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164 Show Off Your Skills! (Two In One)
    Chinese Name: 落地一把98K  Author: Iced子夜(Iced zǐyè, Iced Midnight)
    Original: www.qidian.com | Translator: NineTalesFox.com

Fighting fish, in the studio of the Golden Grand Prix.

     "Now ifty and v4a are on the bar, the big brother team had a big number advantage, but just now vic directly clicked the tk who wanted to throw thunder and airdrop, has to say, the timing is really good Great."

     "Yes, if you just waited until tk threw Lei out, then based on the reaction of the eldest brother and the others, you can definitely quickly determine the location of Vic and Wei Shen. At that time, vk and eldest brother will have a gun. Having the opportunity to climb behind the bunker, In that case vic not only failed to kill people, but also exposed himself."

     "It's true, but at that time tk was throwing thunder, and when vic headed it, tk's thunder was still in his hands. In this case, the few people on Ifty could not rescue him at all, vic This sniper directly reduced the opponent by one person. This is indeed very rare when the opponent is in a formation of four people and can help.


     With the commentary of Sika and Rita in the live broadcast room, the scene of the game director was also firmly locked on the Dragon Gate Inn, which seems to have become a "eventful place".

     The door of the back warehouse,

     Vk narrowed his eyes slightly, holding a handful of eightfold 98k in his hand behind the wall on the top floor of the third floor of the fake garage.

     He just saw someone showing up there,

     At that moment, as long as the other party didn't choose to jump off the building, he would still be behind that wall.

      has to say, vk is undoubtedly selling himself to the opponent.

     Is equivalent to saying,

      I'm here, attack me as soon as you can.But as long as Liu Zilang dared to show his head, then vk would shoot him over!

     Of course, the real reason why this wave gave him the confidence to do so,

     Still squatting behind a low wall not far away at the moment, also holding a big brother a+ that is eight times 98k stuck there.

     That is their real killer move in this wave!

     This is the third floor of the fake garage.

     Wei Shen looked at Liu Zilang who was stuck behind the wall, frowned slightly pondered for a moment, and quickly said, "There is the a+ team over there. You can attract the other's attention. I will try to see if I can touch it from the side. "

      "Un." Liu Zilang said without thinking.

     He was stuck behind the wall and could clearly see the door of the back warehouse, holding a 98k on his side and looking at the person on his side.

     Because I'm not sure why the other party is so arrogant,

     Liu Zilang never shot.

     But now that Wei Shen needs his own cooperation, of course he has nothing to say.

     Liu Zilang, who was stuck behind the wall, suddenly turned his head sideways.

     Instantly opened the mirror, a shot!




     At this moment, three sniper guns rang out over the Dragon Gate Inn!

     The audience in Liu Zilang's live studio only saw the flick of the 15x mirror before he closed the mirror and returned.

     During the whole process, let alone shooting,

     Even the opening scene is like an illusion, as if it doesn't exist at all.

     If you want to describe it, then only has one word!


     But the next moment,

     The audience in the live broadcast room was stunned again.Because Liu Zilang's third-level head suddenly turned red at this moment, and his blood volume dropped sharply!

      in other words!

     Even when he was so fast just now!

     But he was still hit in the head by the opponent!

     Behind the wall on the third floor, Liu Zilang, who had retracted back, looked at his blood volume and was slightly startled.


     Liu Zilang, who made a judgment in his heart, suddenly smiled at the corner of his mouth.

      At the same time, a+ and vk at Dragon Gate Inn were also stunned.

     And the third-level head is also red, and the blood volume to drop a thousand zhang in one fall. The vk quickly dodges and hides in the door of the back warehouse, utmost feeling in the heart is in shock!

      It should be noted, just now they had expected that the other party might be a tertiary head,

     So this wave is to make vk and Liu Zilang shoot at each other, and a+ takes the opportunity to steal the gun.

     This is why there were three gunshots just now!

     However, what they didn't expect was,

     The other person's shenfa will actually reach this point!

     Vk only felt that the opponent just swayed in the field of view of the eight-fold lens. As soon as he realized that he wanted to aim and shoot, the opponent had already retracted.

     This also caused his shot to be completely empty!

      In comparison, it’s stuck behind a low wall and there is no chance to aim at the a+ side,

     Relying purely on the intuition and reaction of a top player, he subconsciously shot a shot that happened to hit Liu Zilang in the head.

     After seeing this scene, several people in Ifty couldn't help but shudder at the same time!

     Encountered a master!

