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121 You Sister!
    Chinese Name: 落地一把98K  Author: Iced子夜(Iced zǐyè, Iced Midnight)
    Original: www.qidian.com | Translator: NineTalesFox.com

After this wave of fire, the entire hillside was completely quiet!

     Three jeeps, two cars, one bouncing...

     But in the end, only Liu Zilang, who squatted by the car and sprayed medicine, survived.

     Seeing this scene, Chen Yifa and the three of them, who were half squatting on the hillside, opened their mouths in surprise, holding 98k in their hands and aiming at Zhang Xiaotong who hadn't hit a shot for a long time, and his heart was greatly affected. Shock.

     As for Liu Zilang's live broadcast room, countless old and new viewers also feel that they are not good.

     "This Nima...vic killed all these teams alone?"

     "This reaction, this pressure gun, this operation! to ascertain fault professional player?"

     "Stop talking, I think there are few vic so formidable in professional player, right?"

     "Vic is invincible! I haven't seen a few people use it like this."

     "The previous one said that vic grabbed three teams and rubbed on the ground in offline games. I believe it! I really believe it!"

     "I don't think Fa Jie and Xiaotongjiang have any game experience at all. After shouting 666, they will directly enter the licking session."

     "If I had such a teammate, I would also like to call 666! I would also like to lick the bag!"

     "Really strong and invincible! God of War Vic walked!"

     At this time, the popularity of Liu Zilang's live broadcast room in the face value area has reached 230,000, and he successfully squeezed the two female anchors in front to become a new generation of face value area boss.

     And after that barrage appeared, the next moment the "God of War vic", which was full of screens, scrolled crazily from the right side of the screen, looking spectacular!"Up and down Interactive gave the anchor a rocket-strong! Invincible!"

     "Cao xx gave the anchor a rocket-it really is the strongest technical anchor in the face value area! I feel that the history of the Douyu face value area will open a new chapter!

     "Monster Wanchou presented the anchor with a rocket-does the anchor really not consider showing up live?"

     Somewhere in Jianghai, in the 4a Training Base.

     Wei Shen was sitting in front of the computer watching the live broadcast with his head in his hands. After seeing the scene in front of him, he couldn't help but frowned and muttered to himself, "This ratio is a bit better! It seems that it was really not luck last time."

     At this moment, what opened on his computer web page was Liu Zilang's live broadcast room.

     To be honest, as a player who often singles four rows.

     The situation that Liu Zilang encountered just now, Wei Shen asked himself if he could replace it with himself.

     But he felt that no matter how good he played, he could at best only achieve the level of Liu Zilang on the screen just now.

     But what about Liu Zilang?

     Is this also his limit?

     With his own feelings, Wei Shen didn't think so.

     What Liu Zilang just showed is definitely not the ultimate he can do, but more like a performance of handling a butcher's cleaver with ease.

     Hearing Wei Shen's talk to oneself, Aluka on the side could not help but poked his head.

     After he glanced at the screen, he cannot help but laugh and said, "Is this the one who stole the chicken the last time you fried fish in four rows alone?"

     "I thought he was stealing a chicken."

     After Wei Shen said this sentence, he shook the head again, "But now I feel that if one more time, I am not sure to win him."Hearing Wei Shen's words, Aluka was stunned.

     Because he has known Wei Shen for so long, he has almost never heard him make such an evaluation of a passerby player.

     I'm not sure to beat him...

     Is this still the Gao Dewei?

     Aluka subconsciously glanced at the screen again, secretly said in heart,

     Is this passerby really that strong?


     In the game, Chen Yifa, Zhang Xiaotong, and Sin quickly appeared in the post-war field after Liu Zilang killed them.

     "We little people, I'm so happy today."

     Chen Yifa hummed a song in his mouth, wandered around and licked his bag leisurely.

     Sin was also exclaiming in his mouth, while walking and stopping between several boxes.

     To be honest, her game time is not too short, but she has never queued up with a teammate like Liu Zilang.

     As for Zhang Xiaotong, this little girl likes to lie on the ground while licking her bag.

     At this moment, she was like a caterpillar, crawling from one bag to another on the grass, looking stupid and cute.

     "How do you think you are so formidable?" Chen Yifa suddenly asked curiously.

     "I..." Liu Zilang was about to answer, suddenly corner of the mouth twitch, said ill-humoredly, "Sister Fa, what do you call my sister-in-law?"

     "You weren't sister control just now?" Chen Yifa asked with a smile.

     "Yes." Liu Zilang immediately corrected him as soon as he said, "I am the sister of Nao."

      "Ah?" Chen Yifa pretended to be blank, "Aren't all the same? Is there a difference?"

     Liu Zilang: ...Zhang Xiaotong, who was licking his bag on the ground, was slightly startled when he heard what the two said.

     Then her face flushed instantly, and both ashamed and angry cried out, "Sister Fa...you...you talk nonsense, I will ignore you."

     The audience in the live room laughed at the words of the three.

     "Sister Fa is terrifying! Vic is also miserable!"

     "Wait! Why do I feel Xiaotongjiang is a little bit shy... Could it be that Nima..."

     "14 is so good! Xiaotong is so shy, he seemed to confess in person just now! The physical evidence is there, even the confession, this vic must be a dead sister!

     "Ahhhh... my Xiaotong sauce! Where's my fifty-meter-long knife?"

     "Kill Vic! Take back Xiaotong sauce!"

     "Take me one!"


     Liu Zilang took the time to cut out the barrage, and suddenly the corner of his eyes twitched again.

     This Fat Sister is really a "rhythm master"!

     Several people teased while licking their bags, and the atmosphere was happily alive.

     At this moment, the map suddenly became red.

     Liu Zilang opened the map and looked at it.

      It should be noted, they are now at the very edge of the safe zone, but even so, the bombing zone now covers them firmly in the center.

     He wondered in his heart that maybe there were more people robbing airdrops in this area just now, and he brought the bombing area over.

     "Almost leave, the bombing zone is coming."

     After a while, Liu Zilang couldn't help but urged."Huh? But there are still two boxes over there." Zhang Xiaotong said somewhat reluctant to part with.

     "I have it here too!" Fa Jie raised her hand.

     Then she relieved everyone, "It’s okay, danger lurks within the riches and honour! This bombing zone is actually very difficult to bomb people. If it does, you can buy lottery tickets in reality. The principle is actually dead. It's common to use tainted milk powder to strengthen weapons before putting knives."

     Sin also reluctantly walked around a box, yelling "wait wait!"

     Seeing this scene, Liu Zilang couldn't help corner of the mouth twitch.

     Oh, woman.