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116 Play Dumpling Tactics!
    Chinese Name: 落地一把98K  Author: Iced子夜(Iced zǐyè, Iced Midnight)
    Original: www.qidian.com | Translator: NineTalesFox.com

"Where are people?"

     "I just jumped downstairs, I don't know, maybe I have entered the house."

     "Then What we do?"

     "There should be few left on the other side. Fa Sister and Xiaotong are in a group, and I and Sin are in a group. Let's find them separately. Be careful, and report the position when you hear the footsteps.


     On the dormitory side of the Shuangpin Building, Liu Zilang and his group of four quickly divided them into two teams and checked it from house to house.

     However, in comparison, Liu Zilang and Sin are Wind Sweeping Destroying Clouds.

     Liu Zilang took the lead and broke the door down and enter every time he reached a building, Sin was almost unable to keep up with Liu Zilang's pace.

     But Chen Yifa and Zhang Xiaotong will be slower.

     I saw the two walking quietly on tiptoe in the grass in front of the building like thieves, not even daring to breathe.

     "Xiaotongjiang, don't always be behind my ass."

     "Ah... I am... I am afraid!"

     "I'm afraid too!"


     When the two came to the building near the middle, when they passed the bushes in front of the door, Zhang Xiaotong couldn't help but stunned when he saw the two boxes in the bushes, and then he seemed to squat down uncontrollably.

     Chen Yifa, who was walking in front, said in a low voice, "Huh? There seem to be footsteps in this building, why are there no more? Did I hear it wrong, or... let's go in and take a look."

     "Hmm." Hearing Chen Yifa's words, Zhang Xiaotong, who squatted in the bushes and licked his bag, nodded subconsciously.Chen Yifa, who was walking in the front, didn't even notice that Zhang Xiaotong was behind. She thought that she had a teammate behind her in the summons courage and pushed in.

     Never thought that she had just entered the building, and before she had walked two steps, someone suddenly came down on the corridor.

     Chen Yifa was stunned, his whole body suddenly stiffened.

     She was not sure about someone inside, so she dared to open the door and come in, but she didn't expect this person to appear in her eyes so suddenly.

     What should I do next?

     Chen Yifa felt that his head couldn't turn around.

     The person who came down the hallway across from him saw Chen Yifa and also startled.

     Because Chen Yifa was walking quietly, the man didn't hear the footsteps upstairs just now, only vaguely heard the door opening, so he took a cautious look.

     Then he saw a man crouching, standing at the door dully looking at himself.

     Damn it!

     The man frightened one shivers, raising his backhand is a shuttle!

     Da da da...!

     Chen Yifa was knocked to the ground instantly.

     Hearing the gunshots, Liu Zilang immediately asked in his voice, "You have someone."

     "There are some people! I was knocked down!" Chen Yifa panicked.

     Then she suddenly reacted, "Xiaotongjiang, where is Xiaotongjiang?"

     "I...I'm outside." Zhang Xiaotong whispered with some guilty conscience, "There were two boxes on the ground just now."

     "..." Chen Yifa.

     Liu Zilang is also a black line on hearing this, this girl must have seen the box and can't walk."In this way, Sister Fa, hold on, and I will come over now."

     "How persistent! He is right in front of me."

     "Uh... why don't you sing a song to him and tell him not to fill you up?"

     "Ah, there is such an operation?"

     Chen Yifa was stunned, and immediately at once turned on everyone, "Hey, hey, friend on the other side, can you hear me?"

     She was originally to give medicine to a dead horse. Just after she finished talking about the clinker, the person's footsteps suddenly stopped, and she was pleasantly surprised, "You...are you Fat Sister?"

     "Haha...I was recognized." Chen Yifa showed an awkward but polite smile.

     The man walked over suddenly.

     "Ah! Don't come over! What are you doing?" Chen Yifa warned.

     Who ever thought that the man walked behind Chen Yifa, who was kneeling on the ground, and suddenly said, "I'm so excited! Sister Fa is actually in line, let me take a photo!"

     "..." Chen Yifa looked at his shameful posture kneels down on the ground, and suddenly got black lines on his forehead!

     Black powder!

     This is definitely a black powder!

     At this moment, Zhang Xiaotong walked quietly on tiptoe outside the door and walked over.

     Seeing the person inside, she cautious and solemnly took out the quadruple 98k that she had just licked, and after opening the mirror, she stared at the bright white secondary helmet on the person's head for a long time.


     Just listen to a clear gunshot!

     The next moment, the man was shot to smash his head and fell to the ground.

     "Xiaotong sauce used kar98k to headshot Luo Shu Mi's little brother."

     Seeing the id opposite, Chen Yifa who kneels down on the ground couldn't help corner of the mouth twitch.she cannot bear said to Zhang Xiaotong, "My Xiaotong sauce is amazing, hurry up! Come and help me, I have to punish this black fan!"

     "Ah? Fat sister! I'm not a black fan!" The man on the ground cried out as he crawled.

     Chen Yi sneered, "Don't move! Don't move!"

     After Zhang Xiaotong helped Chen Yifa up, Chen Yifa took out the pan behind his butt and said with a smile, "Don't you like taking pictures together? Don't miss every next frame!"


     Liu Zilang rushed halfway here, and saw Zhang Xiaotong suddenly solve the problem with a 98k shot, he couldn't help but heaved a sigh of relief.

      Secretly said in heart, "I didn't expect this girl's marksmanship to improve."

     Of course, if he knew that the person was standing there and let Zhang Xiaotong look at it for a long time, I'm afraid he wouldn't think so...

     Liu Zilang was thinking about turning around and going back to continue the investigation and visit, but he did not expect that a person from the two-story building south of the dormitory suddenly jumped out of the window.


      not the same person!

     To be precise, three!

     I saw that the three of them thumped down like dumplings.

     Liu Zilang, who reacted swiftly, almost immediately pulled the muzzle, holding the 6 to the other side and instantly turned the three bursts into automatic!

      da da da da ...!

     After a burst of violent gunfire, Sin didn't react dumbly after hearing the gunfire, and was surprised to find that there were three more boxes in front of the house not far away.

     This Nima...

     Seeing this scene, the audience in the live broadcast room was also confounded."Fuck! Where did these three fools come from?"

     "Take it! Vivian!"

     Liu Zilang corner of the mouth twitch.

     Hearing the words of the two, Zhang Xiaotong in the dormitory Shuangpin Building was lightly snorted.

     Chen Yifa on the side also couldn't help but laugh, and shook his head and said, "Oh, man!"