     Suddenly, a+ suddenly became extremely excited.Speaking of which, he can be regarded as a professional player of the older generation of domestic fps.

     After moving to PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds, except for a few people from Shen Zeyan and Bai Shaobin in the circle, there have been no opponents that can excite him for a long time.

     But what Liu Zilang just demonstrated, whether it is marksmanship or bodywork, is undoubtedly of the domestically superior level.


     a+ licked his lips, and the fighting spirit in his eyes suddenly became stronger!

     your head!

     Let me blow it up!


     A wonderful sniper duel was staged on both sides of the streets of Dragon Gate Inn.

     In the whistling sound of sniper bullets shuttle back and forth, sniper, sniper, sniper, blind sniper

     Many people have only heard of all kinds of operations but have never seen the operation. In the hands of Liu Zilang and a+, it is like showing off skills, have the words at hand!

     The countless viewers in the live broadcast room looked more and more surprised.

     Then the two a+ and vk who took turns in Houcang were also gradually stunned.

     On the one hand, they were shocked by Liu Zilang's strength.

      It should be noted, in high-intensity duel between snipers, it is necessary to maintain the best attention and insight at all times.

     Once you are slightly careless, it is the result of died on the spot.

     However, Liu Zilang played against a+ and vk in 1v2 and didn't fall into a disadvantageous position. He also played a tingling sensation of terror suppression.

     Of course, this is only one!

     What makes a+ and vk even more puzzled is that

     The two of them kept squatting down to fight the medicine. They alternated and waited until the blood came up before continuing to fight the gun.But they just hit the opponent's head with another shot with great difficulty. From the eight-fold mirror, you can clearly see Liu Zilang's helmet shattered!

     But in a blink of an eye,

     A brand-new three-level head appeared on the opponent's head!

     What the hell is this Nima?

     After a while, the vk whose third-stage head was smashed in the back warehouse no longer dared to show up.

     He is now his head naked, and he is dead if he is scratched.

     And the helmet on the a+ side was broken long ago, and he was wearing Soso's third-level head.

     After the blood is full, a+ works hard to calm himself down,

     After taking a deep breath, he closes the eyes, recalling the rhythm of Liu Zilang's sniper in his mind.

     At the next moment, a+ suddenly stood up from behind the low wall and opened the mirror with his gun!

      at the same time, like Hearts of One Mind!

     Liu Zilang behind the door on the third floor also suddenly appeared, and opened the mirror with a+ almost at the same time!

     Immediately afterwards, they saw that they both shook their hearts at the same time.



     As soon as the gunfire sounded, the dark three-level helmets of Liu Zilang and a+ burst into pieces at the same time!

      in the blink of an eye, the two of them drew back again.

     This sniper,

     Both parties are actually both have equal share!

     Seeing this scene, the audience in the live broadcast room was enthusiastic!

     This kind of high-intensity sniper duel is almost impossible to appear in the passersby game that the anchor usually plays.

     And even in the game, there are few exciting things like today!In the game, after the shot on the a+ side, there is a feeling of comfort all over the body. This shot can be said to condense his most peak state!

     However, after a while, a+ who was squatting with his head naked and spraying medicine turned his head and looked at it, but in an instant the whole person was bad!

     At this distance, he could clearly see that the man on the top of the fake garage had a third-level head on his head.

     Right now, he was thief stuck behind the door, peeking at them.

     This Nima

     Looking at his bald head,

     a+ suddenly a very absurd illusion surged in my heart.

     this person

     I'm afraid it's not a wholesaler of tertiary heads, right?

     However, as soon as this idea emerged from a+'s mind, it was interrupted by a burst of rapid gunfire!

      Dragon Gate Inn North Third Room here,

     I saw that Wei Shen didn't know how to avoid the sight of Soso, who had been guarding the surroundings when the two sides confronted each other. It turned out that God came around from the side unconsciously.

     At this moment, he lay down on the grass and set up a sks. After hitting the a+ without a helmet, he immediately pulled his heart, and there was another rush to the Soso!

      Under caught off guard, even though Soso had already reacted quickly, he still didn't have time to find the cover, so he was stolen directly by Wei Shen sks!

      At the same time, after Liu Zilang on the third floor of the fake garage heard Wei Shen's gunshots, he got stuck behind the door and finally let out a relaxed breath.

     At this moment, he feels that only has one word,

     That is tired!

     Not only exhaustion after high concentration,More importantly, every time his helmet was broken, he had to go downstairs to get a new helmet from the box and ran back and forth several times!

