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152 Eat Chicken! (First More)
    Chinese Name: 落地一把98K  Author: Iced子夜(Iced zǐyè, Iced Midnight)
    Original: | Translator:

"Wei sauce and Wei sauce! Do you sell pork head meat!"

     "Get out! Don't sell!"

     In the quality square, after the professional players came in, they started to scream at each other when they met people they knew.

     At this time, Liu Zilang was standing next to a man wearing a big brown windbreaker and a face scarf on his face.

     The man was still wearing a small white skirt and red shoes on his lower body, which can be said to be a standard "tyrant dress".

     However, Liu Zilang doesn't know much about the market of these equipments. Right now he is looking at the quality square full of professional players and live broadcasts. Listening to their noise, he somewhat anticipated the next game.

     At this moment, a naked black baby with an explosive head wearing only shorts ran past him.

     The Heiwa originally flicked his fist into the air, but suddenly stopped when he passed by Liu Zilang.

     Then, squatting in front of the man in the coat beside Liu Zilang, qeqe shook his head left and right.

     "Hey! Brother Dei, lend me some clothes to wear." The man said to the man in the coat.

     But I don’t know if the person in the coat has not opened everyone. Heiwa squatted in front of him, swaying left and right, and was "begging" for a long time.

     The man in the coat didn't say a word.

     "Brother Dei, lend me some clothes to wear!"

     "Don't be so stingy."

     "Brother dei, brother dei, what do you say, let me wear the clothes..."


     Liu Zilang on the side heard the man scream more and more miserably, and suddenly felt a little unbearable.It turns out that there is such a poor professional player.

     Then he took off the dirty short sleeves from the free box on his body and threw it on the ground.

     The man squatting on the ground was feeling a little embarrassed. He suddenly saw a piece of clothing appearing on the ground. He immediately one's hearth is happy and immediately pressed the f key sharp-eyed and deft-handed and picked it up from the ground.


     Still moved by my sincerity!

     That person just wanted to laugh

     The next second, seeing the dirty short sleeves on his body, he couldn't help but twitch his eyes!

     Then as soon as he turned his head, he saw Liu Zilang, who had his upper body naked and looked at him sincerely.

     This Nima

     He immediately jumped up with anger and punched Liu Zilang on the skull!

     Liu Zilang was a little confused for a moment.

     I thought I would lend him clothes to wear,

     How did this person make such an unfriendly move?

     Ugh! The quality of people today is really worrying.

     Liu Zilang thought until here, and decided not to be as knowledgeable as this person, and turned around and left.

     It turned out that the man didn’t know why, as if he was crazy, chasing his ass all the way with a mad hammer

     In the live broadcast room, countless viewers laughed wildly after seeing this scene.

     "Fuck, vic is a bit messy!"

     "Hahaha, LMAO! Does anyone want your tattered clothes and still haven't ordered the b number?"

     "666, I want to know the shadow area in that buddy's heart."

     "Society, why do I think that Vic's ratio is deliberate?""Peppa Pig has tattoos on her body, and applause is given to the public. This ratio is definitely intentional!"


     On the square, let's talk about Wei Shen's side.

     After hearing Wei Shen's voice among everyone, some people around could not help leaning over.

     At this moment, a person nearby said in a somewhat joking tone, "Wei Chen, I heard that your team has changed a sniper. Is this the Secret Weapon you have been hiding in this game?"

     The person next to him also agreed with a smile, "It must be Secret Weapon, otherwise how can it be wait until this time to take it out. I heard that it is still a fish pond war god who slaughters wildly in the fish pond!"

     "Madan, what should I do if I am suddenly happy by you such a saying?" another person said.

     Hearing these people's ridicule, people around also laughed.

     I just said that this team is a few people from team d, which is Club's professional player.

     Because in a match in the group stage last week, Wei Shen stole his butt after being touched by himself and killed the team alone.

     After the game, some netizens on the Internet began to laugh at them for not being able to beat one of four.

     What kind of occupation? Go home and raise pigs.

     These people will inevitably feel a little upset because of this, but they and Wei Shen are not at the same level in terms of popularity and popularity, except for the intersection of nothing else in the game.

     This time I found a chance with great difficulty, so I naturally had to seize a few sentences.

     In fact, it can be seen from the fact that many people laughed after they finished talking,

     In fact, most people have some not to accept as correct in their hearts after learning the news of the substitution before the 4a finals.After hearing a few people's words, Wei Shen just wanted to say something.

     Just then the picture changed, and immediately everyone appeared in the buzzing sound on the plane.

     Betta Golden Grand Prix studio.

     "Okay! Let's take a look. Now all the players on the field have boarded the plane." On the commentary stage, smiling and looking at the screen continued, "The course of this game is a course inclined from north to south."

     Sika on the side is also the interface road, "Well, this route starts from the sacred mountain in the northeast, connecting city y and school and city p to three points and one line together. The final stop should be the fishing village next to the west bridge. nearby.

     "Yes." Rita nodded.

     She obviously had a very in-depth understanding of the game PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds before the explanation.

     On the commentary stage, I just listened to her continued to analyze, "The course of this game is almost tilting the entire map of Jedi Island one divides into two sides, more to the middle."

     "Then Thus, when the game is on the ground, the people on the left and right sides of the route will be more evenly distributed, and there will be more resource points to choose from, so I think the rhythm of the early game will be slower."

     When I heard Rita’s words, I laughed and said nodded with approval, "Miss Rita was right, and the rhythm of the Professional League in PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds was originally very slow. In addition, the course of the game is so central, I even feel this Before the first lap of the game is closed, it is very likely that even a team will not be reduced."

     "Well, I feel the same way."

     Sika nodded, and then he suddenly smiled, "Oh! Our staff member is very spiritual.""Hehe, the audience in the live broadcast room can look at the bottom of the screen. Our Golden Grand Prix quiz has already begun. The first quiz is'Will the team be cut before the first round of the game is finished?', everyone now It’s time to bet and guess."

     Xiaoxiao glanced at the situation of the quiz, cannot help but laugh said, "Most of the classmates are not able to suppress it. It seems that everyone also agrees with Miss Rita's analysis."

     Next, not long after a few commentaries just finished.

     The parachutist at the terminal of the plane flight has not landed yet, and a wave of death screen suddenly appeared in the game.

     The four people of 4a,

     All killed!

     Seeing this scene, the commentator and countless audiences were dumbfounded!

     This Nima has just started, 4a is the reverse?