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105 Say No, No!
    Chinese Name: 落地一把98K  Author: Iced子夜(Iced zǐyè, Iced Midnight)
    Original: | Translator:

A car while driving was swept down by Liu Zilang's fifteenth magnification lens 14, instantly attenuating two people!

     Seeing this scene, the audience in the live and live broadcast rooms were shocked not to know what to say!

     On the game bench.

     The three people sitting next to Liu Zilang saw that Liu Zilang's right hand that was about to reach the crotch of his keyboard, all of them looked like dumb as a wooden chicken.

     Fifteen times 14 pressure gun?

     Nima still has this kind of operation?

     At this moment, Pu Taizhuang, who was holding a quadruple full scar-l at a single point, saw him, and immediately buried his head in shame.

     Chen Zhifei on the side felt as if it had happened to oneself, patted him on the shoulder, and said with relief, "It's okay, we are human."

     Liu Zilang: ...

     In the game, Jiang's second team, who was shot down by the two in an instant, was also dumbfounded.

     At this time, the car that was out of control after the man was shot slid to the front. Fortunately, there was a bunker where the two men fell. Liu Zilang and the others also just emptied their magazines, so the two men were not immediately replaced after being shot down. Drop.

     As for the jeep following behind, it slammed the brakes quickly, and the two hurriedly got out of the car and hid behind the car.

     Seeing the System Notification at the bottom left of the screen, someone behind the car immediately called out, "Fuck! It's that vic again!"

     Hearing this sound, several people were taken aback, and immediately recalled the fear of being dominated by Liu Zilang's 98k landing at the airport in the last game...

     Unexpectedly, they met Liu Zilang again in this game, and as soon as they met, they were swept down by the opponent.

     What evil did this Nima do!Jiang's sophomore team is different from other teams. As a semi-professional team that is about to touch the professional threshold, they are more aware of the deeper meaning of their being destroyed by Liu Zilang's single team in the last game.

     It is definitely not a sentence that "they are in a bad state" or "Liu Zilang performs supernormally."

     The Jiang sophomore team is very aware of what kind of gap exists between them and Liu Zilang.

     So the moment two people fell in the team,

     Their first reaction is not a counterattack.

     But only has one word.



     On the commentary stage, Rong Ye and Meng Yeqing were also taken aback when they saw the reaction of Jiang Da's second team.

     "Oh? The remaining two of Jiang's second team were throwing smoke bombs toward the fallen teammates. Both of them went to help." Rong Ye was somewhat uncertain. "Are none of them holding guns?"

     "It seems that the second team of Jiang's sophomore is not ready to take the battle. I guess they are ready to leave as soon as they are ready." spoke until here, Meng Yeqing couldn't help but smile, "It may be that vic left 98k to them in the last game. The impression was too deep, so they were worried about accidents with guns, so they chose to directly block cigarettes and pull people."

     "Um... this is also a way of thinking." Rong Ye nodded, said with a smile, "Although the technical players and anchors of the "Gun Flow" in China are more respected, I think the game of PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds is different from the previous ones. Any fps game is different. Eating chicken represents the most important victory. In other words, it is the most important thing to survive in this game. Surviving to the end is the most important thing. Occasionally avoiding a battle is also a strategic choice. "As soon as Lord Rong spoke until here, there was a burst of exclamation.

     He turned his head to look at the big screen, and opened his mouth in surprise.

     I saw Liu Zilang in the housing area on the opposite side, taking advantage of the smoke bomb cover, when he wanted to go to save people...

     The voice of "Sister Control" sounded again!

     However, instead of shooting at the smoke grenades, he first shot off the tire of the car that slid out in front, then pulled the muzzle, and then shot the tire of the jeep behind. .

     Seeing this scene, Lord Rong couldn't help corner of the mouth twitch.

     This Nima is a "funny demon"!

      Thus, even if Jiang's sophomore team is pulling up, it is not realistic to want to avoid the battle.

     Because their current location is outside the safe zone, except for the bunker, they are surrounded by a plain. Right now, the two parties are completely in an "irreconcilable until death" situation.

     If Jiang's second team wanted to run drugs, they had to clear out Liu Zilang and Pu Taizhuang who were stuck in the room.


