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128 Catapult Start, Rocket Jump! (Seeking Subscription For Monthly Pass)
    Chinese Name: 落地一把98K  Author: Iced子夜(Iced zǐyè, Iced Midnight)
    Original: | Translator:

Of course it cannot be a py transaction.

     In fact, the deal Liu Zilang said was to exchange Wei Shen who was kneeling on the ground with the "Husband and Wife Couple Worship" and the person who was knocked down by him, so as to prevent the two sides from stiffening, and they would make up for each other's teammates. .

     Hearing what Liu Zilang said, silent for a moment on the other side seemed to be considering feasibility.

     After a while, it seemed that Liu Zilang's proposal was accepted there.

     One person said, "Well, they crawl to the middle first, then crawl back separately, and no one is allowed to shoot before they climb back."

     After making this "gentleman agreement", they knelt on the ground, together with Wei Shen and the man, moved towards the middle.

     They all fell to the ground for the first time, but no need to be worried and bleeding to death.

     At the moment, it seems that the only thing to worry about is that other teams that are nearby will come over at what time.

     Of course, this is just what it looks like.

     Because the two people on the ground had just begun to crawl, Liu Zilang suddenly heard a "zheng" in his ear.

     It's the sound of grenades pulling strings!

     Kneeling on the ground and crawling forward, Wei Shen heard the movement behind his buttocks and immediately reminded him loudly, "Be careful, that's better than thundering!"

     As soon as he finished speaking, a grenade was thrown from behind the wooden box towards the door!

     The person who threw the thunder on the opposite side said triumphantly among everyone, "Haha, treat me as a silly beep, can we fight if you help God Wei up?"

      At the same time, the grenade also drew a parabola in the air and rolled toward the aisle of the K-shaped building.

     Thunder nut!What has to say is that the thunder on the opposite side was really thrown very sinister!

     At this time, Liu Zilang, who was stuck behind the door, was left with a barbed wire fence, basically unable to avoid the thunder horizontally.

     If you run backward through the walkway, it will be dead end when passing thunder.

     He was left with the only choice in front of him, only to come out from behind the door, but it was obviously the muzzles of the two opposite people who greeted him.

      Between Lightning Spark, Liu Zilang's head quickly reacted!

     Since you can't resist this thunder, you can't avoid it from behind.

     Then he must go out!

     Behind the wooden box at the front door of the K-shaped building,

     After the thunder was thrown, the two got stuck behind the box and stared at the door.

     "Brother, you threw this thunder a bit cheating!"

     "It's okay, thanks to your reminder, otherwise I just wanted to let God Wei pass."

     "We got cold after letting God Wei go over, and his squirt is too bad for Nima!"

     At this moment, a figure suddenly rushed out from behind the door!


     The two people behind the wooden box suddenly mind shook, almost at the same time leaning forward and raising their guns!

     Da da!

     The clinker gunshots just sounded, just listen to with a bang sound!

     In the next moment, the scene of dumbstruck by everyone on the scene appeared!

     I saw Liu Zilang rushing out of the back door with the s12k suddenly volleyed into the air. While avoiding the blast, he flew over the box and flew over the faces of the two men!

     This Nima is a rocket jump?

     Seeing this panic-stricken scene, the two people behind the box suddenly became ill!

     boom!The fire in the air flashed, and countless shotguns came head-on!

     Before the muzzle of one person could be pulled up, he suddenly fell to the ground!

     "Vic123 used s12k to knock down the black-hearted bamboo mouse merchant!"

     The person next to him was startled immediately, and he quickly pulled the gun!

     However, his muzzle was only halfway there,

     Liu Zilang, who was slightly paused after landing, had already completed a 90-degree pull gun in an instant!

     Just hearing a "bang" sound, the black hole of s12k spouted a strong firework again!

     The next moment, the last remaining person on the opposite side looked at Liu Zilang’s muzzle with an incredulous face.

     Immediately fell to the ground!

     "Vic123 used s12k headshot to kill a young death!"

     "How much is a pound of pig meat killed by vic123 using s12k!"

     "Vic123 used s12k to kill the black-hearted bamboo mouse merchant!"


      how can it be?


     Seeing the scarlet fonts scrolled out on the screen, even many viewers who watched Liu Zilang's first perspective in the live broadcast room were a little confused!

     Many people only saw Liu Zilang rushing out from behind the door,

     Bang sound behind,

     Most of his blood dropped instantly,

     Then, from the perspective of everyone in the live broadcast room, they flew with Liu Zilang.

     Then, it was this incredible wave of "two shots in the air"!

     Kill one person with one spray,

     Don't even breathe!

     Suddenly, the barrage in the live broadcast room suddenly boiled."Damn, is this a legendary rocket jump?"

     "What a rocket jump! Don't bully me for studying less! This is obviously the start of Nima's catapult!"

     "666, this vic's reaction is too fast! This wave is really beautiful!"

     "I won't talk about the headshot of the gun just now, just shoot it! I saved the fish balls for half a year that I wanted to give to the young lady in the face value area, now they are all for you!"

     "I'm taking the shuttle too! Vic is really awesome! What young lady do you look at? Just look at vic's hands!"

     "Brother in front, I'm afraid Vic's hand won't satisfy you!"

     In the game,

     After being helped up, Wei Shen licked a first aid kit and was squatting to fight medicine. He recalled the scene just now, and suddenly looked at Liu Zilang who had finished the medicine and was looking at Liu Zilang in the a-shaped building.

      It should be noted, Wei Shen in PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds this was originally so one of the few professional players known for their excellent on-site reaction ability.

     But even though he was as strong as Wei Shen, he never thought of using the grenade thrown by his opponent to do whats the matter.

     Throw something like a grenade over,

     Don't run,

     Keep it to die?

     However, in the wave of Liu Zilang just now, even the grenade thrown by his opponent can be turned into his own use.

     This kind of on-the-spot reaction and contingency thinking, Nima is a bit inhuman!

      thought until here, Wei Shen couldn't help but took a deep breath.


     There seems to be something more than this

     At this time, the audience in the Wei Shen live room was shocked and speechless, but for a while, they couldn't accept it!Especially those who block all the net worth in the quiz and pressure Wei Shen to win.

     Seeing Liu Zilang's four single kills, on the other hand, the number of kills on Wei Shen's side was still zero. Suddenly, there was an urge to book an in-field ticket on the rooftop!

     "Turtle! This vic is too beautiful!"

     "Knock you! Die pig head and look at others! Labor-capital fish balls!"

     "Haha, you deserve bankruptcy for your black-hearted bamboo mouse merchants!"

     "I don't think Wei Shen can be blamed for this wave. The main reason is that the bullet picking body is too weird."

     "This is just the beginning, it's okay! Wei Jiang, come on! Fuck you Xiaoguanguan! 嘤嘤嘤"

     "7911upup, the optimistic family will never be slaves!"


     On the K-shaped building, after Wei Shen was full of blood, the two went to the third small factory and glanced at first.

     The two people who jumped over there are already gone. You should see that there are too many people in the K-Floor. First go to the A-Floor and meet your teammates.

     And at this moment, Wei Shen's murderous intent was full of blood.

     When the two walked outside the wall of Building A, they heard footsteps inside, and Wei Shen, who was holding a handful of 16, went straight in!

     It's time to show real technology!