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154 The Race Begins! (Third More)
    Chinese Name: 落地一把98K  Author: Iced子夜(Iced zǐyè, Iced Midnight)
    Original: | Translator:

In the game,

     As soon as the game started, I saw the System Notification that all 4a was killed.

     Others may be okay with the exception of being somewhat astonished. The search continues to search.

     But Li Muqiu and Shen Zeyan were both stunned at the same time.


     Or fell to death?

     Seeing this System Notification, Li Muqiu was immediately happy to pat the table after seeing this System Notification. The people at se7en Club's looked sideways, wondering what the captain was doing.

     And at the same time,

     Shen Zeyan of the ig base glanced at the kill prompt at the bottom left of the screen, the expression on his face changed without too many, still silent and cold.

     It's just the corners of the mouth that just turned up slightly. At this time, it's Reparo, and it seems that there is still a trace of cold intention.

     The game is not over yet,

     Next, Liu Zilang and the others can only enter the "watching" state and wait.

     At this time, the audience in Liu Zilang's live broadcast room didn't blow him too much. The barrage basically asked him to cheer for the next game and give those sprays some color.

     In fact, Liu Zilang doesn't care much about the spouts on the Internet.

     When he first started playing professionally, because he wore a mask and didn't show his face, he said on the Internet that he pretended to be more than a squirt.

     But when the results came out, almost all of them shut up.

     There are also many "wall-to-grass" type sprayers who have seen Liu Zilang's talent and potential for a long time, and wearing masks is for "the sage presents as an ordinary person."

     I show your sister!

     Anyway, a keyboard and two hands, let them say good and bad things.At this moment, a System Notification popped up in Liu Zilang's live broadcast room.

     "Xiaotongjiang presented a super rocket to the anchor-come on!"

     Seeing this System Notification, the audience in the live broadcast room was stunned, and instantly became excited.

     "666! Xiaotong sauce is magnificent!"

     "Hahaha! Xiaotong sauce has come to cheer for Ouni sauce too!"

     "Receive a love rocket from my sister, vitality value +100!"

     "Damn, someone else's sister series!"

     "Looking at my sister who was sitting on the sofa playing King Pesticide, I just slapped my backhand!"

     "2333, the one who slapped the backhand is afraid that he will wait for your dad to come back and will not survive tonight."

     "Come on! As a brother, how can you lose face in front of your sister? Vic must eat chicken in the next game!"


     Seeing this super rocket painted by Zhang Xiaotong,

     Liu Zilang was stunned.

     He suddenly couldn't help but want to walk over and tell her that we are so close,

     If you really want to give a reward, just give money directly,

     It's really not possible to transfer money via mobile phone!

     But considering the possible glaring and reduced favorability,

     Liu Zilang still held back.

     In the game, with passage of time,

     The first exhibition game is gradually coming to an end.

     The finals was in Dongshan of P City, which is a mountain circle.

     After the poison circle shrank again and a fierce fight, the number of people on the court suddenly dropped from 22 to 10.Among them, two of se7en, three of ig, two of douyu17, two of tyloo, and one of nv, the five teams each occupy one point in the narrow finals, and they are stalemate waiting for the refresh of the next lap.

     And before the next lap refresh or the opponent makes a slip, no one will expose themselves first.

     This is the "Dark Forest" rule in PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds.

     Seeing this scene, the fans of the various teams in the live broadcast room also became nervous.

     Soon, the third poisonous circle from the bottom was refreshed,

     A wave of fierce firefights broke out!

     In less than ten seconds, the number of people on the field was once again a huge attrition!

     In the end, it was a coincidence that only ig's Shen Zeyan, se7en's Li Muqiu and tyloo's Bai Shaobin were left.

     After their respective medications were full, the three of them became the site of the horns, waiting for the refresh of the last circle.

     Under this circumstance, Li Muqiu's probability of eating chicken in this game is actually higher.

     Because both Shen Zeyan and Bai Shaobin played in sniper positions, in comparison, they were definitely inferior to top assaulters like Li Muqiu in their small-range close combat capabilities.

     Of course, the most important thing is because he is currently a circle of fate.

     However, just before the next lap was refreshed, Li Muqiu, who was out of character, hid behind Po and suddenly turned on his voice, trying to harass his opponent or something.

     "Hey, hey, why don't we come to stone paper scissors, let's decide the outcome once."

     As soon as he spoke, Bai Shaobin who was not far behind the tree happened to hear him.

     In fact, Bai Shaobin had already seen someone on the opposite slope and shook his head.But considering that there is still one person on the field, he will not act blindly without thinking before the next lap is refreshed.

     But at this moment it was Li Muqiu!

     He immediately pulled out the grenade and threw it towards the back of the slope, and then directly and straightforwardly launched a "death charge" towards the hillside where Li Muqiu was hiding.

     The result was not unexpected,

     Although Li Muqiu succeeded in killing Bai Shaobin through the bunker,

     However, he himself revealed his position.

     In the end, there was one Shen Zeyan who walked to the side, taking advantage of Li Muqiu squatting on the swaying left and right medicine,

     A shot 24 direct and straightforward blasted past!

     "Ig-olves killed se7en-lech with 24 headshots!"

      great luck, great profit, eat chicken tonight!

     Seeing this ending, Xiaoxiao, Sika and Rita, who came to explain the game tonight, were a little stunned.

      what is this ghost?

     They couldn't figure out why the tyloo player suddenly rushed to se7en like he was crazy and left the man behind.

     But some old viewers in the live broadcast room were calm about this, as if they had been accustomed to.

     Because this is not the first time,

     The "love and hatred" of the two has a long history, which can be traced back to the last fps game.

     In the group stage of the Betta Golden Grand Prix this season, the two teams ran poisonous together once.

     The circle was far away, and the two teams had no cars.

     Bai Shaobin ran halfway through gunshots and kill prompts, and learned that the team following behind was Li Muqiu.

     He made prompt decisions to let his teammates run first, and stay behind.As a result, his one person ended up abruptly jamming the three people on Li Muqiu's side, and the two of them were fighting drugs in the poison!

     In the end, although Li Muqiu successfully broke through,

     However, the "out of ammunition and no food left" he finished the last bandage during the poison run, and fell on the road not surprisingly.

     So this time I saw the two men confuse in the finals again, except for some new audiences who still have doubts.

     The performance of the old audience can be said to be quite calm.

     The first exhibition match,

     In the end, Shen Zeyan ended up with the fisherman catches both and ig's eating chicken.

     And after the exhibition match, after a simple rest,

     The first race tonight also started soon.

     In the yy channel of the Golden Grand Prix, an All Channels Broadcast suddenly sounded.

     "Hello everyone, everyone, please don't leave the game room. The players in the already left room will return to the team as soon as possible. Our game will start in five minutes. Please be prepared."

      At this moment, Liu Zilang and the others had already prepared.

     no way,

     They all prepared a whole show

     "As long as the route allows this game, we will jump directly to the airport."

     In yy's voice, Wei Shen said firmly.

     In the last game, 4a landing into a box, a few people ate chickens in the reverse direction. In just one game, it quickly spread to Tigerpu, nga, PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds and other major forums, and was discussed spiritedly.Even there's some left who like to spoof, the last exhibition game was smashed to death by a car. Aluka was hit by two cars together. The picture of Liu Zilang's car overturning was made into a gif, which was spread wildly in major forums.

     Wei Shen decided to go to the airport as the landing point before the game.

     I definitely want to fight a beautiful turnaround,