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114 Why Not Take Advantage Of It...
    Chinese Name: 落地一把98K  Author: Iced子夜(Iced zǐyè, Iced Midnight)
    Original: www.qidian.com | Translator: NineTalesFox.com

Hearing what Chen Yifa said, the man didn't say a word at first.

     Liu Zilang looked at him somewhat curiously as he was standing next to Chen Yifa, first tilted his head to the left, then twisted to the right, and then suddenly squatted down.

     "What are you doing?" Liu Zilang asked curiously.

     "Oh, I'm taking a photo with Sister Fa." The man seemed to notice Liu Zilang standing aside, and couldn't help but said, "Brother, can I trouble you to move aside."

     This Nima thinks I am not on the camera?

     Liu Zilang: ...

     He resisted the urge to shoot the man headshot, and said with a strong smile, "Brother, now is not the time for the fan meeting, we are going to the battlefield."

     Chen Yifa also showed an awkward but polite smile, "Right, right! How about we just leave it alone, see you later?"

      "Oh, oh." The man was quite sensible, and immediately got in the car and left.

     However, he didn't start after riding the motorcycle, but he seemed to remember something suddenly. He quickly jumped down and ran to Sister Fa, as if enumerating one's family valuables, and said, "Sister Fa, I brought you something. This is the medical kit, this is the first aid kit, oh yes! There are also painkillers and a bottle of drink."

     Seeing a lot of things that the man was still on the ground, Liu Zilang couldn't help but remember the situation when he was chased and killed by a friend of water when he took Zhang Xiaotong to play for the first time.

      he cannot bear smashed his mouth, and said, "Hey! It's also a water friend, why is the difference so big!"

     Hearing Liu Zilang's emotion, Zhang Xiaotong instantly reacted.

     She is complexion sank, bulging lightly snorted.In the end, the man threw down all the contents of the backpack, and seemed to feel that he was carrying a few things and couldn't handle it, his expression was rather embarrassed.

     Liu Zilang glanced at the motorcycle on the ground, and couldn't help but squinted and said, "It's okay, brother, Sister Fa understands you. If you feel like it, what kind of motorcycle?

     "Ah? I didn't say to give it to Mo..." The man suffocated when he was halfway.

     No way!

     How can you be so stingy in front of an idol?

     So he had to force a smile and said, "Hehehe, that...I think you just lack a car, so what... I'll leave the motorcycle, see you in the finals."

     After speaking, he turned naked and ran towards the safe area, his back looked somewhat dejected for a while...

     "Thank you, see you in the finals!" Chen Yifa yelled in a somewhat unbearable tone.

     The audience in the live room saw this scene, all of a sudden laughed.

     "Fuck! This vie! Enough for one time!"

     Hearing what Liu Zilang said, sin also exclaimed in excitement, "gogogo!"

     Before the four clinkers crossed the road, there was a sudden burst of gunfire on the small green hill south of the dormitory Shuangpin Building!

     Da da da...!

     A bullet fell in front of Liu Zilang, who was leading the charge, and he was shocked.

     "There is someone in the south, go back and find a bunker!"

     Liu Zilang, Listening In On Arguments From Afar, quickly made a judgment. At the same time, he also started left and right swing, jumping up and down in snakeskin and walking.


     On the slope of Xiaoqingshan, two people were lying on their stomachs."Fuck it, you're on time!" a man with a red dot next to him said dissatisfied, "If you can't, give me the magnifier."

     "Mom! The person in front is too snakeskin to be able to hit him!" The person was also quite speechless.

     "If you can't hit, you can't hit the back one? Pig brain!" The man next to him said ill-humoredly.

     Then he suddenly pointed to a human being, "Did you see it! That! Just the one in the white suit and white skirt. This kind of equipment looks like a girl. It's right to hit her."

     The man fired two more shots at Liu Zilang somewhat unconvinced, but he still missed one shot.

     He could only reluctantly turn the gun, aiming at the person his teammate said and tried to fire a shot, and then only saw a spatter of blood on the head of the person in the camera.


     The man was taken aback for a moment,

     Headshot at the first shot?

     This position is too real!


     On the school side, Zhang Xiaotong was slightly startled when he saw the sudden light of blood on his head.

     Then she saw that she had suddenly lost more than half of her health, and she immediately reacted, some lose one's head out of fear and shouted, "Ah! Someone beat me!"

     "Don't panic!" Liu Zilang quickly turned around to get a gun.

     The clinker was at this moment, and only heard the sound of "biu", another bullet came!

     Zhang Xiaotong's body splashed again with a sanguine light, and then thumped to his knees on the ground.

     "Ah! I was knocked down!"

     Zhang Xiaotong wants to cry but doesn't have tears, I don't know why I am so unlucky!

      That many people don't fight, but hit her.Chen Yifa on the side said nervously, "Who beat you? Where is the person? Why didn't I see it?"

      A few more shots were fired on the opposite mountain this time, but I didn't know if I wanted Zhang Xiaotong to be the bait or what happened, and didn't rush to make up for him.

     If it is used as bait,

     Then Liu Zilang can only say that this team is really insidious.

      It should be noted, the location where Zhang Xiaotong was knocked down was on the side of the road outside the school wall, and there was no shelter around it.

     And the time of helping people is so long. If anyone pulls people in the past this time, it is a living target, and the target is still not moving.

     "Help me! Help me!" Zhang Xiaotong yelled pitifully, lying on the ground.

     Anxiously, Liu Zilang saw the motorcycle not far from the fence, and he could not help but a thought flashed through the mind, and said to Zhang Xiaotong, "Xiaotong, don’t climb, the more you climb, the faster the blood will fall. The opposite looks I don't want to make up for you for the time being."

     "Don't make up for me?" Zhang Xiaotong was taken aback when he heard the words, and then immediately said with joy, "Then come and save me."

     Liu Zilang couldn't help hearing it corner of the mouth twitch.

     He thought it was true that the other side did not intend to make up for you, but I will pull you in the past it is not easy to say.

     But he couldn't speak directly to Zhang Xiaotong.

     Otherwise, it would appear that his brother is too greedy for life, afraid of death, and has abandoned his sister.

     Looking at Zhang Xiaotong who was ‘shiver coldly’ lying on the ground, Liu Zilang quickly turned around and said, "Xiaotong, have you ever heard of Killing Hua Xiong before the wine cools down?"

      "Ah?" Zhang Xiaotong was startled, some of them didn't understand why Liu Zilang suddenly said this.The next moment, I saw Liu Zilang flying on a motorcycle, and heroism reaching to the clouds said, "You can get down and come when you go!"

     "Killing Hua Xiong before the wine cools down? Hmm... This means that the wine is still warm when Guan Erye returns after killing people."

     Chen Yifa on the side suddenly slapped his forehead, and suddenly said, "Oh...I get it! You mean you want to say that Xiaotong sauce will still be hot when you come back after killing someone?"

     Liu Zilang: ...