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140 Brother And Sister Dafa! (Fourth More)
    Chinese Name: 落地一把98K  Author: Iced子夜(Iced zǐyè, Iced Midnight)
    Original: www.qidian.com | Translator: NineTalesFox.com

In the live broadcast room, many viewers who watched Turaf’s first perspective were also shocked!

     "Wow! That person was too fast just now!"

     "Are you the new anchor of the enemy station? Does anyone remember what Rong Ye said just now? I'll take a look."

     "It seems to be called vic, I'll go see it too."

     "Don't look at it, I just came from over there. I am the new anchor of Douyu's face value area."

     "What? The face value area? Is it the young lady from the enemy station who just played the picture? I was shocked!"

     "What little sister! It's a man, but he has pretty hands, and he can play for a year visually."


     In the game, Wei Shen, who touched the first cloud of smoke, cut out another smoke bomb, and went in the direction of City P.

      At the same time, he asked in his voice, "Did you get the shot?"

     His location is a bit close to City P, blocked by the middle building, and can't see the tall buildings far away.

      "Un." Liu Zilang shrugged the shoulders, "But it didn't fall, that person's third-level head. Now it is estimated that the medicine and drink should have been taken, and the blood is almost full."

      When he spoke until here, Liu Zilang added, "There are two people upstairs, both of them are tertiary heads. They can't make up if they fall down. The opposite side can be pulled up soon."

     Hearing Liu Zilang's words, Wei Shen hesitated for a moment, still couldn't help but opens the mouth to ask, "Some of them are pulling to the side. There should be only those two upstairs. Can you kill one of them? Wait for them. When people are people, I directly touched a point and dropped their long-range gun point."

     After Wei Shunzhen just exported, he couldn't help shook the head.The reaction was that Liu Zilang's brilliant performance in this game made him take it for granted.

     With two third-level heads on the opposite side, it is still possible for Liu Zilang to hold the ultimate sniper a.

     98k words

     Still a little reluctant.

     Looking at the situation on the court, Wei Shen's thoughts flowed in his mind, thinking about the next response.

     The clinker was just then, and Liu Zilang's voice suddenly came.

     "It should be possible, but Xiaotong's cooperation is needed."

     Hearing what Liu Zilang said, Wei Shen couldn't help but feel somewhat uncertain.

     Zhang Xiaotong panicked even more, and said somewhat anxious, "Ah? Why do you need me?"

     "Because Sister Fa doesn't have a high power lens."

     The corner of Liu Zilang's mouth cocked, and he glanced at Zhang Xiaotong's eightfold 98k behind his back, said with a smile, "Didn't you also take 98k? Don't want to take a shot?"


     Zhang Xiaotong heard this utmost feeling in the heart, so nervous, his mouth opened and closed.

     She wanted to say "I can't" in her heart, but found it hard to speak out again.

     At this moment, Liu Zilang said with a smile, "If you do, I believe you."

     Hearing Liu Zilang's words, Zhang Xiaotong's heart suddenly trembled, and then said like a mosquito.

     "That's right, don't worry, the other party won't move and fights well. Remember, hit the one who wears the same clothes as you."

     After saying this, Liu Zilang rushed out of the car very quickly.

     p city tall buildings.

     Seeing Liu Zilang appear, he was taken aback by Turaf and Obang.Immediately the two held up their guns at the same time and opened the sights instantly!

     Obang was holding a four-fold 4, and after he set up the gun, there was a burst of single shots with extremely fast hand speed.

      dā dā dā!

     In an instant, I saw 4's muzzle spit out, and nearly 10 lasing bullets were fired in just one breath.

     But Liu Zilang, who rushed out from the back of the car, moved quite snake-skinned, and his body style was flashing left and right to evade, surprisingly strange.

     Obang fired a dozen shots in an instant, only one shot.

     Facing Liu Zilang's incomparably moving target with snakeskin, Turaf on the side held his breath.