     Soon, the remaining two people of Jiang's second team pulled up the two kneeling behind the bunker.

     Looking at the two cars with two tyres knocked off both front and rear, the corners of their eyes twitched.

     This Nima...

      is this excessively crude!

     The one who was lifted up punched a first aid kit and said somewhat grudgingly, "We can't go down here. We must clear this team to get out of this plain."

     "Grass! Our school has such a pervert at what time!" said one person suddenly angrily."It's two." Someone reminded, "Don't forget, why didn't I take action with that grandfather Aona. You also watched the live broadcast of Qiu Shen last time. I'm afraid that person's sniper is not much worse than Ze. "

     At this moment, the commander of the team suddenly asked, "If we fight them here, what are the chances of winning?"

     As soon as this was said, the other three did not speak, and the atmosphere was a little awkward.

     The snipers in the team are even more choked...

     This is too bad for Nima!

     Seeing this, he instructed the person to take a deep breath, and suddenly squeezed the spray in his hand, "Then there is nothing to say, we just seal the cigarette and touch it, if there is a spray, take the spray, I don’t believe it and treat it. Can't stop them!"

     Upon hearing this, the three people next to each other considered that it could only be so.

     Then the four immediately threw cigarettes and started to act. After all, this kind of thing should be sooner than later, and you can't hesitate to delay it, otherwise it will be even more troublesome when the poison begins to shrink.


     In the director’s God's perspective.

     Behind the bunker, a smoke bomb was thrown out.

     When the smoke diffused, a person quickly rushed into the smoke from behind the bunker, and then threw a second smoke bomb towards the distance.

     In a short while, a "smoke chain road" was formed!

     The four people from the second team of Jiang Da's second team with full energy bars moved quickly through the smoke and touched the area where Liu Zilang and them were.

     Seeing this scene, the two commentators on the commentary stage also showed admiration."Has to say, this wave I really want to applaud the decisiveness of the Jiang sophomore team. When the tires were blown, they didn't have any hesitating to waste time, but instead took the approach of blocking cigarettes and lightning strike Rushed up like that."

     "Well, it is true. I also think that taking the initiative to sortie is the best choice for the second team in this situation. In fact, now they may be there is still one they don't know at The invisible advantage of all, that is God, there are only two people left on Qisixia."

     "Yes, we can see that the two assaulters of the Jiang Da second team have cut out the spray, one is s686, the other is s12k, tusk, under the spray, Equality of All Living Creatures, this wave if both sides are short- weaponed soldiery fight one another, I am a little worried about vic them..."

     At this moment, there was a roar of car engines from the footage of the second team of Jiang Dao that the director gave!

     what's the situation?

     Is there another team coming?

     At the next moment, the director's footage suddenly went to Liu Zilang's side.

     In the game screen on the big screen.

     Liu Zilang didn't know at what time ran to the beach, drive a jeep was speeding on the plain.

     Pu Taizhuang stayed in the room, holding up his gun and holding the smoke side very seriously. As long as someone showed up, he would pull the trigger without the slightest hesitation.

     At this moment, Liu Zilang, who was driving a jeep, turned around.

     Afterwards, the “serial smoke plank road” carefully arranged by the second team from Jiang’s University rushed over from one end to the other end.


     In the smoke, the second team of Jiang’s University who was "charging bravely" heard the sound of cars getting closer and closer.The four of them were startled!

      has to say, this piece of smoke has blocked the opponent's vision while also blocking their vision.

     next moment,

     Without warning,

     A Jeep suddenly appeared in front of a few people!

     Bang bang!

     Da da da...!


     There was a sudden burst of gunfire!

     There are sprays, there are rifles...

     But at the moment the final impact sounded, the entire world suddenly fell silent.

     The last scene the four people saw in the smoke was the boundless blue sky above their heads.

     Immediately afterwards, a series of four kill prompts swiped out from the bottom left of the screen.

     Seeing this scene, all the audiences in the live and broadcast room were shocked!

     No... no more?

     What about the lightning raid?

     What about the short-weaponed soldiery fight one another?

     A semi-professional team, just say it, it's gone?