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120 The So-called God Of War!
    Chinese Name: 落地一把98K  Author: Iced子夜(Iced zǐyè, Iced Midnight)
    Original: | Translator:


     Looking at the line of scarlet killers that appeared on the screen, the instantaneous Explosion in the live broadcast room started!

     "666, Vic's reaction... simply invincible!"

     "Fuck! I was shocked when I saw the car rushing over this wave. I didn't expect Vic to react so fast!"

     "Hahaha, seeing the person disappearing directly in front of you, it is estimated that the guy who drove over was also dumbfounded."

     "And the wave of eight-fold mirror shots just now, Nima's labor and management are almost peeing! Where did this vic come from! How can there be such a monster in the face value area."

     "Followed! Followed! It seems that vic did not lie to us, it turns out that he is not without the reason for not showing his face!"


     In the game, Liu Zilang didn't have time to care what the audience said.

     In fact, at this moment, he didn't even have time to lick the bag.

     Because he just finished killing this person, a car not far away braked and stopped behind a tree.

     Then the two got out of the car, and the crackle rattle on Liu Zilang's side was a burst of fire!

     Fortunately, Liu Zilang's body method reacted quickly enough to come back and squat down in time, otherwise he might just get cold.

     But even so, his current situation is not that good.

     When he was framed behind the car, he was not only attacked by the trees on the front slope, but there was also a sound of cars on the other side of the hill. It was obvious that someone wanted to go around and pull the gun!

     This Nima...

     Liu Zilang couldn't help but feel pain. This group of people just watched oneself alone and wanted to pick up soft persimmons first!

     Who do you look down on!He sneered, and after putting 14 bullets in his hand, he suddenly stood up from behind the jeep!


     Liu Zilang held up the eight-time sister control and opened the mirror instantly, directly through the window of the jeep, facing the tree over there, there was a burst of automatic shooting!

     The two people behind the tree on the slope left and right probed the sides of the jeep, but apparently did not expect Liu Zilang to shoot from that angle.

     All of a sudden, under Liu Zilang's burst, the man on the left was instantly knocked down by a headshot!

     After knocking down one person, Liu Zilang's gunshot was only slightly paused, and then he quickly pulled the muzzle, and shot the person on the right again!

     The man on the right behind the tree opened the lens and looked at this side. Through the fire of the shot, he just realized where Liu Zilang's person was.

     However, before he had time to pull the eight-fold 98k quasi-center in his hand, the moment his teammate fell to the ground, he was killed by Liu Zilang again!

     Seeing the black and white picture in front of them, the two people behind the tree felt completely messy!

     Is this 14?

     This Nima is too fast and too accurate!

     For a time, the two people want to cry but doesn't have tears.

     What kind of monsters did I encounter when I fell to the ground!




     Seeing the red words 14kills appearing on the screen, the audience in the live broadcast room was completely shocked!

     From their point of view, the shooting angle chosen by Liu Zilang is very abnormal.

     More importantly, he just showed his head, first with his left head tilted and swept through a car window.

     After that, the right side tilted his head and swept wildly through the other window.The whole operation is amazing!

     A shuttle bullet swept only 14 rounds, and the two behind the tree were solved by one of his efficiently!

     This Nima...Isn't this too ridiculous!

     If Liu Zilang's previous wave of eight-fold pressure gun sweeping down two people came, there are still some "blind Jiba" elements of luck in it.

     That wave of killing two people instantly, but it perfectly embodies his terrifying and accurate eight times sister pressure gun!



     But it certainly only occupies a very small part.


     The shock caused by Liu Zilang's operation is not uncommon!

     However, what the audience in the live broadcast room and Zhang Xiaotong who observed in secret on the hillside in the distance hadn't thought is that this is still not ended!

     I saw the roar of cars suddenly on the hillside where Liu Zilang was!

     A Jeep didn't know at what time and went around to the back, and then directly rushed down from high to low!

     Liu Zilang had just changed the bullet clip to 14 in his hand, and the jeep rushed into his face in no time, and hit it straight!

      When a thousand pounds hangs by a thread, Liu Zilang played the same old trick and got into the car again with great hand speed!

     But the next moment, he did not get out of the car.

     Because the jeep on the opposite side rushed down from the uphill with great inertia, the jeep he was on immediately slid down towards the slope.

      If you cut to the back and get off this time, you will undoubtedly be crushed to death by your own car!Between Lightning Spark, Liu Zilang, who was sitting in the second seat, took 14 and opened the mirror directly in the car eight times, and the person who jumped from the jeep came face to face with a scan!

     Da da da...!

     Da Da Da...!

     At such a close range, the full-automatic burst shooting with eight times the lens opened, the audience in the live broadcast room could even see the black spot of the white second-level helmet on the head of the opposite person through Liu Zilang's first perspective.

     Of course, many viewers noticed that in the camera in the lower right corner, Liu Zilang's slender and white hand held the mouse and dragged it suddenly, almost pulling out of the desktop.

     When they recovered his wits, another line of scarlet fonts appeared on the screen!


     After the wave, there was another "hong-long-long" sound not far away.

     Everyone in the live broadcast room was dumbfounded. Do you still have finished or not?

     The bouncing car that appeared at this time actually came up almost together with those cars.

     But he was alone and weak, so he drove Beng Beng first to wave "edge ob".

     At this moment, he heard the gunfire on the slope gradually ceased, and he rushed up to get cheaper.

     As a result, when he looked uphill, the man was dumbfounded!

     Jeep, car plugged together in disorder...

     One even smoked, looking like the scene of a car accident.

     This Nima... what happened?

     The man hurriedly braked and found a tree to stop and bounce, then cautious and solemn held up four times the scar-l and poked his head from behind the tree, wanting to "observe in secret" first.

     As a result, as soon as he opened the lens, the man shuddered suddenly!In the field of vision in the quadruple lens, I saw a man with a dark third-level helmet next to the car, who also looked at him with a gun in the mirror.

     The two four eyes met, their eyes crossed.

     At this moment, there seemed to be wind blowing on the silent hillside...

     I have confirmed that the look in my eyes is the one I want to kill.

     The next moment, the rapid gunfire suddenly sounded!

     After the person behind the tree was frightened, he was thinking viciously, "What are you looking at?"

     As a result, he realized that as soon as he wanted to shoot, a series of sniper bullets shot across the air, across the hillside, and came to his skull in a flash.


     On the gray secondary helmet, there was a sound of being broken by a bullet!

     As soon as the man behind the tree fired a shot, he was instantly shocked to find that his vision was suddenly raised high.

     On the gray screen, I saw himself behind the tree weakly falling back to the ground, and the corpse rolled twice along the hillside.

     That person was instantly dumbfounded!

     This Nima...

     Don't let me take a look?