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125 Wei Shen Joined The Team! (Seeking Monthly Pass)
    Chinese Name: 落地一把98K  Author: Iced子夜(Iced zǐyè, Iced Midnight)
    Original: www.qidian.com | Translator: NineTalesFox.com

Actually, Liu Zilang felt a little surprised.

     Because that was his first time.

     When he was taken by Chen Zhifei to play PUBG for the first time in an Internet cafe, he finally met a very powerful player in the finals.

     After eating the chicken, I heard from people around me that that person seemed to be Wei Shen.

     Later, Liu Zilang also learned that Wei Shen is a new generation of talented fps player who changed from LOL to PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds. He is now the captain of 4a. He is known for his clear thinking, strong commanding ability, and fast reaction speed at mid-to-short range.

     Speaking of it, he seemed to have robbed the two heads of Wei Shen, and the last two even came to the "Battle of Tianwang Mountain" in the finals.

     At that time, he blindly hit Wei Shen with his second shot, and Wei Shen also made careless mistakes in his pressure gun shot, which allowed him to successfully 35 kills and eat the chicken...

     But Liu Zilang didn't expect to meet again here tonight. This is really fate!


     Wei Shen didn't think so. He was looking at Liu Zilang, and he sent a message to Sister Fa to join him when he saw that they were missing someone.

     At this moment, after the three of them greeted, Sister Fa quickly introduced Liu Zilang, "Hehe, God Wei, you don't have to work too hard today, there is still one strong player in our team, Xiaotongjiang's brother Vic."

     "Xiaotongjiang's brother?"

     Wei Shen couldn't help but feel somewhat astonished.

     He just watched the live broadcast just in the second half, and didn't know the relationship between Liu Zilang and Zhang Xiaotong.After being surprised, Wei Shen smiled and greeted him again, "Hello, we should have met your id before, don't you know if you remember me? He was headshot by two shots at the time. It was amazing."

     When Liu Zilang heard Wei Shen actively mentioning this, he couldn’t help but smiled, “Of course I remember, the wheat field finals, ha ha, I had to accept it, that was the first time I played this game, I didn’t expect Just eat chicken."

     "Playing this game for the first time?"

     When Wei Shen heard this, he was shocked.

     His first reaction is that this person is playing the game.

     But after another thought, people

     Home this kind of technology is there, in the current major teams of PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds, it is enough and to spare to enter any professional team, it is not necessary at all.

      Thought until here, Wei Shen couldn't help but try to ask, "Brother, have you been exposed to fps games before?"

     "Well, played a period of time csgo." Liu Zilang replied.

     Hearing Liu Zilang's words, Wei Shen had a bottom in his heart.

     Of course, as a person who has been in the e-sports professional circle for so long, Wei Shen clearly knows that Liu Zilang is absolutely impossible just playing a period of time.

     But right now the two talents have just met, and Wei Shen also knows the truth of talk intimately while being comparative strangers, and will not ask too much at this time.

     Thinking of the explanation given by coach Long Shenjue just now, Wei Shen decided to wait for the next game to play together, and he would look for another opportunity to observe.

      another aspect, as Wei Shen himself.Years of professional player career has allowed him to develop a heart that will never admit defeat, so in addition to observation, he also has a higher mindset.

     Of course, killing teammates does not exist.

     But it can be compared to who killed more in this game!

      Thought until here, Wei Shen couldn't help but quietly open a quiz in his live broadcast room.

     It is the result of Douyu's game wins and losses through the anchor, allowing the audience to place bets with the fish balls in their hands.

     "Sister Fa can kill people in this game?"

     "Can Xiaotongjiang survive this game to the end?"

     "Can I get more head kills than vic in this game?"

     Each of these three quizzes has two bet answers, yes and no.

     As soon as Wei Shen's quiz came out, the audience in the 7911 live room began to discuss it.

     "Can Sister Fa kill someone? Puff! This quiz is a bit heartbreaking!"

     "Xiaotongjiang should have no big problem in the end, right? Find a place to get down won't it be fine?"

     "The 1000-hour Lao Yinbi of Asian servers tells you from personal experience that sometimes you get hit by a car when you get down!"

     "Is this vic so powerful? Isn't it the last time we stole Wei Shen a chicken? I don't care! This time I will dominate Wei Shen!"

     "Go out! All the 200,000 fish balls are worthy of Wei Shen to win! Wei Jiangchi! 7911upup!"

     "Wow! Local tyrant! I also shuttled! The optimistic family will never be slaves!"


     After Wei Shen started the quiz, he took time out to sneak a peek at the eye pressure.In the previous two quizzes about Fa Jie and Zhang Xiaotong, people who can and can't pressure are almost half-and-half, but they are nothing good.

     However, when Wei Shen saw the last quiz, the corners of his mouth couldn't help but smile.

     Almost 90% of the audience who participated in the quiz in the live broadcast room pressed him to kill more.

     With less than 10% of people, Liu Zilang's kills in this game were even more.

     And many of these people see that the odds of being overwhelmed are too high, and want to take the opportunity to see if they can be upset, Make money or something...

     Actually think about it, after all, this is Wei Shen's live broadcast room. More people who support him are also classified as ordinary. If most people can win against Liu Zilang, then it is really a ghost.


     After Chen Yifa pulled Wei Shen into the team, the four of them called the start, and the game was quickly queued.

     During the waiting time in the Quality Plaza, Wei Shen smiled and said that he had just opened the game in the anchor room.

     Chen Yifa and Zhang Xiaotong expressed strong protests and dissatisfaction after hearing Wei Shen's guess.

     The two quickly made a firm resolution. This game must make those audiences who can't overwhelm them lose everything one invested and go directly to the rooftop.

     Only Liu Zilang heard Wei Shen's words and suddenly licked his lips, probed, "Wei Shen, what is your live room number?"

     "Huh? 7911, What happened?" Wei Shen was taken aback.

     "Well... I have some fish balls in my hand recently." Liu Zilang said embarrassedly, "Listening to what you said... it seems that the odds of overwhelming me are quite high, and I want to go over Times."Hearing what Liu Zilang said, Wei Shen couldn't help corner of the mouth twitch, and for the first time he doubted his previous judgment.

     What about the great demeanor?

     As a master, even if you bet this time, you should be confident that you can win that's right!

     Where is this?

     This is not shameless anymore!

     This Nima is a bare naked trader!

     At the same time, Zhang Xiaotong in yy's voice was full of black lines after hearing Liu Zilang's words.

     She just ran to the Wei Shen live broadcast room secretly, and crushed all the fish balls in the bag. Liu Zilang could win.

     Unexpectedly, in this blink of an eye, Liu Zilang wanted to sell herself and her...

      Thought until here, Zhang Xiaotong couldn't help but be lightly snorted, and said, "I thought you were very good, but I didn't expect to meet a really good master and I would be stunned!"


     Is this being despised by the little girl?

     Liu Zilang was taken aback for a moment, and suddenly felt a feeling of congestion...

     At this moment, the picture on the quality square changed.

     The game started.