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155 Wind Up The Airport! (Added By The Lord Of Ranwucheng)
    Chinese Name: 落地一把98K  Author: Iced子夜(Iced zǐyè, Iced Midnight)
    Original: www.qidian.com | Translator: NineTalesFox.com

Five minutes passed in an instant.

     Soon, the 24 teams in the competition room were fully staffed and ready.

     Next, the screen went black,

     Liu Zilang and others entered the quality square again.

     And due to the reverse eating chicken in the last game of 4a, the quality square is full of "happy" atmosphere at this moment.

     Everyone seemed to find a common topic all at once.

     "Is Wei Jiang there? Is Wei Jiang there? Take my car next time, and solemnly promise not to overturn the car, just give a medical kit as the fare!"

     "Haha, the guy in your team, Wei Shen, is here to make fun. I've seen a three-wheeled motorcycle drive so fast, and the grass on the grave is one meter tall."

     "Wei Jiang, Wei Jiang, does your team lack a full-time driver? My cousin has more than a thousand Asian servers, but he has a stable driving skill and has never overturned a car. Can I apply for your team?"

     "I heard that the new sniper of the Wei Shen team is the anchor of our station's face value area. Isn't there a py deal for Nima?"


     As soon as he entered the square, Liu Zilang heard a ridicule around him, his eyes twitched.

     This Nima just overturned the car?

     As for this?

     Fortunately, the waiting time in the quality square is not long.

     Soon the picture changed and everyone appeared in a plane.

     Fighting fish, in the studio of the Golden Grand Prix.

      "All right, our race has started."

     On the commentary stage, smiled and joined hands, "I hope this game 4a can be more cautious in the choice of landing points, and play the level and style of your team.""That's right." Sika nodded, looking at the game screen, said, "The course of this game is an almost horizontal course from right to left, below the map, passing the east and west bridges at the end of the land, then this If the route is available at short distances, there are not many landing points. Maybe many teams will have to land to find cars to develop at a long distance."

     "Oh! We can see that the og team has already jumped. They chose to fly high towards the south. Is it the airport?" Rita said, and immediately changed his words, "No, they chose Port n."

     "That's the case. I think the temptation and risk of the airport on this kind of route are great. Now that it has already entered the race stage, it is normal for everyone to be cautious."

     "Wait a minute, some team still chose the Tyloo team whose airport was the third place in the previous game!"

     "Hehe, it's this tyloo again. I just looked at the statistics. When their team passed the airport, about 795 cases chose the airport as the landing point, which is regarded as our'airport' in the Golden Grand Prix One tyrant."

     "Yes, in fact, I personally think that choosing an airport in this situation may be a kind of reverse thinking. Everyone dare not jump. I will jump so that their starting line for this game will be higher than other teams. A big shot."

     Xiaoxiao and Sika on the stage were analyzing each other with you,

     Suddenly, Rita covered her mouth called out in alarm!

     The two turned their heads to look at the screen in doubt, and suddenly couldn't help but widen their eyes.In the big screen of the game, not long after jumping down on Tyloo, another team jumped out of the cabin.

     Then they quickly turned the parachute direction and floated towards the airport.

     And this team,

     It was the 4a team that landed into a box in the last game.

     After seeing this scene, the audience in the live broadcast room also exploded after a while.

      It should be noted, the two teams that grabbed the car in the last game were Tyloo and 4a,

     In this game, both teams actually went to the airport again

     This Nima is really not getting together!

     In the game, above the sea,

     Two teams of four are flying towards the airport.

     "A team in front of us jumped to the airport with us." Xiao Xing said vigilantly, "It looks like we should arrive before us."

     "Yeah" Wei Shen groaned a little, and soon commanded clearly, "Then we will try to concentrate a little bit later, and it will definitely be faster than us to land on the opposite side to find a gun. We try to leave distance in between with them, and avoid the battle in the early stage. ."

     "Aluka, after you get the gun, find a high point to watch, to prevent someone from touching it, and we will help you search for your supplies."

     "Pay attention to the circle, if this is not the case, if this is not the case, we must pay attention to the situation of car cleaning outside the airport in advance."

     "By the way, when there is a sniper rifle high-power lens and a third-level head, you must give priority to vic. If there is a high-power sniper on the vic side, you will temporarily replace Aluka and go to the high point. We will help you search for the remaining materials. "

     With a sigh of relief, Wei Shen's command can be said to be regular and thorough, taking all aspects into consideration.But when they heard Wei Shen's last sentence, Aluka and Xiao Xingmu couldn't help but look at him.

     Both of them were somewhat surprised in the first race, the man who drove Wei Shen over with him,

     Why is it so important to him at this time?

     But both of them are professional players who have played two or three games. Naturally, they know that they must follow the command during the game.

     Therefore, despite their doubts, they still pressed the problem in the heart and expressed their understanding in their voices.

     At the airport, Tyloo four saw someone behind them.

     Although they landed first, they did not dare to be too scattered. Instead, they controlled the five elevated buildings and the K-floor building first, so that they could support each other in time.

     Seeing this, Wei Shen and the others chose the police station, boiler room, and observation platform as their locations.

     At this time, neither party tried to dip a finger c building,

     Obviously there has become a very tacit understanding of "the river that divides Chu and Han".

     But at this time,

     The two teams that landed at the airport doesn't know at all beside them,

     The people they met when they first landed in the last game.

     After a while, the plane disappeared on the map.

     In this game, due to the route problem, the northernmost sacred mountain and the city of S in the upper half of the map were almost no man's land.

     So far, the closest location to the north is the a+ team of itfy.

     They found the Jeep on the road when they landed at the beginning, quickly picked up the three teammates and went straight to city y.After landing, other teams played wild along both sides of the road, or floated high to the air-raid shelter of P City School.

     On the land side, with the exception of P City, there is no more than one team for each resource point, and everyone is scattered in the early stage.

     Then, until the first safety zone of all the teams was swiped out, the 96-player game was still in a full state, and there was no attrition of one person.

     Obviously, for this race that counts in the total points,

     All teams play very careful and prudent, and don't want to make too many mistakes in the early stage because of recklessness.

     In the early stage of the development of all teams, it is inevitable that the director's perspective will take more care of the airport side.

     Because the two teams who jumped into the airport have quickly searched the points they chose when they first landed, only the C building in the middle has not been dip a finger by them.

      clearly and easy to see,

     Whether it’s 4a or tyloo,

     They are not the kind of team that jumps to the airport and leaves after searching.

     The common ground for the concepts of these two teams is that they both believe that there can only be one overlord at the airport!

     Next, face the big cake of Building C.

     Suddenly, a feeling of mountain rain wants to come wind full of buildings gradually overwhelmed the hearts of all the audience in the live broadcast room.