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    Chinese Name: 落地一把98K  Author: Iced子夜(Iced zǐyè, Iced Midnight)
    Original: www.qidian.com | Translator: NineTalesFox.com

In the densely distributed city of P, Lord Rong and Damu quickly shuttled through the alley with guns.

     Suddenly, Da Mu heard faint footsteps coming from the corner of the two-story house in front of him.

     "There seems to be someone in front." Da Muzhong frowned.

     "Be careful." Lord Rong couldn't help but cautiously said, "The one who rushed the building is God Wei, and the people in the wheat fields may also come here."

     Immediately, the two of them vigilantly stuck to the wall, and pulled the other to the left, stuck in their vision, glanced at the place where the sound just came.

     Then I was somewhat surprised to find that the back corner was empty, not even a ghost.

      what's going on?

     Did you just hear it wrong?

     Listen to your own footsteps as someone else's?

     The doubts in the eyes of Da Mu and Rong Ye.


     A door opening sounded.

     Da Mu's ears moved slightly against the wall and suddenly shouted loudly, "Someone! It's in the house next to me! He just entered the door, and he heard his steps.

     "Be careful around." Rong Ye quickly leaned over.

     He listened carefully, and sure enough, he heard a clear footstep coming from the room.

     At this moment, Lord Rong and Damu, who were leaning against the wall, both hesitated.

     They originally wanted to go back as soon as possible to rescue Turaf and Obang, who had not been replaced, but in this case, if the people in the house are not cleared.

     Even if they walked around temporarily, there was still a person hanging behind them, and they could easily catch fire in their buttocks.Just when both of them were a little hesitant, the sound of their feet on the floor in the room came again!


     "He's upstairs!" As soon as he heard his footsteps, Lord Rong quickly reacted, "I guess we knew that we found him, and wanted to lock the room and wait for us to attack!"

     Da Mu looked up at the window on the second floor, cut out a thunder in his hand, and sneered, "I'll attack a chicken feather and watch me give him a big guy!"

     As he said, he backed up a few steps, then raised his arm to the window.

     With a thumb in your hand, pops the safety!

     The clinker was at this moment, and a figure jumped out the window to the extreme, to drop from the sky!

     This person is naturally Liu Zilang undoubtedly!

      dā dā dā!

     Before Liu Zilang fell to the ground, the ak in his hand expelled a tongue of fire, and countless bullets were blasted out of the muzzle frantically.

     Before the thunder in Da Mu's hand could be thrown out, the bullet shot by Liu Zilang hit his head and body, instantly kneels down on the ground.

     The Lord Rong on the side is not too slow to react.

     At the moment Liu Zilang jumped out of the window, he quickly raised his gun and aimed it, and started shooting.

     However, Liu Zilang is now landing freely, and his position is constantly changing. This wave of Rong Ye's sweeping aim is inevitably affected.

     But after Liu Zilang swept down Da Mu in a blink of an eye, he was sharp-eyed and deft-handed sliding the mouse and pulling it!

     Suddenly, he saw his whole body suddenly turn around in the air, and the AK's muzzle that burst into flames was aimed at Master Rong again.

     At this time in comparison, although Liu Zilang has been declining, the Rong Ye who stood in place belongs to the immovable target.Coupled with the advantage of a high probability of headshot, Liu Zilang, who wears a three-level defense, is half-blooded.

     A wave of guns shot through the air,

     It was the residual blood who turned his back to Rong Ye!


     The next moment, Liu Zilang landed.

     I saw him put his hands on the ground, then quickly put the gun away and got up, does not turn round and ran!

     Looking at Liu Zilang's back, both Rong Ye and Da Mu, who were in a box instantly, were stunned!

     Da Mu silent for a moment couldn’t help but explain, "I just wanted to"

     Lord Rong closes the eyes, said with a sigh, "Needless to say, I know, fate! This is fate!"

     Just after saying this, there was a flash of fire next to Da Mu's box!

      with a bang sound, the ground is dusty!

