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132 Scientists And Inventors! (Third More)
    Chinese Name: 落地一把98K  Author: Iced子夜(Iced zǐyè, Iced Midnight)
    Original: | Translator:

"Damn it! It's time to prove yourself!"

     "Come on Wei Jiang! You are the fattest!"

     "Chong Chong Chong! This wave is a chance to win back the head count!"

     "Hey, hey! Wait for a wave of solo extermination! Return of the King!"


     Seeing Wei Shen approaching the elevated, the audience in the live broadcast room became excited, cheering for Wei Shen!

     Wei Shen raised his head and glanced at the elevated position, sneered at the corner of his mouth, "This group is much better than just hitting me, now it's up to me."

     With Liu Zilang holding a gun on the A-shaped floor, he no longer has the fears of trouble in the rear. After arriving at the elevated side ladder, holding the gun for a while, he rushed up the stairs on the left.

     At this moment, after the man on the elevated bridge was pulled up.

     The four of them were lying on the ground like caterpillars, and no one dared to stand up anymore.

     Hearing the footsteps on the side ladder, several people also complexion changed one after another!

     This Nima really dare to come up!

     "It's okay, it's okay! His one person, we will kill him tenderly when he comes up!" said one person viciously.

     Another person worried, "What should I do with the 98k below? That comparison is too accurate!"

     Upon hearing this, everyone suddenly heart cooled!

     At this moment, the person who just stood on the elevated "wagging his head in a high-spirited manner" has been helped up.

     Hearing what a few people said, he pondered.

     Then he seriously summed up his experience and said, "I understand! I didn't move just now, so you can't tilt your head! You have to move!"

     One person just wanted to refute it, but this time the footsteps on the left side of the stairs are getting closer and closer.It was obviously impossible to lie there like a caterpillar now, so a few people quickly got up.

      dā dā dā dā!

     Seeing the figure at the entrance of the stairs, several people immediately shot at that side!


     The clinker was at this moment, and I only heard the familiar gunshots from a distance and remembered it again.

     Several people have heard about it!

     On the far left side of the elevated bridge, I saw the person who had just summed up his experience climbed up and fell down before he had time to practice.

     "Fuck! Why is it me again!"

     The corner of the man's eyes twitched, and he wanted to hit the pillar to death.

      At the same time, he yelled, "Take me, pull me! I'm down."

     His hasn't even finished his sentence, Wei Shen, who was lying down on the left side of the elevated stairs, suddenly got up, and a burst of 16-three bursts of "sudden" bursts directly filled him!

     The man choked in his mouth and almost spewed out a mouthful of blood.

     Seeing this, the other three were also a little embarrassed.

     This Nima

     The face of my brother in front of oneself has been patched up, it is simply unbearable!

     "Fight! Mang him! Fuck this dog to death!" one person shouted.

     The other person also cheered up the team, "We don't believe him with three guns anymore! Please remember not to get stuck in the hallway later."

     "Well, if you want to go, just face it! We can still pull it when we are dead. If we get stuck, we won't have to fight."

     "no problem!"

     The three of them communicated.

     Immediately, they were holding their guns like a special attack team, shooting at the stairs in turn while charging, forming a continuous cross Firepower Suppression and Wei Shen appeared.It looks like there is something

     In this case, Wei Shen's head is not iron.

     Seeing the three people on the opposite side obstinate like this, they rushed over well-trained.

     He immediately retreat in order to advance, stepped back down a flight of stairs, and got stuck on the corner.

     After the three rushed to the stairs, they saw Wei Shen retreating, and their morale was immediately boosted. They immediately rushed down the stairs to pursue the victory.

     Who ever thought that the three of them had just walked down the stairs halfway down, only to hear a "bang" in the distance!

     The next moment, rushing to the front side suddenly staggered and knelt down on the stairs.

     The two following were rushing forward, and one did not react, and the three immediately got stuck together.

     "Grass, what are you doing, don't block us!"

     "Nima's labor was knocked down! You think I want to!"

     "Then you have to hurry up a little bit! Hurry up! Don't hold your butt against us!"


     Wei Shen, who was stuck in the corner, couldn't help eyes twitched when he heard the gunshots.

     He subconsciously glanced at the line of knockdown prompts swiped at the bottom left of the screen, but didn't say much this time.

     no way!

     It is true that Liu Zilang's shots must be hit every time, and there are no false shots, which has made him numb.

     Now Liu Zilang estimates that even if he takes a 98k camera to headshot a person on the mountain two kilometers away, it is estimated that Wei Shen will not have too many psychological fluctuations.

     However, when he was stuck in the corner, he glanced at the situation above and found the three people stuck in the corridor, but his eyes twitched.

     What the hell?

     These few ratios are too much for Nima!But since the other party gave the opportunity, Wei Shen naturally nothing else is polite.

     I saw Wei Shen in the corridor immediately, holding 16 in his hand for three bursts of madness.

     "Da da da"

     "Da Da"

     The two people in the middle of the corridor also hurriedly returned their guns.

     But under normal circumstances, they may not be able to just pass Wei Shen, let alone in this "three-person conjoined" deformity.

      In only one round, the person in the middle fell down again.

     However, Thus, it made the person behind him break free.

     The man had just been shot by Wei Shen, and his blood volume was dissatisfied. In this case, he had no confidence to fight Wei Shen.

     If you are running back towards the top at this time,

     It's absolutely impossible to run up!

     In a hurry, he actually jumped over the railing on the corridor before Wei Shen's gun was pulled over, and jumped directly off the elevated!

     And at the moment when he jumped, the person in the sky looked at this height, and suddenly the whole one shivers!

     At this moment, he wished he could drill a hole in his skull! !

     as expected.

     The next moment, a system kill prompt was quickly brushed out.

     "I love Mengmei and fell to death!"

     Seeing this scene, Wei Shen was also a little confused.

     Does the heart say you are better than you?

     Am I so scary?

     The countless viewers in the live broadcast room were even more stunned!

     "That buddy jumped down?"

     "Turtle! This Nima is too real!""Woo woo woo, Douyu Wei Jiang is sorrowful, forcing Mengmei to jump off the building."

     "It's not a building, it's an elevated one! But Wei Shen's head is still lagging behind, hehe, I feel that someone will go to the rooftop after this fight."

     "Wait for a scene to reappear!"

     "This Nima is not what I said, Vic is too accurate!"

     "That's right, the machine is aimed at moving the target at a distance of 98k for a headshot, and there is more than one shot. This is really a humanoid self-propelled lock."

     "What kind of human-shaped self-propelled lock hanger? According to my analysis, vic is a high-tech human body recognition muscle induction targeting hanger, brain implanted, and purely manual lock lock. It is conservatively estimated that it is at least one week ahead of the current technological level. "

     "666, it's justified and convincing!"

     "Don't leave the humanoid self-propelled hanger. I have seen this kind of hanger. It is indeed super-tech and can escape the detection of Tencent's plug-in. This is difficult for even current scientists and inventors to do."

     In the end, the audience in the live broadcast room seemed to be pushed open the door of New World's.

     For a time, the stalk of Douyu's "vic human body implant plug-in" gradually spread in the live broadcast rooms of PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds.