gods like Vic, it's not that they can't Yin people, they are even scared of us when they come up."

     "It seems to be the case, oh! The two of the magic four boxes have already driven their motorcycles to lick their bags, but in God's perspective we can see that the gun in the airdrop box is a 14 and 15x mirror"

     "Yes, in fact, I personally think that the gun "Sister Control" is also isn't bad. It's a bit more stable than the Sks, and it can be fully automatic. It's a good combo."

     In the game, Liu Zilang found the motorcycle that had been hidden behind the house and greeted Shang Pu Taizhuang and drove to the airdrop.

     After opening the airdrop, Liu Zilang turned his head and asked, "This gun seems to be called'Sister Control', right? Would you like it?""No, my Victor is fully equipped. This gun is powerful! I can't bear to throw it." Pu Taizhuang waved his hand. "I'm going to lick their bag. I still lack a high-power lens and medicine.

     Hearing Pu Taizhuang's words, Liu Zilang glanced at his 98k, and suddenly felt a little bit eager to give sth a try...

     After a little hesitated for a moment, he chose to throw away his 6.

     After all, the "Sister Control" sniper can be fully automatic. The last expansion was 20 rounds. It can be used as a rifle in close combat.


     After licking their bags, the two quickly got into the car and returned to the room.

     Judging from the current situation, their equipment has been improved by sky and the earth turning upside down, and there is basically no shortage of high-power lenses, bullets and various medical supplies.

     And all this is because they came to this "magic housing area" south of the airport island.

     After returning to the housing complex, Liu Zilang parked his car and faced the ocean.

     He suddenly looked thoughtful and said, "I think this housing area is going to be the best place for us in this game."

     "Huh? How to say?"

     Pu Taizhuang and Chen Zhifei, Ran Mao, and Tong who were watching the battle were somewhat curious.

     "Are you faithful?" Liu Zilang asked seriously and solemnly.

     "Uh...believe it or not...what's the point?" Chen Zhifei wondered.

     Liu Zilang spread his hands and analyzed, "Look, we were so poor in the north in this game, and we were almost killed when we crossed the bridge, but our situation changed so much as soon as we arrived in this area. I think this It's a hint."

     Ran Maotong asked dazedly, "What's the hint?""It implies Heaven surrenders great responsibility for the people of Si, who will work their muscles and bones first, and then make them eat chicken!" Liu Zilang concluded.

     Hearing Liu Zilang's words, the three couldn't help but roll their eyes.

     Who gave you the responsibility?

     Obviously you are so cheap that you can't stand it anymore, okay...

     But when the next circle was refreshed, the three of them were a little dumbfounded.

     Their house area is still in the safe zone.

     Now it seems that something is going to become the trend of "eating chicken" in Liu Zilang.


     After the safe zone was brushed out, the live broadcast footage happened to be given to a convoy coming down from the observation platform on the mountain east of the airport Military Base.

     "Oh? It's the second team of Jiang Zemin. They are currently already not in the safe zone. They seem to want to move their positions ahead of time and go to the safe zone to take up some spot."

     "Well, the people of the second team just squatted on the east bridge, and the first team was in a tacit understanding of each bridge. Now they have nearly ten head kills in their hands. They are currently second only to the first team of Jiang on the field. "

     "Yes, but their team hasn't reduced the number of people. They are still full of four. I think as long as they don't encounter the hard problems of Jiang Da's First Team and Magic Four Boxes, with their current equipment and strength, they can enter the circle in advance to grab points. When someone is occupied, it can be beaten relatively easily."

     "But wait! The direction the second team of Jiang is currently driving... They seem to have passed towards the room where the magic four boxes are located!""Hey! What are you talking about! But I don't think the situation of the magic four boxes is optimistic. There are only two of them, and I don't know that it is the second team of Jiang.

     Hearing the words of the two commentators, the attention of the audience in the live and live broadcast rooms was also attracted.

     After all, the first game of the magic four box was too brilliant, especially the one named vic was very eye-catching!

     However, in the two waves just now, the magic four boxes played a wave of inferiority and a wave of overcast, which seriously did not meet the expectations of the audience.

     At this moment, seeing a strong opponent like Jiang's sophomore team coming to the door, they couldn't help being nervous and looking forward to it!


     Almost at the same time.

     This is the area where Liu Zilang and Pu Taizhuang hide.

     "Huh? I seem to hear the sound of a car!"

     At the window on the second floor, Pu Taizhuang suddenly said somewhat suspicious.

     "Well, in the direction of ne, it sounds like a car and a jeep." Liu Zilang nodded.

     As a professional pinnacle fps player, Listening In On Arguments From Afar has become an instinct for him.

     "Damn! It's not coming to us."

     Pu Taizhuang immediately turned his attention, and he saw a car followed by a jeep, driving towards this side.

     Liu Zilang jumped down from the window, took a 15-times 98k glance, and immediately said, "Don't let them come here, just beat them. It's time to declare sovereignty."

     "No problem." Pu Taizhuang fig. to rub one's fists and wipe one's palms excitedly said.Squatting here for a long time, although safe, but also suffocated him.


      At this time, the director’s perspective was also cut from the Jiang Da second team, probably to see how Liu Zilang and the others would choose to respond.

     It turned out that Liu Zilang and Pu Taizhuang's response was so simple and rude.

      bang sound!

     The crisp gunfire of kar98k suddenly sounded like a signal!

     The next moment, the quadruple scar-l from Pu Taizhuang next to him also started shooting frantically.

     He didn't dare to open the automatic, afraid that he could not hold it down.

     On the second team of Jiang Zemin, Liu Zilang aimed his shot at the car in front.

     Although he didn't knock him down, he also hit the body, knocking out about half of the blood of the driver.

     After a shot, Liu Zilang did not pull the bolt to change the bullet, but changed the 15x lens on the 98k to the red dot 14 while cutting the gun.

     At this moment, the director just gave Liu Zilang's first perspective.

     So next, let the scene of the countless audience dumbstruck appear in the live and broadcast room!

     I saw that Liu Zilang, who was holding 15 times 14 times, turned on the fully automatic, driving the car in the distance for a burst of crazy fire!

      dā dā dā dā...!

     All of a sudden, countless bullets splitting the head and covering the face burst like a rainstorm.

     In the first angle of view of the director, Liu Zilang's lens has already become a horse.

     But no matter how the camera shakes, the overall shooting direction is firmly locked around the car.

     It's just two seconds,The 20 bullets in Liu Zilang's hand were all shot out!

      At the same time, there was blood on the side of the car, and the two people in the car were swept down one after the other!

     17 shots in two seconds?

     Eight times ak pressure gun?

     In front of Liu Zilang's 15x14 automatic, all are weak, okay?

     On the commentary stage, the long-standing Rong Ye's eyes widened, and his Adam's apple rolled unconsciously.

      Thousands of words, this moment in his heart merged into one sentence.

     This Nima is still human?