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111 This Is Normal!
    Chinese Name: 落地一把98K  Author: Iced子夜(Iced zǐyè, Iced Midnight)
    Original: www.qidian.com | Translator: NineTalesFox.com

Douyu, in Chen Yifa's live broadcast room.

     Chen Yifa said with a smile, "I didn't expect Xiaotongjiang to have an older brother. I have never heard of it before. By the way, is my older brother also an anchor?"

     "Yeah." Liu Zilang said shyly. "It's been a few days since I started."

     "Yo, the new anchor!" Chen Yifa was interested, "Are you also broadcasting live on my station?"

     "Yes." Liu Zilang nodded.

     "Where? What's the room number?" Chen Yifa said grandiosely, "Our 67673 viewers don't need me to hint, huh? This is Xiaotong sauce's Ooni sauce!"

     "No need, no need, I'm so embarrassed." Liu Zilang said embarrassedly, and then said quickly, "Yan value area 1690566."

     "Huh? Face zone?" Chen Yifa was a little confused, and asked subconsciously, "Woman's Clothes-wearing Bigshot?"

     Liu Zilang:

     Seeing Liu Zilang slumped, Zhang Xiaotong grinned with his mouth covered.

     Ridicule belongs to ridicule.

     However, there are still many viewers who came to Liu Zilang's live broadcast with the purpose of "hidden".

     All of a sudden, the popularity of Liu Zilang's live broadcast room soared to hundreds of thousands, and he became a popular man from a young age, and successfully ranked among the top three in the face value section.

     Seeing his popularity in the [face value area] all the way, Liu Zilang couldn't help but sigh, it seems that this is all recognition of my face value!

     If the audience in his live broadcast room knows Liu Zilang's inner feelings at this moment, I am afraid they will spit on his face.After Liu Zilang entered the team, the three clicked and quickly matched the game.

     But at this moment, Liu Zilang glanced at the teammate list on the upper left, and somewhat astonished to find that there were four people in the team.

      he cannot bear curiously said, "Did you pull someone again just now? Who is it there is still one?"

     "No, did Sister Fa pull it?" Zhang Xiaotong asked curiously.

     Chen Yifa patted his brain, and suddenly reacted, "Oh! I forgot to cancel the matching teammate."

     "Then what should we do? Should we retreat and rearrange." Zhang Xiaotong asked.

     Chen Yifa waved his hand and said with a smile, "Hey, forget it, it's fate to be able to line up together, it may be our water friend."

     At this moment, the id called "so" suddenly spoke.

     "Anihasai! Man Lasso Pan Gabi Smida"

     Her voice sounded soft and soft. If she didn't turn on the voice changer, she would definitely be a young lady, and her accent seemed to be a Korean lady.

     Liu Zilang can hear heart swayed, cannot bear ask, "Does Sister Fa have any Korean water friends?"

     Chen Yifa was stunned, and then reacted. He couldn't help but said with a smile, "Hey! This is not easy to say, our 67673 water friends are all over the world, and it is not possible without this."

     Liu Zilang immediately opened the mouth to ask, "Anihasaiyo, doyouknosievensieventhree?"

     "Nei?" The voice called so was full of doubts.

     Chen Yifa couldn’t help but hear the corner of the mouth twitch, this brother of Xiaotongjiang secretly seems a little bit thatLiu Zilang was already chatting very hilariously, "Oh! sallsister! nicetoseeyou! hatsyourna?"

     Since fps competitions were mostly held in Europe and the United States in the past, Liu Zilang's daily spoken language sounds quite like that.

     The little sister was stunned, and hurriedly said, "That time, youcancallso."


     "Yeah! hatsyourna?"

     "Um, you can call Ernie sauce."

     "How about you? Really?"


     "Nono! Slightly."

     So obviously didn't believe it, but he might find it interesting, and then let out a chuckle like a silver bell.

     Her voice is really soft, it sounds like a spring breeze, which makes people's hearts quick to melt.

     And seeing Liu Zilang openly teasing his sister, the audience in his live studio also raised the barrage.

     "Fuck it, is it up? I didn't expect Xiaotongjiang's brother to be so waved!"

     "Yes, I give full marks to this Booni sauce."

     "By the way, this Korean little Elder Sister's voice is so sultry, I think I'm in love!"

     "Hmm, this sound is too crisp, I feel like my ears are about to become pregnant."

     "Well, you all go fall in love and get pregnant, Xiaotongjiang is mine."


     In the game, Chen Yifa couldn't help but sighed, "Nowadays, some little girls just laugh too low, so they give some boys a chance to take advantage of it. Xiaotongjiang, are you right?"

     Zhang Xiaotong is silent, just lightly snorted.Chen Yifa was taken aback when he heard it, and suddenly said somewhat suspicious, "Are you jealous? Wow"

     "No, no!" Zhang Xiaotong hurriedly interrupted and denied.

     Chen Yifa was chuckled, pinching his chin with his index finger and thumb, and slowly enticed him, "It's nothing, Xiaotong sauce, what's wrong with sister eating brother's vinegar? This is normal!"

     Zhang Xiaotong was taken aback when she heard, "Is it normal?"

     "Cough cough" Liu Zilang couldn't help but coughed twice when he heard what the two said, and reminded, "Fa Sister lied to you."

     Sister Fa is an old driver.

     What sister eats brother's jealousy is normal, normal ghost!

     In order to prevent Zhang Xiaotong from falling into the pit, Liu Zilang had to temporarily stop his sister-in-law work.

     Hearing what Liu Zilang said, Zhang Xiaotong realized what he had just said.

     For a while, she couldn't help being both ashamed and angry, and shouted to Liu Zilang, "It's all to blame you! It's too lustful, it's just like seeing the young lady."

     "Huh?" Liu Zilang didn't expect Zhang Xiaotong to blame himself, and couldn't help explaining, "Where is the color? Isn't this just normal chat? Isn't it Sister Fa?"

     Chen Yifa laughed, "Well, I don't quite understand this. Anyway, our normal conversation seems a bit different from you."

     "" Liu Zilang couldn't help being speechless for a while.

     This Fat Sister seems to have a black belly, she just removed her from the stage just now, and now she was beaten up.

     Good at this time, the waiting time on the quality square is over.

      The picture changed, and several people appeared on the plane.Liu Zilang turned his attention to the flight route and found that the flight route for this flight started from port n at the bottom right of the map, passing air-raid shelter and city y, and the terminal was on the east coast of city s.

     He immediately shifted the topic and said, "By the way, where do we jump?"

     "The great god leads the team, we listen to you." Fa Jie said very simply.

     Zhang Xiaotong is ahem'ed and silent.

     Liu Zilang immediately marked a school point on the map, and was about to ask So's opinion.

     Unexpectedly, So suddenly exclaimed in surprise, "oh! school! ilikeschool!"

     Then there is nothing to say, decisively the school started.

     Although the school can be regarded as a fighting spot on the PUBG Mobile map, this situation generally occurs in single and double rows. As for the fighting teams in the fourth row, they rarely choose schools.

      This aspect is that the school space is too narrow, which is not conducive to the teamwork of multi-person platoons, and it is easy to reduce staff;

      on the other hand, it’s because the school’s resources are almost enough for singles or doubles, but if a four-man team jumps to the school together, even if it takes a long time to determine a school bully, it can only achieve basic food and clothing, which is not worth it. .

     It is precisely with these considerations that Liu Zilang decided to choose a relatively small school for the game.

     After all, you can’t just landed just "three people sacrifice to the sky", and then his one person is playing single four rows there?