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141 Shocked And Frightened? (First) Ask For Monthly Pass
    Chinese Name: 落地一把98K  Author: Iced子夜(Iced zǐyè, Iced Midnight)
    Original: | Translator:

On the side, Lord Rong and Da Mu in Turaf’s team have been pulled halfway.

      The original plan was that after they pulled over, they formed a cross fire with Tulav Obang on the tall building, and did not give Liu Zilang and others on the wheat field the opportunity to use a car as a shelter.

     But unexpectedly, at this time, Turaf, who had been holding the wheat field, fell to the ground in an instant.

     "Obang, be careful, someone went to your place."

     "It's downstairs already, hit someone before it's too late!"

     In the team chat voice, Lord Rong and Damu shouted somewhat anxiously.

      At the same time, they did not pull the thoughts of the past, but quickly returned to defense and support.

     After all, if there is no pressure from Turaf on the tall building, they will even be able to draw it.

     The people behind the cart in the wheat field can also turn to the side of the cart again as a shelter, and the situation will freeze again.

     At this distance, the two sides can only rely on a sniper duel.

     Thinking of this, Rong Ye and Da Mu's hearts sank again.

     Because their sniper had already died in the duel just now.


     Obang stopped shooting almost at that moment when Turaf was sniped down. When Turaf climbed to a slightly safer place, he immediately squatted down to help.

     But the next moment, he heard the footsteps from downstairs and the exclamation of two teammates, and he became vigilant in his heart.

      At the same time, Wei Shen downstairs has rushed closer.

     He did not rush to attack the building, but cut out a grenade.

     Pull the strings!

     Warm up!

     321!Wei Shen raised his hand and threw the grenade toward the top of the tall building.

     But since they are not clear about the distance between the two people after they fell to the ground, Wei Shen's thunder only belongs to "to toss a stone to find out what's ahead", not that it must blow people up.

     Next moment, with a bang sound!

      After the smoke was cleared, there was no kill prompt. It was obvious that Wei Shen's thunder was thrown in the wrong position.

     After seeing the thunder exploding on the roof of the building, obang on the roof, even if he was lucky enough to not be affected by the explosion, he was shocked.

     He hurriedly stopped pulling people, and immediately opened the door on the roof, letting Turaf, who was kneels down on the ground, climb down the corridor first.

     At the same time, in his hand also cut out a thunder.

     Blow me up?

     When I have no temper?


     Wei Shen downstairs also had a point c in his heart.

     After all, the space on the roof is so big, if the opposite side is still on the roof, it is impossible to move quickly when knocked down.

     Since one range has just been excluded, try the other side.

      there's nothing about it is a grenade unable to solve the problem,

     If so, then two.

     In Wei Shen's view, it would be best if this wave could be killed directly, and the instability caused by attacking buildings was also eliminated.

     After all, this game he also opened a quiz, if at this time rushed to death, it would be directly made up.

     In terms of the number of kills currently on the field, it is basically impossible for him to surpass Liu Zilang.

      Thought until here, a thunder was cut out in Wei Shen's hand again.He prayed for a while in his heart, and then directly pulled the string to warm up.

     But at the same time, what Wei Shen didn’t know was,

     On the edge of the building, obang is doing the same thing.

     next moment,

     God Wei's grenade threw it towards the roof.

     In the picture, I saw the grenades that were thrown high up in the air.

     However, at that moment when I was about to reach the top of the building, I saw another grenade suddenly thrown down.

     Hurry up!

     On the edge of the building, two thunders collided together unexpectedly!

     The thunder that Wei Shen threw up was hit on the other side.

     But the thunder thrown by obang himself on the roof was pretended to bounce up!

     Downstairs, after Wei Shen finished throwing the second thunder.

     He didn't see the result, but people had already rushed out from opening the door.

     Because if this thunder directly kills the opponent, of course it is good.

     And if it doesn’t kill, it also illustrates a problem.

     That is, the other party has climbed down from the top of the building.

      Thus, the other side must have not brought anyone to come to me, so Wei Shen even wanted to seize the moment to rush in.

      has to say, Wei Shen's thinking has always been clear and sharp in this kind of mid-to-close combat IQ!

     But then,

     When Wei Shen pushed the door and rushed in, there was a loud sound from the roof!

     The sound is very crisp,

     Very loud,

     Also very real

     But Wei Shen has played PUBG for so long, but he has almost never heard a similar sound.Hearing this voice, Wei Shen felt puzzled.

     But the next moment, something that made Wei Shen even more puzzled happened.

     Just listen to the roof with a bang sound!

     It exploded, and a line of System Notification appeared at the bottom left of the screen.

     "Obang used a grenade to blow up himself!"

     what's the situation?

     Even if you want to blow up, you should be killed by me, right?

     How did he blow himself up?

     Could it be Oolong Thunder?

     After rushing into the building, Wei Shen, who was about to rush up the stairs, was stunned.

     And in the live broadcast room at this moment, I saw this scene in front of me.

     Many viewers also didn't react, and for a while they were confused!

     "Fuck, oh great what is this situation? How did you blow yourself up?"

     "Turtle! This is too beautiful, you will be thundered if you make a difference!"

     "Is Wei Jiang currently already so formidable? You can already scare your opponents to thunder! Buzz Buzz, lift high!"

     "By the way, didn't you hear the voice just now?"

     "I heard it, but it's really a strange sound. I have never heard it in the game."


     In fact, it's no wonder everyone hasn't heard of it. After all, the grenade is so small, and the collision of two grenades in the air is only theoretical.

     If you take a test, you have to say that you will demonstrate the pan-to-thunder. After being proficient, it is estimated that you can succeed two or three times in ten times.

     But the demonstration of "receiving thunder with thunder",

     The degree of difficulty is really not that big, and it may not be possible to succeed once out of ten times.In the game, Wei Shen went up the corridor and saw Tulav and Obang kneels down on the ground in the corridor and on the roof.

     "Hey hey, can you hear me?" Wei Shen asked from everyone.

     "Hmm, Wei Shen? Hello."

     Turaf, who is pure-hearted, is very polite, even when he is kneeling.

     But now obang, who has just experienced this bizarre scene, is sluggish!

     After hearing Wei Shen's words, he couldn't help but said ill-humoredly, "I heard and heard, don't buy pork head meat."

     ""Wei Shen.

     Who is selling pork head meat!

     But listening to obang's tone, it seems that things are not that simple.

     Wei Shen cannot help but laugh, "Is pork head meat so unpalatable? Don't buy it or thunder yourself!"

     Upon hearing the words "Zilei", Obang's eyes twitched, and the audience in his live broadcast room almost laughed.

      What can imagine is, if this wave is not explained clearly.

     Once this matter is spread out, the title must be "hear the wind and lose gall! Obang meets Wei Shen in the passerby and thunders directly!"

      Thought until here, obang couldn't help but feel painful again.

     When the atmosphere in the building was happy, Lord Rong and Da Mu, who were pulled to the side outside the building, quickly returned to defense and support.

      At the same time, Liu Zilang in the wheat field asked Chen Yifa and Zhang Xiaotong to help "set up guns."

     He was holding an ak and quietly came to the only way back for the two opposite people.
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