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143 Full Of Hatred! (Third More)
    Chinese Name: 落地一把98K  Author: Iced子夜(Iced zǐyè, Iced Midnight)
    Original: | Translator:

After the poison circle has been contracted,

     The next safe zone also followed.

     This safe area was not brushed in the city, but brushed on the ravine between P City and Shuicheng, and the uneven wilderness.

     Right now the safe zone is not large, and there are only 29 people surviving on the field.

     After seeing this safe zone, Wei Shen couldn't help but brighten his eyes, "This circle is fine."

     What he likes most about playing this kind of passerby group is this kind of finals, which is neither too flat and empty, nor is it as complicated as the city is difficult to find people.

     This kind of circle, basically stuck on a slope, can make enemies on all sides, welcome guests from all directions, and suddenly let God Wei see the hope of bringing the head back.

     "Where shall we go to get some points?" Chen Yifa glanced at the safe area on the map, cannot bear ask.

     When Liu Zilang heard the words, he was a thought flashed through the mind, said with a smile, "Would you like to play something exciting?"

     "What excites?" Zhang Xiaotong asked curiously.

     "Well, you said." Wei Shen said calmly.

     "Didn't we have two cars downstairs." Liu Zilang said with a smile. "We will have one for both of us in the next round. We don't need to take up any of them. We will be a wilderness sheriff once how is it?"

     "Patrol play?" Wei Shen eyes shined.

     "Is there any danger?" Zhang Xiaotong suddenly asked in a low voice.

     "Who am I with?" Chen Yifa asked a more important question.

     If it were her and Zhang Xiaotong,

     Well, then it’s not a wilderness sheriff,

     It's a wilderness courier."No danger, no danger, it's just patrol play." Liu Zilang said with a smile, "Well, let's go with Xiaotong and I, Sister Fa and Wei Shen, how is it?"

     "I have no problem." Wei Shen didn't care.

     Chen Yifa joked, "Well, Wei Chen is still worth entrusting."

     "Neither did I." Zhang Xiaotong said.

     The two cars downstairs are Jeep, one with soft top and one with hard top.

     After Liu Zilang and the others came in, they found it in the housing area at the head of the city. It seemed that Turaf and Rongye’s team drove over and hid them when they entered the city, but now they just happened to be cheap.

      After the group of four went downstairs, there were two of them, and they got in the car and headed to Drove over to the north.

     But when they drove out of P City towards the north, passing by the neighborhood of the housing area west of "Dragon Gate Inn",

     Suddenly there was a sound of hōng lóng lóng's in the sky.

     An airdrop is coming!

     The four people in the car immediately looked up at the sky and looked at the plane eagerly.

     Speaking of this game, four people landed at the airport and ran drugs all the way after the fight.

     He was stolen halfway through the car, and he was framed for a long time when he entered the city. Basically, it was related to the airdrop.

     But now the four of them have a better life, they are equipped, their bags are bulging, and they are all in the car.

     When the material level needs are solved, several people will inevitably have spiritual level needs.

     For example, dreams.

     And the airdrop,

     It's a dream!

     "Do you think this airdrop will fall on our heads?"Zhang Xiaotong raised his head, looked at the top of his head, and asked eagerly in his eyes.

     Of course, she is more eager to have a yearn for sth even in one's dreams in the airdrop!

     As soon as she said the clinker, when the plane passed over the heads of several people, a black spot suddenly appeared under the plane in the field of vision.

     The next moment, the empty box hung under the parachute, landed swaying towards the ground.

     Several people were shocked when they saw this.

     This is really "airdrop riding face".

     Upon seeing this, Zhang Xiaotong exclaimed in excitement, "Haha, my mine! It heard my call! This airdrop is mine."

     "Well, your is yours." Liu Zilang said with a slightly tilted mouth, "but I don't know if others agree."

     When Liu Zilang said this, the sound of cars was faintly heard in the surrounding wilderness.

     "You have to help me." Zhang Xiaotong gushed.

     When Chen Yi heard the words, he laughed and teased, "You have to ask your Ou Nichan, we are currently already two teams."

     Zhang Xiaotong couldn't help his small face blushed when he heard that, and he was speechless.

     She is fine when there are many people, but when facing Liu Zilang alone, she always feels like she can't let go.

     At this time, Liu Zilang naturally did not notice the delicate emotions in the little girl's heart.

     Seeing that the airdrop is slowly landing, the sound of cars in the ears is getting closer and closer.

     Now it is safe to brush in the wasteland and hills, and the surrounding field of vision is so wide. When the airdrop is on the ground, it will definitely attract all around eyes.

     At this time, that's not to say (that) every team has an idea about this airdrop.But one thing without a doubt,

     They must have ideas about the people picking up the airdrop.

     Thinking of this, Liu Zilang couldn't help but a thought flashed through the mind.

     When the airdrop was slowly landing, he suddenly drove the jeep to the airdrop.

     Then he raised his angle of view and looked at the top of his head, and moved back and forth.

     "What are you doing?" Zhang Xiaotong, who was sitting in the co-pilot position, curiously asked in the car.

     The corner of Liu Zilang's mouth curled up, saying with a slight smile, "Wait you will know."

     He just finished speaking,

     Just listen to the jeep roof suddenly kuang duang'ed,

     The airdrop landed on the roof of the car.

     "Stable, let's go." Liu Zilang stepped on the accelerator.

     The next moment, I saw him driving the airdrop, emitting red smoke all the way, towards the housing area to the east.

     Sitting in the car, Zhang Xiaotong opened his mouth in surprise, his face full of inconceivable.

     She plays PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds so much for long time, still does not know that she can actually take airdrops like this.

     After seeing this scene, the audience in the live broadcast room couldn't help but talk in surprise.

     "Damn grin, is that okay?"

     "Ghost! It feels like this vic has something!"

     "I will give full marks to this wave of airdrops for car transport, so I am not afraid of you being proud!"

     "I learned it! Next time I have to take the airdrop home! See who comes back to grab the labor and capital."


     In the game, after seeing Liu Zilang driving to a stop below the airdrop landing point, Wei Shen was stunned for a while, and then he guessed his intention.

     This is better than

     Do something again!At the same time, the other teams in the safety zone staring at this side were also a little dumbfounded after seeing this scene.

     Isn’t it said that the airdrop is a public resource given to Jedi Island players?

     Why can the ratio be airdropped home?

     This is not scientific!

     For a while, the safety zone stared at the teams here and suddenly became angry!


     Still Wasn't concerned about face?

     despair! despair! despair!

     At that time, a few people set up their guns, opened the mirror and shot them here, trying to show Liu Zilang a little bit of color.

     It really doesn't work,

     Even if you can remove his tires to defuse the air!

     But what they didn't expect was that Liu Zilang also had a god of Wei.

     At this time, Liu Zilang's act of driving the airdrop home was like ridiculing a group of mobs in the dungeon, steadily holding back everyone's hatred.

     Next, it's naturally the output position.
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