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110 Brother?
    Chinese Name: 落地一把98K  Author: Iced子夜(Iced zǐyè, Iced Midnight)
    Original: | Translator:

After turning off the station short, Liu Zilang opened the software and started live broadcasting.

     However, at night, there are too many big players in the Betta [PUBG Mobile] section, which firmly occupy the popularity and traffic of the overwhelming majority.

     Although Liu Zilang's attention in the afternoon went up, many of those are "friendship attention" based on Zhang Xiaotong's face, and are far from being a fan, so after the broadcast started at this time, without too many people came to watch.

     So before he started the game, he habitually went to the [face value] area to brush up on the young lady for a while.

     The young lady anchors in Douyu's [face value] district are not too popular, and there is no such super boss, but they are eye-catching.

     And as long as you look for it with your heart, Heaven rewards the diligent. And occasionally you will get something that couldn't think...

     This is one of Liu Zilang's personal experiences after watching a period of time live broadcast in Douyu.

     However, considering that the live broadcast is still on at the moment, as a serious anchor, Liu Zilang is not good to be openly and without fear, always wandering in the face value area.

     So he glanced for a while, and could only turn off the interface reluctantly.

     But at the moment when the interface was turned off, an idea suddenly popped into Liu Zilang's mind.


     Since there are no big guys in the face value area, isn't that a good opportunity?

     After all, Douyu didn't stipulate which game should be played in which section, and I didn't see Feng Timo in the lol zone, and Sister Fa was still in the host zone.

     Liu Zilang touched his chin, and instantly felt that he had found his goal in life.

     When he thinks about it, like a handsome man like himself, maybe only the appearance area is his only destination!

     ......Just do it!

     Liu Zilang quickly opened the live broadcast of Douyu, and changed his classification section to the [face value] area.

     After the change, Liu Zilang suddenly thought that the anchors in the Yan value area generally have cameras.

     So he was overturn trunks and boxes at home for a while, and found the antique camera that swept the Internet chat world a few years ago. After connecting it, he fiddled with it, and the picture was quickly displayed on the computer.

     At the moment he of course not show his face live like those little sisters. But as a game anchor, he can show his keyboard!

      At this time, the audience in Liu Zilang's live broadcast room also found an anomaly.

     "Huh! Vic turned on the camera?"

     "Damn it! Turn on the camera, why not show your face!"

     "Yes! Should we look at the hands! Look at the face! Look at the face!"

     "Fuck! Don't tell me there isn't anyone found out that the anchor has actually reached the value area?"

     "Huh? Really! What the hell? Playing PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds in the face value area?"

     "I just entered the live broadcast room, is this the new lady in the Yan Value District who started the live broadcast? I haven't seen it before."

     "I just came here too! Wow! This young lady's hands are so tender and thin! Hehehe! I can play with this hand for a year!"


     Seeing the barrage behind him, Liu Zilang couldn't help being complexion turned black.

     He only said in a bad tone, "Is the room manager that I gave the day before yesterday still in the live broadcast room? Seal the one who was going to'play for a year' just now, Yongfeng!"

     Hearing Liu Zilang's words, the old audience in the live broadcast room suddenly laughed.

     But those viewers who have just entered the live broadcast room and watched Liu Zilang's live broadcast for the first time are confused!Nima!

     Why is this voice a man?

     By the way, why are you a man running in the beauty zone?

     The blocked buddy shuddered when he heard Liu Zilang's voice. Thinking of what he had just said, his whole body felt cold!

     After reacting, he just wanted to send out a barrage of anger, but found that he really couldn't speak...


      at the same time, the two-dimensional plate of Douyu.

     In a live room titled [Play a game for a while].

     "Hahaha! Sister Fa and Xiaotongjiang have landed into a box again."

     "My God! It's been less than ten minutes to jump almost ten times, right? Are Xiaotongjiang and Fa Jie playing a skydiving simulator?"

     "Sister Fa and Xiaotongjiang are stunned, and the hope of these two people eating chicken is really too slim!"

     "Find a great god! I just seemed to see Vic also live streaming."

     "Yes, Xiaotongjiang! Let vic take you with you!"


