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163 Sniper Tactics! (Second More)
    Chinese Name: 落地一把98K  Author: Iced子夜(Iced zǐyè, Iced Midnight)
    Original: | Translator:

Seeing Residual Blood standing on the roof, Liu Zilang licking the airdrop, the audience in the live broadcast room was in a mess!

     "Fuck! There is this kind of operation? I learned it."

     "Please don't show it! I don't want this fish ball, why not!"

     "You can actually go to the house like this, this is too real for Nima!"

     "Turtle! 4a found the treasure! This vic is simply a Nima tactical ghost!"

     "Vic's airdrop is really good!"


     On the roof of the rear warehouse,

     After Liu Zilang opened the airdrop box, it was neatly arranged in a row of airdrop materials.

     Geely service, 24, 15 times lens, adrenaline!

      has to say, although this airdrop can't give full marks, it can still give 70 points.

     After changing into the Geely suit, Liu Zilang swiftly removed the sniper silencer and butt of the 98k, and then installed the 24.

     Then he jumped down quickly, took off his auspicious clothes and gave it to Wei Shendao, "You wear this, I will take 24."

     Wei Shen pours nothing else politely, and soon changed the auspicious clothes to him.

     Next, the two looked at their eyes.

     Wei Shen couldn't help asking, "What do we say now?"

     Obviously, Liu Zilang's various performances in this game have already made Wei Shen, the commander, subconsciously want to hear his opinions before making a decision.

     Hearing Wei Shen's words, Liu Zilang glanced at the map and said, "We are still in the circle now. Should we not go to the top of the fake garage for a while and wait for the next circle?"

     "Well, that's fine." Wei Shen said nodded.So the two got into the car quickly,

     Wei Shen drove the car into the fake garage and backed it into the garage. The two got out of the car again and climbed up the stairs.

     In the studio of the Betta Gold Grand Prix.

     Xiaoxiao couldn't help but sighed, "It seems that 4a is really taking the route of Heaven Chosen One. The airdrop is the destiny of the face."

     "Especially because of the airdrop just now, I was not lucky enough, and the strength came together, do you know? The thunder just now really made me look stupid."

     Sika also nodded when she heard the smile, "So what some people admire most is not their marksmanship, but their adaptability in various situations."

     "Like the situation just now, if we change to our normal people, seeing the airdrop falling on the roof, the first reaction must be a bit daunting, and then some players may choose to throw thunder and explode, but when they find that they can’t come down, they basically get here It will be over."

      Sika put his hands together and spoke until here, "Eh! But vic, I can’t blow you down, so I’ll blow myself up. Tsk tsk, it seems that PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds is really only you couldn't think without you. Can't do it."

     "Hehe, I think this is the same as ‘if the mountain comes, I’ll pass’." Rita pursed her lips when she heard the words.

     Then she followed the director’s perspective and looked at the big map curiously, “Now it seems that the teams in the eastern half of the map have all entered the circle. If Vic and Wei Shen continue to stay here, they can only wait for the next circle to refresh, and it should be blocked There are not many people.""Huh, huh?" Xiaoxiao suddenly said loudly, "The team of ifty brothers in the north is coming from Gaopo on the other side of the city of r. They also want to come to Dragon Gate Inn in this way!"

     Accompanied by this shock of laughter, the audience in the live broadcast room also found something wrong.

     For a time, everyone's eyes focused on the past.

     r the south slope of the city,

     A jeep with a soft top and an orange car, one after the other rolled over the hillside.

     This team is the Ifty who landed after the start to find a car to go to City Y.

     As soon as the car went downhill, the team's strong observation ability VK quickly said, "Huh? Look at the airdrop on the roof over there! It's still smoking!"

     a+ A few people raised the head to look, and indeed there was an airdrop on the roof emitting attractive red smoke.

     "No one should take the place where the airdrop is dropped?" Soso cannot bear saying in the team, "Should we try to blow it down with thunder in the past?"

     TK also said, "Brother, let's go over, maybe there is a."

     a+ glanced around Dragon Gate Inn, pondered in his heart, and said, "It used to be possible, but you have to be more careful. Now some Lao Yinbi in the game likes to defend the airdrop."

     Soon, the ifty group of four drove towards the Dragon Gate Inn.

      at the same time,

     Fake garage on the top floor of the third floor.

     "Huh? I seem to hear the sound of a car from the north." Wei Shen said suddenly.

     "Well, I heard it too." Liu Zilang said calmly.

     The two stood on the top of the building and took a look. They saw a group of people coming from the north, and it seemed that they were going to the Houcang."Does this guy want to pick up an airdrop?" Wei Shen said, touching his chin.

     "It's possible." Liu Zilang whispered, "Why don't we shoot and observe in secret first?"

     "Well, that's fine." Wei Shen nodded.

     When the four of Ifty arrived at the back warehouse of Dragon Gate Inn, they quickly stopped the car.

     After sweeping the surroundings and finding no one, tk looked at the airdrop on the top of the rear warehouse, and couldn't help but be eager to give sth a try, "No one, then I will blow it up!"

     "Yes, you hurry up." Soso smiled.

     tk stepped back a few steps, pulled out a grenade, and raised his hand.


     At this moment, a dull gunshot suddenly rang across the road from Dragon Gate Inn!

     The next moment, in the surprised eyes of the Ifty trio,

     I saw the white secondary helmet on the head of tk who raised his hand to throw thunder suddenly shattered and fell to the ground!

     "4a-vic knocked down ifty-tkzhun with 24 headshots!"

     not good!


     Ifty's hearts were startled,

      The response of the Peak Class players made them rely on the faint gunfire of Silence 24 to quickly determine the source of the gunfire, and then quickly find a cover to cover themselves.

     Soso stuck in Hou Cang and glanced at tk, who fell to the ground with her abdomen in her hands, and couldn't help but subconsciously said, "You climb this way, I will seal the cigarette to save you."

     With that, he was about to run over.

     "Don't go there!"

     "do not come!"

     At this moment, both a+ and tk are screamed at the same time!

     Soso was taken aback when he heard the words.The next moment, just listen to with a bang sound!

     Kneeling on the ground, tk suddenly burst into flames, sending out a violent explosion,

     In the smoke and dust, tk was directly blown out, leaving only one box left behind.

     "Ifty-tkzhun killed himself with a grenade!"

     It turned out to be his grenade just now, it has already been pulled

     Seeing this scene, the audience in the live broadcast room also mourned for tk for a second.

     In the game, the eldest brother a+ said calmly, "The man is on the third floor of the fake garage opposite, vk, you are ready to attack, I will steal the gun."

     Since Lily stayed in Douyu due to a series of issues such as the contract and did not move to yy with Ifty,

     Vk took over Lily's position and became Ifty's new generation of snipers.

     His observation ability and sniper level are currently first-class in China, and he is only half a step away from the super first line. He is a very strong player.

     The big brother a+ is an all-around player, just like the Cavaliers James, no matter what the team lacks, he can provide, and provide top technical support.

     In this game, he also carried 98k behind him!

     Then, as long as vk is facing the opponent, he can use this shot to steal the opponent directly.

     This is ifty's most distinctive "sniper tactics"!