     The quasi-center of eight times 24 is locked in advance of about half a meter in front of Liu Zilang.

     But what Turaf didn't know was when he was looking at Liu Zilang.

     Zhang Xiaotong in the wheat field also poked his head carefully from the back of the car, holding up 98k.

     After she opened the lens, her sight trembled for a while, and then tremblingly dragged it onto Turaf’s third-level head.

     In the next instant, Turaf, who was looking at Liu Zilang, suddenly eyes narrowed and pulled the trigger instantly!


     A gunshot!

     There was a dull crash in the barrel of the 24,

     A shot of 762 sniper rifle shot out from the muzzle!

     And just at this instant, Liu Zilang, who was running on the wheat field, suddenly jumped and spun!

     If the angle of view can be slowed down at this time, I am afraid that everyone will be extremely surprised to see that the 24 sniper bullet was actually past Liu Zilang's armpit!

     Spin jump,

     But he didn't close his eyes.At the moment of landing, Liu Zilang's hand did not know when there was an extra 98k!

     Open the mirror in an instant, shot out!

      Between Lightning Spark, I saw a 762 sniper bullet suddenly shot out in the unique clear shot of 98k!

     And almost at the same time, there was a familiar gunshot from behind the car on the wheat field!



     In an instant, two sniper bullets flew across the wheat field at extreme speed from different directions,

     Then in a flash, different routes to the same destination hit the third-level head of Turaf on the tall building!

     next moment,

     A System Notification flashes out from the bottom left of the screen.

     "Xiaotongjiang used kar98k headshot to knock down tovelogod!"

     Seeing this scene, countless viewers in the live broadcast room were shocked!

     "Fuck! Is Turaf on the opposite side?"

     "You know? I've been to Turaf's live broadcast room long ago."

     "Oh my God! Vic's jump can be too beautiful!"

     "Tianxiu! And it's so cute!"

     "Wait! The head is actually from Xiaotongjiang. This is unscientific!"

     "You are still too young! Vic is the ultimate sister! Help Xiaotongjiang pad the knife!"

     "Speaking of vic and Xiaotongjiang in this wave of cooperation, what is there to say?"

     "Uh, siblings combined marksmanship? Or combined marksmanship"

     "Zej presented the anchor with a rocket-fit is okay, I think it's ok!"

     "Teacher a Wolf presents a rocket to the anchor-brother and sister Dafa is good!"


     In the game, Zhang Xiaotong took a look for a long time.After the shot was fired, she squatted down quickly, her heart fluctuating.

     But the next moment, when she saw the System Notification at the bottom left of the screen, she couldn't help being slightly surprised, and then it turned into a huge surprise!

     "Wow! I hit!" Zhang Xiaotong shouted happily in her voice.

     "Not bad not bad!" Liu Zilang smiled.

     Chen Yifa doesn't have a high-power lens, so he can only be observant.

     She originally thought Zhang Xiaotong would be empty with this shot, but she didn't expect to hit it.

     "Is the opposite side very delicious?"

     Seeing this, Chen Yifa a thought flashed through the mind, cannot help but laugh squintingly and said, "Xiaotong, let me use the eight-fold mirror, and I will try it too."

      This time, Wei Shen suddenly said, "This team seems to be Turaf and Rongye."


     Hearing this name, Chen Yifa's words suddenly choked in his throat.

      It should be noted, at the beginning of the Douyu Golden Grand Prix, who only shouted "Tulaf" in the game, many others would be scared and flee!

     As the anchor of Douyu's host zone, Chen Yifa has certainly heard about it.

      At this time, she looked at the System Notification at the bottom left of the screen again, and she was shocked.

     It's full of Xiaotongjiang's headshot that Turaf?

     As for Wei Shen, who touched the edge of P City in front, he did not have time to comment on Zhang Xiaotong's shot.

     Because at the moment when the gunshot of the tall building in front stopped, after judging that the opponent might be helping someone, he held the gun and rushed over the tall building directly.