     After another game over, Zhang Xiaotong and Chen Yifa are making complaints.

     Inadvertently glanced at the bullet screen, Zhang Xiaotong a thought flashed through the mind, and said in the voice, "Sister, let me take someone else."

     "Why do you pull people!" Chen Yifa said straight face, "Xiaotongjiang, you have to be more confident, we are a technical anchor."

     "I have always been confident in my skydiving skills." Zhang Xiaotong said.

     "..." Chen Yifa.

     After a while, Liu Zilang, who was racing in the Yan Value District, received news from Zhang Xiaotong.

     "Do you have time? We are playing PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds and lack of individuals."Liu Zilang is preparing to enter the game here, and was slightly surprised after receiving Zhang Xiaotong’s WeChat message.

     At this moment, the barrage of his live broadcast room also showed a lot of barrage such as "Xiaotongjiang tells you to eat chicken" and "Go and save Sister and Xiaotongjiang".

     After glanced at the barrage, Liu Zilang suddenly understood.

     There is no shortage of people here, I clearly want to invite myself to "support the place"!

     Speaking of it, this seems to be the first time Zhang Xiaotong has actively invited herself, and Liu Zilang will not give face.

      Thought until here, he immediately picked up the phone and replied, "Which channel are you on?"

     After a while, Zhang Xiaotong sent the yy channel over, and Liu Zilang entered the channel number and quickly added it.




     "Um, hello."

     After saying hello, Liu Zilang sensibly did not ask Zhang Xiaotong "why there are only three people", but quickly posted his id on the public channel and asked Zhang Xiaotong to pull him.

     Although the two played together last time, they did not add friends.

     Chen Yifa was taken aback when he saw Liu Zilang's id, recalled it in his mind, and suddenly asked, "Hey! This id looks a bit familiar, are you the god in the 35-kill video on the Internet?"

     "Uh..." Liu Zilang said, "It should be."

     "Wow! Xiaotongjiang, you actually know such a great god. It's not early to say." Chen Yifa said with a smile, "Otherwise we won't have to land so many into a box."

     "I...I forgot." Zhang Xiaotong frantically made an excuse.This time, Liu Zilang also received an invitation here, and after clicking OK, he was pulled into the team by Zhang Xiaotong.

     Seeing Liu Zilang entering the team, Chen Yifa couldn't help but curiously said, "I look at this vic god on the Internet, it seems quite mysterious, how did you know Xiaotongjiang?"

      "Ah..." Zhang Xiaotong was taken aback when he heard the words.

     Liu Zilang considered that Zhang Xiaotong was broadcasting live and did not want to affect her, so he concealed, "In fact, we are occasionally online..."

     When the clinker was at this moment, Zhang Xiaotong seemed to have some courage, and suddenly interrupted Liu Zilang's words, "He...he is my brother."

     "Huh?" Chen Yifa was stunned now in his turn.

     She subconsciously closely examined, "Brother? Brother?"

      "Un." This time Zhang Xiaotong was nodded without hesitation.

     Liu Zilang was a little dumbfounded when he heard what the two said.

     He scratched the head, some do not understand why this little girl suddenly said all this.

     And at the same time, countless viewers in the live broadcast room were shocked when they heard Zhang Xiaotong's words, and they were completely boiling in an instant!

     "Nani??? Vic is Xiaotongjiang's brother?"

     "No wonder! No wonder! I said Xiaotongjiang has been hanging in vic's live broadcast room this afternoon!"

     "Uuuu, I was deceived. Last time Xiaotongjiang and Vic pretended not to know each other."

     "Will you these people catch the point? Don't say anything! Brother-in-law is on the top, please accept it next!"

     "From the moment I knew that you were Brother Xiaotongjiang, I have identified you, brother-in-law!""Madan! You are too crude! Xiaotongjiang is still a child! By the way, there are many live broadcast rooms for Uncle Brother, I'll go get a rocket first."


     Then, in the eyes of Liu Zilang dumbstruck, his live broadcast popularity ushered in the "second spring".

     However, when these viewers entered Liu Zilang's live broadcast room, they were surprised to find that Liu Zilang was actually broadcasting live in the Douyu [Yen Value] area...

     For a time, many people were silent.