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145 Back To The Carbine! (Added By The Leader Of Teacher A Wolf)
    Chinese Name: 落地一把98K  Author: Iced子夜(Iced zǐyè, Iced Midnight)
    Original: www.qidian.com | Translator: NineTalesFox.com

After avenging Wei Shen and Chen Yi, the two licked the wave bag over there.

     But let’s not say, the teammate’s bag licked

     A word,


     After they took all the things they could take in the boxes of the three people on the ground, the two of them drove the car that Wei Shen parked on the slope, and went back to sign for the airdrop.

     It turns out that a is impossible for a.

     In the airdrop box lay quietly a handful of doggies, some accessories and medical supplies.

     Speaking of Gouzai, Liu Zilang has never used this gun.

     Since Zhang Xiaotong didn't use it, Liu Zilang replaced the ak with the principle of transporting back with great difficulty not to waste.

     However, when installing the accessories, Liu Zilang installed it for a long time and found that this gun was clearly a rifle, but it could not be equipped with [Rifle Muzzle Compensation].

     After asking Wei Shen, Liu Zilang realized that this gun can only be silenced.

     It happened that Zhang Xiaotong's scar-l top was silenced, so Liu Zilang smiled and traded with Zhang Xiaotong.

     After installing the muffler, Liu Zilang tried it with the gun and found that it felt pretty good.

     In fact, in the current version of PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds, the advantage of this gun among many rifles is that this gun is loaded with 762mm bullets and has a high amount of bullet damage comparable to ak.

     This is much better than a 556mm bullet rifle,

     After all, caliber is justice!

     At the same time, Gouza also has the stability comparable to a 556mm rifle, and the shooting is not as sharp and irregular as the AK.

     These are also important reasons why it can become a strategic material in the airdrop box.After putting on the new equipment, the poison circle just began to shrink.

     The next safety zone is further weaker, only the undulating hills. The only housing area in the safe area is the six red-roofed yellow-walled wooden houses above the ruins.

     Liu Zilang greeted Zhang Xiaotong,

     After getting on the jeep, he drove all the way to the safe area, trying to get in first.

     If he is alone, Liu Zilang can stop and play in this circle, and he must grab some points without too many.

     But considering Zhang Xiaotong's safety, he still thinks it is more appropriate to find a point to hold on.

     However, what Liu Zilang hadn't thought was,

     The two of them had just drove out of the housing complex, and suddenly there was a loud noise in the back of the car!

     Liu Zilang turned his angle of view and saw a person standing there on the slope behind him, holding a scar-l crazy fire, his muzzle bursting out!

     Did you spell it that way?

     Seeing this, Liu Zilang couldn't help but eyebrows raised.

     I saw him instantly cut to the second position, and without anyone driving, the speed of the car gradually slowed down.

     The next moment, Liu Zilang probed out of the car window and held up the 24 in his hand!

     Open the mirror and pull the gun!



     24 The dull gunfire suddenly exploded on the wasteland!

     But after Liu Zilang's shot, he just pulled back into the car without even looking.

     Immediately, he cut to the number one position very quickly, kicked the accelerator, and once again raised the slowing speed of the jeep.

      From beginning to end, this jeep in motion has not stopped for even a second!And Liu Zilang’s series of operations are moving clouds and flowing water, forms a coherent whole!

     Immediately afterwards, a kill prompt appeared at the bottom left of the game screen!

     "Vic123 killed this mountain with 24 headshots, it's me!"

     Seeing this scene, watching Liu Zilang's view of the live room audience throughout the whole process, he was also a little numbed by his scalp!

     "666, the show of pedicles!"

     "Fuck! This shot is too handsome for Nima!"

     "Please don't show off! It hurts my brain wide!"

     "Who has not recorded it in the live broadcast room? You can go to the anchor’s highlights to contribute this cliff!"

     "It's not me! vic can contribute a lot of these two games!"

     "To be honest, I feel that vic's operation is really a match for some of the super ‘Gunner’ in Europe and America!"

     "That's right, Vic is flying more than a real show! Why didn't I find that there is such an anchor in the face value area before! Follow it!"


      At this moment, in the game, after watching the perspective of Liu Zilang, Wei Shen was completely shocked!

      It should be noted, shooting in a moving car will not only move itself, but the car will be bumpy under this kind of road conditions, which will affect the sighting.

     However, Wei Shen just saw Liu Zilang opening the lens extremely fast,

     Just a flick!

     At the moment 24 gunshots sounded, the crosshair of the eight-fold mirror suddenly coincided with the head of the person in the scope for a moment!

     Immediately afterwards,

     Liu Zilang closed his gun.

     The man on the slope fell to the ground.

     Everything seemed so natural and smooth, as if it should have been.For a moment, Wei Shen even felt that Shen Zeyan and Bai Shaobin, who had just been replaced by the three top snipers in Asia, came.

     They may be able to do it after a few attempts.

     But absolutely impossible, as smooth and natural as Liu Zilang,

     More importantly, self-confidence!

     Because of what Liu Zilang just showed,

     It is a kind of self-confidence that is strong to the bones,

     A kind of self-confidence that he is hard to see in many top professional players!

     That kind of self-confidence is like saying:

     If this shot fails, it’s definitely not my problem.

     The game system judged that something went wrong!

      Thought until here, Wei Shen's evaluation of Liu Zilang became blurred again.

     This is better than

      what exactly is it

     In the game, Liu Zilang switched back to the driver's seat, blew a whistle, then smiled and said to Zhang Xiaotong who was sitting in the third seat, "be handsome!"

     "Ah? What?" Zhang Xiaotong's tone sounded somewhat uncertain.

     "You didn't see it?" Liu Zilang couldn't help corner of the mouth twitch.

     "See what?" Zhang Xiaotong said.

      She spoke until here, she suddenly curiously said, "By the way, why did you suddenly switch to the second position just now?"

     "Didn't you hear the gunshot just now?" Liu Zilang cannot bear ask.

     "The sound of the car is too noisy, I cut the game silent when I drove." Zhang Xiaotong explained, and then she suddenly reacted and whispered somewhat anxiously, "Someone hit us just now?"

     "Nobody, I just said without thinking."

     Liu Zilang was a little speechless.When Chen Yifa and Wei Shen saw Liu Zilang's deflated appearance, they suddenly couldn't help but laugh.

     It seems that this scornful person, it seems that only Zhang Xiaotong can let him eat defeat

     At this moment, the jeep drove over a hilly low slope, and the car suddenly flew!

     Then the body slanted in the air, and slammed it "once" on the grass, the four legs facing the sky turned the tires

     Handsome in three seconds?

     This Nima is very embarrassing!

     Sitting in the car, Liu Zilang felt a little heartbroken

     Clinker Zhang Xiaotong dazed for a moment and suddenly asked in a low voice, "Is this also a tactical rollover?"

     Liu Zilang startled and said with a dry smile, "Well, of course! How can it be my car skills?"

     "Oh." Zhang Xiaotong nodded, curiously asked, "Then what should we do next?"


     Liu Zilang glanced at the map and found that fortunately, the two are currently already in the circle.

     Hearing what Zhang Xiaotong said, he suddenly a thought flashed through the mind and said with a smile,

     "Watching the show!"