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151 The Prologue Of The Exhibition Game!
    Chinese Name: 落地一把98K  Author: Iced子夜(Iced zǐyè, Iced Midnight)
    Original: www.qidian.com | Translator: NineTalesFox.com

Fighting fish platform,

     After greeting several teammates in yy, Liu Zilang soon started the live broadcast.

     After the last formation with Fa Sister Wei Shen and Zhang Xiaotong, Liu Zilang sucked a wave of fans.

     At present, his attention has exceeded 200,000. After the live broadcast was opened, many viewers received reminders, and one after another poured in.

     In a short while, the popularity of Liu Zilang's live broadcast room reached 750,000, and he once again squeezed into the top three in the face value area. The two in front of him were young lady anchors who were chatting with the audience.

     Liu Zilang glanced at the cover of the live broadcast room, and clicked in without holding it for a while.

     So when many viewers entered his live broadcast room, they saw that the picture on the screen was actually a young lady.

     Shocked all at once!

     "Fuck! Vic turned on the camera! This Nima is really a young lady?"

     "How do you know it belongs to the young lady? What if it's Woman's Clothes-wearing Bigshot?"

     "The first two wise, this is Yanbao's live broadcast room, and the bitch vic is peeking at Miss Sister again."

     "Wow! Didn't you say that the chicken-eating anchor in the face value area? Just watch the young lady when the live broadcast?


     Liu Zilang saw the barrage in the live broadcast room, chuckled.

     He was thinking about bringing the audience from the live broadcast room to a wave of face-to-face sweeps before the game started.

     As a result, he hadn't started yet, suddenly the wind direction on the barrage changed, and the barrage rhythm of "The Xiaotongjiang Army came to round the room" began.

     Here again?

     Liu Zilang suddenly corner of the mouth twitch,

     It was the first time he was sensed by Zhang Xiaotong about the shortcomings of the live room number.It seems that in the future, this kind of thing cannot be shared with the majority of water friends, and can only be seen secretly oneself alone.

     Think about

     It seems pretty good too.

     In the live broadcast room, only Liu Zilang coughed and said, "Well, for tonight, I will set a delay in the live broadcast room, and there will be a period of time black screen later."

     Hearing what Liu Zilang said, the audience in the live broadcast room who had not received the official news from the Douyu Golden Grand Prix, suddenly stunned again.

     "The competition? What kind of competition? Didn't the last Jiangda intramural trials already finished? Is it the finals already started?"

     "Hehehe, I guess Vic is better than the black screen because I just watched Miss Sister didn't hold it, so I secretly solved it."

     "Pornography anchor, I want to call the police!"

     "What's the use of calling the police, let's report it to Xiaotongjiang!"

     "Go and go! Report and go!"


     After Liu Zilang set the delay,

     When I went back to the live broadcast room, I saw a black line in my head.

     What kind of audience are these,

     Imagination is too rich for Nima.

     But considering the imminent impact,

     Liu Zilang couldn't help but said ill-humoredly, "Don't guess, it's the Golden Grand Prix tonight."

     The Golden Grand Prix?

     Hasn't this been played for almost two weeks?

     Haven't heard of any team with him?

     All of a sudden, the audience in the live broadcast room once again fell into a state of "three consecutive stunned".

     But Liu Zilang is now on sale, and he just doesn’t say he is killed.Suddenly, a group of viewers were tickled with anger, and they yelled at their slut, yelling to get off.


     Zhang Xiaotong who came to Liu Zilang's live broadcast room also blinked curiously when he heard Liu Zilang's words, and suddenly felt a little anticipation in his heart.

      at the same time,

     In the official broadcast room of the Betta Gold Grand Prix.

     Before the game started, the popularity of the live broadcast room soared to more than 3 million.

     After all, in this Golden Grand Prix, in addition to those club professional players, there are also a few popular anchor teams, so being able to gather so many fans in a short time is not at all surprising.

     On the commentary stage at this time, the two male one female three commentators are already seated.

     Among the three, two of them can be said to be old friends of many viewers of Douyu.

     They are Deyun's "Two Golden Flowers" Xiaoxiao and Sika. In order to increase the attention of the finals, they invited a guest commentary.

     As for the long hair draped her shoulders, the airy bangs on the forehead, and the exquisite female commentator, it is the first time that it appeared in the studio shots today.

     She is known as the rare high-profile, high-level female commentator rita in the gaming industry.

     "Hello everyone, I am smiling."

     On the commentary stage, wearing a small gray suit and a bow tie smiled at the camera and said with a smile, “It’s a great honor to bring you the commentary of the 24 finals before the Golden Grand Prix tonight.

     "The two sitting next to me are the two partners I will explain tonight. Don't be embarrassed. Say hello to everyone.""Hello everyone, I'm Sika." Sika, also wearing a small gray suit and bow tie, waved to the camera.

     And sitting on the high chair, Rita wearing a white shirt and plaid skirt also showed a sweet smile, "Hello everyone, I am Rita"

     After the three of them greeted the audience,

     Xiaoxiao glanced at the desk in his hand and said, "Our players currently already have almost all entered the game custom room. There are five games tonight, but the first one is an exhibition game that does not count towards the total points. , The remaining four games are the main races that will determine the Golden Grand Prix."

     "That's right." Sika nodded on the side, and then continued, "But before the game, maybe there is still one. Many viewers don't know at all news, that is the temporary substitution of the snipers of Team 4a in this game. , Replaced by a passerby player vic who has attracted a lot of attention recently."

     "Yes." said with a smile, "In fact, to be honest, Wei Shen's team chose temporary substitutions at this time, which is really quite unexpected. After all, Ai She Jiayi is also an old friend of our previous lol period. , I feel a little sorry to not be able to appear on the field this time."

     Hearing what the two said, Rita, who was sitting on the high chair next to him, was also nodded, with a smile at the corner of his mouth, "Yes, it is a taboo to change the generals, but I think that since 4a has made this choice, he must have his own Consider it and be prepared to bear the consequences."

     "Hey, I have heard about this vic recently. I heard that it is the fastest rising face anchor in our Douyu face value area," Sika spoke until here, and the three laughed.Then he continued, "A single-player four-row 35 kill and double-row 39 kill video that has been very popular on the Internet in the past two weeks is him. He is indeed a relatively powerful player, but I think there are still some differences between passerby games and games. Yes, I just don’t know what kind of surprise this player named vic can bring us tonight."

     Just as the Laughing Sika trio were warming up for the game, all 24 teams were in place in the custom room of the Douyu Golden Grand Prix.

     The four ob positions next to it are also fully occupied, so that the director can switch the angle of view at any time during the game without missing the wonderful kill shots.

     yy hall, accompanied by the last All Channels Broadcast notification.

     Three minutes later, the picture in front of Liu Zilang changed.

     Then appeared in a quality plaza with remains of aircraft wreckage.

      at the same time,

     Also in this competition,

     However, Li Muqiu and Shen Zeyan, who had just received the 4a temporary change notice, learned the id of that person.

     For a while,

     Li Muqiu's face suddenly became extremely exciting!

     Shen Zeyan is just as in the past silence,

     It’s just that the corners of his mouth are curved very slightly

     Next, the first game began.