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147 Solicitation And Chance Encounter! (Second More)
    Chinese Name: 落地一把98K  Author: Iced子夜(Iced zǐyè, Iced Midnight)
    Original: | Translator:

Jiang Hai, 4a Club Training Base.

     Wei Shen folded his hands, pressed his chin, and looked down at the phone next to the keyboard.

     Upon seeing this, the Dragon God on the side couldn't help but say, "Is he the decision?"

     "I can't think of someone more suitable than him."

     After Wei Shen finished speaking, he turned the head and looks to Long Shenjue, pondered in his heart, and explained, "You have also seen that his marksmanship consciousness and response are absolutely above the top of the three items, and his thinking is eclectic. , Can often turn mistakes into a stroke of genius."

      Pausing, Wei Shen continued, "Lily’s role as a sniper, marksmanship skills absolutely no problem, but you also know that in PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds, which is different from any previous fps game, what our team needs is not only It’s just a sniper."

     "And the most important point is that I can't see through the strength of this person."

      When he spoke until here, Wei Shen's expression suddenly became a little complicated.

     Hearing Wei Shen's words, Long Shen Jue recalled the scenes in the game just now, but found that it was exactly what Wei Shen said.

     He couldn't help but took a deep breath and continued to ask, "What did the other party say, I remember he seemed to be a student."

     "He hasn't responded to me yet." Wei Shen glanced at the phone screen again and was silent. "But I just explained to him that our team currently participates in most online tournaments, and he is in school without too many conflicts. influences."

     Dragon God decided to hear nodded, "Then hope that he can feel your sincerity, and consider it seriously."

     Jiang Hai, in a house.

     Side friend, professional attack?Sitting in front of the computer, Liu Zilang watched the message sent by Wei Shen and added a Voice Explanation, slightly stunned.

     If Wei Shen asked him about this problem a week ago,

     Do you want to play a professional fps game?

     I am afraid that Liu Zilang will refuse without the slightest hesitation.

     Because at that time he had not yet been exposed to PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds.

     But now, although the time playing this game is not long, Liu Zilang really sensed the charm of this game.

     Exquisite picture quality,

     Rich and varied gameplay,

     When the battle was fierce, it made him feel like a blood spray out after a long absence!

     So Liu Zilang's heart gradually had a desire that he didn't even notice.

     Desire to compete with stronger players!

     Desire to talk to more top players!

     Wei Shen's proposal, especially the explanation added after worrying about Liu Zilang's student status, was undoubtedly scratching his itches.

     However, Liu Zilang has never been a fainthearted person.

     Since I already have an idea in my heart, the various conditions given by Wei Shen are very suitable for him.

     So Liu Zilang simply picked up the phone and replied.

     "Okay, I will try."

     When putting down the phone, I remembered that Wei Shen just said that the top 24 finals of the Fighting Fish Gold Grand Prix will be held next Tuesday night. It seems that there are some familiar people and teams.

     Gradually, the smile on Liu Zilang's face became weird.


     I am back again!In the evening, after playing with Zhang Xiaotong and Chen Yifa for a few more games, Liu Zilang was asked by countless viewers in the live broadcast room to "show his face".

     Here comes the wave to end the stream, and the speed of light will be broadcast!

     The screen was full of curses for a while, and Liu Zilang chuckled in front of the computer.

     On Sunday the next day, Liu Zilang slept in bed in a daze.

     Vaguely, he suddenly sounded like what's the matter today

     Rolled over on the bed, Liu Zilang opened his eyes and suddenly thought of it.

     By the way, today is Zhang Xiaotong's school sports meeting!

     I said I was going to watch her match.

      Thought until here, Liu Zilang hurriedly got up.

     When he walked into the living room and found that the house was quiet, Zhang Xiaotong had obviously left.

     Liu Zilang couldn't help having a toothache when he saw this.

     This girl, obviously wants me to watch her play, and doesn't remind me when she leaves. What if I go to sleep?

     It's so arrogant,

     Well, I have to find a chance to adjust it.

     Liu Zilang hurriedly washed, then came back to smooth his hair before going out, changed his clothes, and went out again.

     After all, it was Zhang Xiaotong's "backup team" to watch the game. If she was "ashamed" as before and made her "shame" in front of her classmates, this little girl would definitely hate herself again.

     When he stopped the car when he went out, Liu Zilang remembered his alma mater when he was in junior high school, the location of Jiangda High School.Hearing the name of the school reported by Liu Zilang, the driver said cheerfully, "The young man looks like he is in the third grade. My daughter is also in that school. I heard that there is a school sports meeting today. I don’t have time to watch it. , Let her mother go, have you participated?"

     Liu Zilang heard this corner of the mouth twitch and looked up at the rearview mirror in the car.

     Touched his chin, he secretly said in heart, he just went out and took care of it a little bit.

     This is suddenly young to the third year?

     This driver is really

     Eyes are like torches!

     Liu Zilang chuckled, obediently nodded, and made insinuations asking about the driver's daughter.

      The driver chatted for a few words, and he might find that Liu Zilang was not a good person, so he stopped the conversation with caution, beaten to death and refused to reveal any information about the girl.

     Liu Zilang couldn't help but his eyes twitched

     After stopping at the gate of the High School Affiliated to Jiang University, Liu Zilang got out of the car and paid.

     Standing on the side of the road, watching the car go away, I silently sent the blessing of "I wish you a girl who can't get married before the age of 30".

     He turned and looked up at the school, only to see seven big balloons rising from the gate of the University of Jiang.

     Each word above,

     Linked up is the "Jiangsu University High School Sports Meeting",

     Various banners are also hung in other places. At first glance, most of them are companies that have cooperated with the school. I wish Jiangda High School a complete success in the school sports meeting.

     "This is more style than I was back then." Liu Zilang looked around and thought to himself.And because today is the school sports meeting, and it is also a weekend, the school is open to the outside world so that parents can watch their children's games. Many cars are parked at the door.

     Liu Zilang stopped at the school gate for a while, and just about to lift his foot in, suddenly someone behind him faintly called himself.

     prodigal son!

     Lang zei!

     Liu Zilang turned around and saw a black commercial car parked on the side of the road.

     The window in the driver's seat was open, and a man in a flowered shirt, cap and sunglasses was beckoning to himself secretively through the window.

     It looks like a black car attracting passengers near the train station.

     But Liu Zilang knew this was not a black car.

     Because when he heard that "lang zei", he knew who called himself behind him.

     Except for Li Muqiu,

     No one would call himself that.

      thought until here, Liu Zilang couldn't help but remember the last thing

      fist clenched, he walked over with a smile.

     Li Muqiu seemed quite excited when he met Liu Zilang, beckoning in the car, not knowing that the danger was approaching.