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106 A Battle Of Fate!
    Chinese Name: 落地一把98K  Author: Iced子夜(Iced zǐyè, Iced Midnight)
    Original: www.qidian.com | Translator: NineTalesFox.com

Taking advantage of the fact that they closed the cigarettes, they drove in and knocked people to death...

     This is the first time that countless viewers in the live and broadcast rooms have seen such a showy operation!

     This Nima simply makes you can't guard against it!

     "6666, Cauldron please stop showing off! My brain hurts!"

     "Tap! Is this still a school trial? How do I feel more exciting than the Gold Awards I watched before!"

     "I didn't talk about this vic gun just now. The key routine is more than a bit. This kind of person Nima deserves to eat chicken!"

     "It's too much to eat chicken! I feel sorry for the four babies of Yibo Jiang sophomore team. May there be no jeep in heaven!"


     Seeing Liu Zilang's bad moves, once again using "wisdom" to send away a group of people, the audience in the live and live broadcast rooms shouted and couldn't help it.


     In the game at the moment, the few people on the Jiang Da team saw the prompt at the bottom left of the screen, and they were all startled for a while.

     Four kills in one car?

     What is the situation with Nima?

     No matter how great that vic is, he wouldn't let the second team stand there and let him hit him, right?

     You said that the pig hit a tree, I believe, can't people also hit a car, right?

     And it's still four people... unscientific!

     But right now, the three people in a team didn't spend much time thinking about these issues.

     Although they belong to the Jiangda E-Sports Club, in the PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds row match, everyone except their three teammates are opponents. Speaking of this game, the second team also scored a lot of head points, second only to the first team on the field.Since Liu Zilang removed a potential rival for them, they would be more happy to see it happen.


     In the game, Liu Zilang and the others became completely fat after killing the second team of Jiang.

     After all, this team is different from the previous two teams. They bet a wave of "ultimate express" in Dongqiao!

     The two are completely three-level. Not to mention the complete set, Pu Taizhuang also licked the auspicious clothes in a person's box, and Liu Zilang's 98k was successfully promoted to 4!

     After licking the box of the four people, Pu Taizhuang and their three people completely believed what Liu Zilang said.

     Eat chicken!

     This area is a good place to eat chicken!

     In the next time, the real estate did not disappoint the expectations of several people.

     Every time you swipe the circle, it is very strange and wonderful just on the edge of the safe zone, firmly occupying a place in the shrinking safe zone!

     In this case, Liu Zilang and the others were guarding the room and they went straight to the finals.

     This scene made countless viewers sigh "the injustice of heaven", people like Liu Zilang can actually enjoy the treatment of the "circle of heaven"...



     "Da da da...!"

     On the third to last lap, a burst of gunfire sounded from the northwest of the housing complex.

     After a while, two kill prompts came out.


     Liu Zilang looked at the number of survivors of only 9 people left on the field, and based on the sound of gunshots from several directions on the field, he judged that Jiang Xinou's side was probably not full.

     In fact, Liu Zilang's guess was correct.Like them, the first team of Jiang has only two left, namely Jiang Xinou and Qin Xuanxuan.

      It should be noted, after Liu Zilang and the others drove their motorcycles to occupy this area in this game, so far they have brushed the circle of fate.

     However, Jiang Xinou, who was blocking the bridge at the West Bridge, has always been a "scourge circle", and the safe area was brushed on the opposite corner every time, allowing them to run all the way from the West Bridge to here.

     In the process of constantly shifting positions, there are bound to be countless encounters, and attrition is inevitable. Jiang Xinou and the others can kill all the way under this situation is already a manifestation of their strength.

     Hearing Pu Taizhuang's words, Liu Zilang looked at the poisonous area that was about to shrink, couldn't help but curl his mouth, and said confidently, "It's okay, this one is our Mandate of Heaven Returns, the next circle is definitely..."

     Before he finished speaking, the next safe area was swiped out.

     Seeing this safe zone, Liu Zilang's smile couldn't help but froze.

     This circle is not in their place,

     Jiang Xinou and the others in the northwest direction were not brushed,

     Instead, they brushed near the south coast where they had just picked up the airdrop.

     This is a bit embarrassing...

     What about "Mandate of Heaven Returns"?


     "How to say?"

     "Don't rush into the circle, just get stuck in the north."

     "Someone lives on a rock by the sea.

     His meaning is obvious.

     I'm here now, you can try another shot!


     Behind the rocks by the cliff.

     Liu Zilang couldn't help being slightly startled when he saw Jiang Xinou's confident and arrogant behavior.Then he raised his eyebrows and stopped because of lack!

     The next moment, a handful of black 4 suddenly came out!



     In an instant, two gunshots exploded in the ears of everyone in the safe zone!

     On the plain by the sea, only two sniper bullets flickering in an instant flickering in an instant flickering in the air!

     In the next moment, a blood flower suddenly appeared on the head of Jiang Xinou's third-level helmet beside the tree!

     His blood volume suddenly to drop a thousand zhang in one fall, instantly turning into only a trace of red blood!

     Jiang Xinou almost instinctively flashed sideways back to the tree, his eyes showed a deep shock!

      how can it be?

     The shot he just shot was a! "

     ? ? ?

     ? ? ?

     At this moment, Jiang Xinou was all confused!