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112 Horror School!
    Chinese Name: 落地一把98K  Author: Iced子夜(Iced zǐyè, Iced Midnight)
    Original: | Translator:

The plane passed slowly in the air. When it flew to the north of the air-raid shelter, Liu Zilang called and the three parachuted together.

     Sin jumped a bit slower, and only after seeing the three of them jump.

     The flight of their game plane does not pass through the school, and it even takes a little high to get there. Therefore, the timing of skydiving must be grasped, otherwise a lot of time will be wasted in the air.

     Liu Zilang originally thought that this kind of route shouldn't have people would go with them to grab a place like school, but when he jumped out of the rear compartment of the plane, he saw a few black spots.

     Looking at the direction they fell, it was obvious that they were either school or dormitory.

     "Be careful, there may be people in the school." Liu Zilang couldn't help but reminded him in his voice.

     "Ah? Someone?" Chen Yifa was taken aback, and asked carefully, "Can you handle it?"

     "Don't panic, not a big problem." Liu Zilang said relievedly, "Wait for everyone to come down together (gan) without (de) piao) (liang)!"

     "Vip9 and bullets.

     This Nima...

     Liu Zilang didn't have time to think about it, so he ran towards the skylight of the school's Lecture Theater in three and two steps, and then jumped down quickly.

     Land, support with both hands.

     There was a crossbow not far away, Liu Zilang glanced away, and there was a Uzi on the steps in front of the classroom.

     He just wanted to pick up the Uzi, but suddenly there was a rush of footsteps on the roof.

     The man above is chasing over!

     Liu Zilang immediately dragged the crossbow on the ground in front of him into the backpack, and then quickly flashed sideways into the corridor!

     as expected.The next moment, a person holding u9 jumped from the skylight.

     The crossbow on Liu Zilang's side pulled up the arrow, and when he saw the man coming down, he quickly ran away from the corridor!

     "Haha, I want to run!" The man heard the footsteps in the corridor and immediately chased it out.

     Seeing Liu Zilang's back, he couldn't help but cried out proudly behind him, "I will kill you tortoise grandson!"

     Da da da...!

     A rush of u9 automatic shooting sounded in the corridor.

     For a time, countless bullets shuttled across the corridor!

     Liu Zilang groaned with a sanguine light splashed on his body.

     But the next moment, he flashed sideways into the corner of the corridor.

     The man behind him seemed to be chattering, and shouted as he chased, "Is it useful to run? Let me send you to the next round."

     As soon as he finished speaking, a figure flashed at the corner of the corridor.


     A crossbow arrow, noiselessly, went through the corridor very quickly!

     The man behind him was chasing with a gun, and suddenly threw himself to his knees, his face and the floor came into close contact.

     That person was scared!

     What the hell?

     Why didn't there even gunshots?

     The next second, I looked at the crossbow arrow stuck in my head.

     He was dumbfounded all at once!

     "Vic123 used a crossbow headshot to knock down and kill your grandson!"


     Upstairs, the man's teammate saw him holding a gun and jumping down to chase a man without a gun.

     I thought stretch a hand and grab it, surefire.They just thought about going to clear the rest of the school, but they saw their teammates suddenly fell to the ground, and they couldn't help but wonder, "Koro-sun, what's the situation with you?"

     "You are the tortoise grandson!" the man flustered and exasperated said, "Come on! That kid doesn't have a gun, he only has one crossbow."

     "What? You were killed by a crossbow while holding u9?"

     "Fuck, is there a mistake?"

     "By the way, can a crossbow hit people? Your body style is too bad, right."

     A few people immediately despised it!

     But despised by despising, they quickly jumped down from the skylight.

     Then one person pulled in the corridor, and the other two chased towards the corner.

     But at the moment, the corridor is empty and quiet.

     Don't talk about people,

     Not even a ghost.

     "What about the kid?"

     "I guess you heard that we ran away?"


     The person was just nodded, and suddenly a figure flashed at the entrance of the stairs in front of the clinker!

     A crossbow arrow pierced the air, and shot over again quickly!


     The two people at the corner of the corridor just felt their eyes sway, and one of them fell down!

     "Vic123 used a crossbow headshot and knocked down my heavenly grandfather!"

     Damn it!

     what's the situation?

     The person standing next to him was dumbfounded!

     Looking at the teammates lying beside him, he didn't chase him for a while, nor did he pull him.

     The audience in the live broadcast room was shocked when they saw this scene!

     "Hold the grass and hold the grass! Is this a crossbow?"

     "Hanzo, it's you!""By the way, did you just see Vic aiming? How do I feel that I am not playing a game with me!"

     "The same is not a game, this Nima is too fast and too accurate!"

     "Hahaha, the two buddies on the opposite team are so dumbfounded!"


     In the game, Liu Zilang, who was wordless and uncommunicative knocked down one person again, quickly disappeared in the corridor like an assassin.

     At this moment, he seemed to swim in the shadows, waiting for the opportunity to hunt down those who fell into the darkness.

     For the four of them, it was clear that the sky was blue and white outside, but the atmosphere in the school seemed to suddenly become terrifying and strange!