      After the smoke was cleared, two boxes were left on the ground

     A flying grass,

     Killed two and a half professional players?

     This Nima is too abnormal!

     Seeing this scene, the audience in the live broadcast room was stunned for a while!

     "Fuck! Vic is so dazzling!"

     "It's a real hammer! Vic really is a humanoid self-propelled hanger! Too Nima is invincible!"

     "I'm a ghost! This wave of aerial guns is really cool! Tianxiu!"

     "Who would say no, vic's mouthful, but it's a real show!"

     "Kressfire presents a rocket to the anchor - the anchor anchor! Where did you buy this human implant? Is there an age limit? Is it too late for me to be 18 years old?""Aquaristb gave the anchor a rocket-the one I bought and hung up earlier, I used a sea view room in Inner Mongolia to exchange it."


     In a tall building.

     Wei Shen was chatting with Turaf and Obang happily.

     Of course, just his one person is happy.

     Turaf and Obang, who were kneeling on the ground, were so happy.

     But while chatting, Wei Shen was taken aback.

      Turaf and obang who kneels down on the ground became boxes.

     Wei Shen rubbed his nose.

     Am I talking about people to death?

     At this moment, a series of system kill prompts appeared on the bottom left of the screen.

     "Vic123 killed Dau with ak headshot!"

     "Vic123 killed ibatv117 with ak headshot!"

     "Xiaotongjiang used kar98k to kill tovelogod!"

     "Obang used a grenade to blow up himself!"

     Damn it!

     How did this ratio kill both Rong Ye and Da Mu?

     Still a headshot!

     Seeing the two prompts displayed on the screen, Wei Shen couldn't help being stunned.

      It should be noted. Although Rong Ye and Da Mu are not first-line players in PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds, they are not weak in terms of strength.

     Liu Zilang has just landed in various 1v2, 1v3 at the airport.

     When Wei Shen saw it, he didn't say anything. They were all ordinary passers-by players, and it was not a big problem if they were replaced.

     But in this wave, Wei Shen really did not understand.

     Both of them were attacked?

     That shouldn't be!

     The other side knows that we are here, so how careless?For a time, where is the limit of Liu Zilang's strength?

     Wei Shen was really a little confused.

     But in the next moment, he discovered something more important!

     That is Turaf and Lord Rong, a total of four people in their team, are all dead right now.

     But he didn't even have a head!


     That's right!

      not a single one.

     Liu Zilang killed two, Zhang Xiaotong killed.

     But Wei Shen, who also played a tremendously important role in this wave of war into the city, had no heads.

     The only one that died,

     Returning Nima is a suicide!

      Thought until here, Wei Shen glanced at his 6 head counts, and suddenly the whole person was not good.

     After playing Turaf and their team, the next poison circle has begun to shrink.

     Obviously, if God Wei decisively chose to attack the city before, if this is not the case, this wave of them is very likely to be killed in the poison of the wheat field while shrinking the poison.

     But right now, they have taken the points that Turaf and the others occupied before, and began to deploy and defend.

     During the period, two or three groups of people ran poisonous, and three unlucky ghosts were licked by Liu Zilang of Turaf 24, one shot one kill snipe off the car,

     Then he was ruthlessly abandoned by his teammates.

     Wei Shen also blew up a car with a wave of quadruple shots, harvesting three heads.

      After the beating ended, he cannot bear asked, "vic, how many people are you now."

     Liu Zilang pressed the tab key and glanced, and said casually, "15 of them."

     Wei Shen glanced at his 9 head count and chose to be silentAnd Zhang Xiaotong, who killed one in the audience, suddenly said somewhat envied, "Wow! There are 15 of them!"

     Hearing the envy in Zhang Xiaotong's words, Liu Zilang's boring energy came up again, and he couldn't help pretending to be modest, "Nothing, nothing."

     "What is 15 human heads, I can still press guns 15 times."
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