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153 Reverse Poison Milk! (Second More)
    Chinese Name: 落地一把98K  Author: Iced子夜(Iced zǐyè, Iced Midnight)
    Original: www.qidian.com | Translator: NineTalesFox.com

at this moment,

     The total defeat of an army at the beginning of 4a undoubtedly made the audience be stunned!

     "Eat chicken" when you come up,

     This Nima is too powerful!

     In the studio of the Fighting Fish Golden Grand Prix, the director, under the anticipation of thousands of viewers, called up the death replay that had just started.

     In the game screen, only 4a and tyloo were scattered and landed near the highway west of city Y.

     But this is obviously not their destination,

     4a In this game, I want to drive to the area of Port G and Xiacheng.

      Just landed, Xiao Xingmu and Tyloo flew towards a military jeep beside him.

     Unexpectedly, he got into the car first,

     Then the man in the car sparked, and the body shook!

     Xiao Xingmu just got to the car, and before he could get in or dodge, he was knocked down by the abruptly arising ground, and knelt on the ground with his abdomen in his hands.

     Soon the car ran into Aluka not far away.

     Aluka leaped sideways and flashed past the impact. After the car passed by, he hurried over to try to save people.

     It turned out that Bai Shaobin from Tyloo didn’t know where he drove a car.

     Before Aluka had time to get close to Xiao Qiao, she suddenly heard the sound of a car.

     As soon as he turned his head, he was so scared that he turned and ran away!

     However, the surrounding area is wilderness except for the highway, and there is not even a shelter.

     Facts have once again proved that it is impossible to run over four wheels with two legs.

     Aluka was quickly knocked to the ground by a jeep and a car.Just a blink of an eye,

     Two people fell on 4a.

     But then, an even more shocking scene was staged!

     I saw Liu Zilang drive a three-wheeled motorcycle carrying Wei Shen and wanted to come and pick Aluka, who was surrounded by two cars.

     The result may be eager to save people, driving too fast.

     I saw that three-wheeled motorcycle, a symbol of freedom, was rushing up the road from the wilderness, trying to cross it.

     Suddenly leaned forward on a high and low slope, and then the whole car turned over.

     Then with a "clang", the motorcycle rolled over from the road!

     Beside the road,

     A pair of boxes were left.

      At the same time, the first small eye-catching to be knocked down and Aluka, who was knocked down by the encirclement, turned into boxes one after another following their deaths.

     This also indicates that 4a will start less than a minute in the first exhibition game.

     Directly got the ranking in this field, and eat chicken in reverse

     Seeing this scene, the audience in the live broadcast room is also completely messed up!

     "Damn! The 4a gang has started?"

     "Fuck! One hundred thousand fish balls for labor and capital!"

     "Is hit by a car? I drove over? This Nima is a professional team? Is this funny?"

     "No! I think 4a should be a professional funny team!"

     "It's cold! The first one is like this. I have a hunch that 4a is already cold today!"

     "The newcomer named vic, I thought it was too bad, and driving three rounds with Wei Shen to roll over with him, he is really an orphan of Nima!"

     "Knock you! You are an orphan, you haven't turned over by driving?""Vic’s fans are here? This kind of spicy chicken anchors are also seen. They are really wise."


     In a short while, the official broadcast room of the Douyu Golden Grand Prix was full of screen rhythms.

     At the beginning, Liu Zilang’s fans came to help argue.

     But after all, Liu Zilang hasn't been broadcasting for a long time. Although the popularity is still in the beauty area, in the Betta Gold Grand Prix live broadcast room, which has reached 5 million popularity after the start, there are some insufficient to look.

      After a while, suddenly the screen was full of people spraying Liu Zilang's food, with a barrage of 4a killing the team.

     Occasionally, a few fans from Liu Zilang's live broadcast room came to argue, but they were quickly submerged in this mighty tide.

     On the commentary stage of the studio,

     After Xiaoxiao, Sika and Rita saw the replay, they were stunned for a while before reacting.

     After seeing the rhythm of the live broadcast room, Xiaoxiao couldn’t help scratching the head, smiling and rounding the field, “I didn’t expect that 4a and Tianlu were on the bar when they landed. This wave of 4a is indeed a bit problematic. As for the rollover Ahem, the exhibition game, this was originally so In order to make everyone enjoy watching, everyone should not care too much."

     "Well, that's it." Sika said with a smile on the side, "I'm not throwing the pot for anyone, but has one to say one."

     "In this game, the three-wheeled motorcycle is indeed the easiest car to roll over. Sometimes, there are often more superficial flat flips. So I think that although there are problems with the wave of vic’s just overturned cars, everyone can’t blame them all. he."Sitting on a high chair, Rita also said with a smile, "Sika is right. I often turn that car, but I feel that Wei Shen and the others eat chicken in reverse in this game, although it is a pity, but also Don’t be too regretful."

     "Fans of 4a can actually regard it as a wave of reverse tainted milk. Maybe the next game 4a will eat chicken."

     In the live broadcast room, I heard Xiaoxiao and Sika's rounding off, but the rhythm on the barrage has calmed down slightly.

     But at this moment, listening to Rita's words, the rhythm of the live broadcast room was instantly brought up again!

     "You can pull it down! In the state of the 4a exhibition game, still want to eat chicken tonight?"

     "That's over here. If 4a can eat chicken tonight, labor and management will immediately eat on-the-spot live broadcast! If they can eat another chicken tonight, labor and management will eat it every day!"

     "The previous buddy Ruthless Great Empress! But to be honest, I am also a fan of 4a, but the patriarch really doesn't know what to think this time. Even if Aishe Jiayi is not good, it won't be changed at this time."

     "This is a really spicy chicken called Vic! I thought it would be invincible to abuse passersby in the fish pond. I'm afraid I haven't even heard of what is called the Professional League. They are all there in this game, and there are many others. For the offline Club's professional team, I guess this Bi's head will be beaten up after the game."


      at this moment, in the yy voice of 4a,

     Liu Zilang and the others, who had never expected the end of the game so quickly, were speechless for a while.

     The atmosphere in the voice looks a bit awkward.

     When Liu Zilang saw this, he couldn't help coughing, "That's my pot just now, sorry everyone."His hasn't even finished his sentence, Xiao Xingmu interrupted, "It's my fault, just now if this is not the case, I went to grab the car and got knocked down, so I didn't have that much trouble."

     Aluka also couldn't bear and said, "I was wrong too. I should look around before saving people."

     Hearing that the three of them were summing up, Wei Shen opened his mouth, but suddenly realized that he seemed to have nothing to say.

     Because he was running in the wilderness in the last game, suddenly someone said in his ear, "Go! Get in the car!"


     There's no after that.

     Thinking of this, Wei Shen cannot bear saying, "My fault is that I got on the black car of vic. If I didn't get on the car just now, maybe you are all dead. I can still check the ranking."


     Hearing Wei Shen's words, Liu Zilang couldn't help corner of the mouth twitch.

     Although it sounds a bit reasonable, but it is too hurt by Nima.

     After thinking of Bai Shaobin's team just now in his mind, Liu Zilang couldn't help but tickled his teeth!
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