     This is really tired!

     Of course, if Dang a+ knows Liu Zilang's thoughts at the moment, I am afraid that a mouthful of blood will come out directly!

     In the studio of the Betta Golden Grand Prix,

     Xiaoxiao Sika and Rita spoke quickly.

     "My God! God Wei is really spiritual after this wave of edges! It can be said that it was given to the big brother team fatal strike! Now big brother and soso have been stolen! There is still one vk in the back warehouse."

     "Yes! But VK doesn't have a helmet. He doesn't dare to show up and shoot at Wei Shen. Sks will kill a head without a helmet without a doubt!"

     "What I have to say here is that the confrontation between Vic and the eldest brother and vk just now is really wonderful, it is simply the celestial beings fight!"

     "Oh! God Wei shot the fallen eldest brother and Soso directly to make up! They didn't have the opportunity to continue crawling, so they got the head points first."

     "That's right, after all, it’s me who eats my mouth, so what do the remaining vk in the back warehouse say? He threw a smoke bomb towards Wei Shen, and then threw a grenade. This is Do you want to rush directly to ridicule Wei Shen?"

     "Wait! Vk didn't go up! He was moving towards the back door of the rear compartment, and there was a Jeep they just drove over there! Vk is going to"

     Along with the commentary, in the game, I saw Vk jumped into the car directly after touching the arriving back door.

     Then fire up, all the way west.

     Before leaving, he blew his horn three times,It seems to be a memorial service for teammates,

     It seems to be saying,

     I will definitely be back!

     Wei Shen, who had reached the edge, saw the smoke and grenade thrown from the back warehouse, and he was still vigilant.

     When he heard the sound of cars and the whistle coming from Houcang, he couldn't help being slightly surprised!

     that person



     Ifty this wave is still very good.

     Although vk drove away in the end, from another perspective, this is also a timely "match stop loss" that can keep them in the game ranking.

     After all, it’s already entered in the main tournament. Every game will be counted into the total points, and there are currently seven over ten people on the field. If ifty at this time total defeat of an army, it will undoubtedly be quite unfavorable for their ranking points. .

     So from this point of view, although the vk wave of avoidance is somewhat deliberate, it is quite sensible and calm.

     After the wave, Liu Zilang and Wei Shen licked another wave at the speed of light.

     In fact, they don't have any things to take right now. Licking the bag is purely a hobby and subconscious behavior.

     It's like shopping for girls in ordinary times. They often don't buy anything and can go shopping for a long time.

     After licking the bag, the two waited for a while in the safe zone,

     The next safe zone was quickly refreshed.

     The third safety zone of this game was brushed in the ruins. The area around the Nanshan Mountain of G Port, Town G and the trenches of Town G can be said to be a "G circle".

      The security zone at this time is not too big anymore,Wei Shen thought for a while, looked at the number of people on the field, and decided not to continue to wander around, but went into the center of the circle to find a shelter to hide.

     Because in terms of the refresh mechanism of the safe zone, the probability of the center of the previous safe zone appearing in the next safe zone is undoubtedly the greatest.

     If the two of them continue to be stuck with poison, the next circle will be the circle of fate.

     Once you brush into a diagonal circle or a circle a little farther away, under the "population density" in the game, the attrition on the field will undoubtedly enter a peak period when running poison.

     And whether a two-person team like them is driving or running, it will probably become a soft persimmon in the eyes of people.

     So at present, although this kind of game is relatively safe,

     But in the long term point of view, it would be better to enter the center of the safe zone.

     Although Liu Zilang has never played a professional game seriously, he also had an experience in a school offline game, plus his game IQ of different from ordinary people.

     After hearing Wei Shen's words, not needed at all explained more, he quickly figured out the joints, and then nodded.

     After making a decision, the two immediately marked a housing area near town g in the center of the safe area.

     Then Wei Shen drove the jeep, but Liu Zilang drove the orange car left by Ifty.

     The advantage of this is that once someone is encountered on the road, on the one hand, it can disperse the enemy’s firepower, and the other side can also open the angle to fight back, and at the worst, it can retain the revolutionary fire.

     Of course, the last one is the worst case plan.

     And in the current game,Just when Liu Zilang and Wei Shen set off towards town g.

     They did not know that a battle had already begun in the trenches of G town.

     And se7en, led by Li Muqiu, also encountered their most severe test in this game.

     Because of their current opponent,

     It's douyu17 team!