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    Chinese Name: 落地一把98K  Author: Iced子夜(Iced zǐyè, Iced Midnight)
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In the finals,

     The most intense war,

     Of course it was when the poison circle began to shrink.

     After all, before that, even if they know that they are not in the next safe zone, many teams still try their best to get the ranking up, and observe the in secret wave at the foot of the mountain.

     However, once the poison circle starts to shrink, no one can afford the poison in the third to last circle.

     Suddenly, looking at the director’s God's perspective, the teams from all around started rushing towards the mountain frantically like going to the city to go to the market. Gunshots continued throughout the mountain.

     And each team on the top of the mountain each Fight For Oneself, and the guns were aligned in the first second.

     As a result, the people at the foot of the mountain fell, and the fragile "alliance" instantly collapsed, and the two teams almost at the same time turned each other!

     Messed up!

     Completely messed up!

     The whole Nanshan was messed up into a pot of porridge!

     Under this circumstance, the poison circle had just been shrunk.

     The last number of survivors on the court suddenly dropped from more than 20 people to 11 people!

     In the studio of the Betta Gold Grand Prix.

     "This wave was really intense just now! Everywhere is falling, and our director's perspective almost didn't keep up."

     "Yes! But I don't know if you have noticed that the two players of team jta just fell from a height on the bottom left of the screen and fell to death. I don't know what the specifics are."

     "Oh! Our director is very spiritual! Just now the replays of the deaths of the two jta players have been cut out, let us take a look."Accompanied by the commentary, in the live broadcast of the game, I saw the two jta players seem to be playing Assassin's Creed, running fast along the steep slope on the top of the mountain.

     When passing a slope,

     The person in front leaped forward and jumped up extremely coolly.

     The next moment the clinker, the person behind him jumped to his head, and the two Character Models in the game showed a very obvious freeze.

     At this moment, the sound of gunshots in the ears continued, and the two seemed to panic, and quickly wanted to break away from each other.

     In the end, I didn’t expect that one of them was careless, but they fell down one by one at the same time, and fell to death together halfway through the mountain.

     After leaving two boxes, they saw their bodies rolling all the way to the foot of the mountain, looking extremely miserable

     After a daze, the audience in the live broadcast room also burst into laughter!

     "I'm dripping turtles! This is too real!"

     "I remember this place! This is legendary Luofengpo!"

     "I entered the finals with great difficulty, but I fell to death before I saw anyone! This Nima is so angry!"

     "E feel that the mentality of JTA's people is going to explode."

     "Slope: p, let you go slowly!"


     The replay cut by the director was only one short episode, and the audience in the live broadcast room smiled and passed by.

     When I returned to the back of the game, the atmosphere became tense again.

     At this moment, the scope of the safety zone is extremely small, and it is just such a small place, but it is crowded with 11 people.

     ig three people,

     arani three people,

     4a two people,As for the three teams of ftd and fc with llg, there is only one lone wolf left.

      At this time, no one dares to do it first, and no one dares to make a slip. Because you make a slip, it is very likely that other teams the masses rise to attack it.

     And let alone a sniper at such a close distance, it would be useless if the sniper came.

      This time is all about the small-scale combat capability and on-the-spot response of each team.

     In the studio of the Betta Gold Grand Prix.

     "At present, the 4a position is the best, because they not only have bunkers, but there's nothing about it people around. The most important thing is that the Second Last safety zone is still there. This 4a really won a fate! "

     "Yes, in comparison, the position of the ig three is also good, but they are flanked by the three of the Arani team. There are still two lone wolves on the slope. It is easy to be attacked by all sides."

     "That's it, ig seems to have realized this too. They heard the footsteps of the lone wolf down the slope, and they felt that they were throwing thunder!"

     In the game, I saw the illusion of being stuck behind the rugged stones suddenly stood up, raised his hand and threw a grenade towards the slope.

     But before he had time to squat down, there was a burst of rapid and violent gunfire from the side!

     Suddenly, I realized that a bloody mist suddenly appeared on my body, and then I kneels down on the ground while holding my belly.

     On the other side, Shen Zeyan was shot immediately from the side, and he suddenly got up and threw it over!

     At this moment, his a is not an eight-fold mirror,

     It's holographic!


     The illusion that the next door attacked the person also fell!"My Ya'er! Ze Shao's reaction is too quick!"

     "Hologram a, this is a bit too much!

     "Hey! But this illusory thunder, oh! He killed a lone wolf in llg!"

     "One for two, then this wave of ig is a profit, but it's about to be done after the next round!"

     "This circle is interesting! When the poison comes, the teams outside have to run, but whoever runs faster will not only endure the 4a fire in the safe zone, but also beware of the cold arrows behind them."

     "Oh! The lone wolf of ftd wants to take advantage of this wave of gunfire to touch it from the slope! But he has been seen by Vic!"

     "Will Vic shoot? No! He cut out a thunder!"

     In the game screen on the big screen,

     Liu Zilang, who was stuck behind the stone, couldn't help but curl up slightly when he saw the person who had touched him by the slope.

     The next moment, he suddenly cut out a grenade,

     Pull the strings, warm up!

     Then he saw him slightly on his side and threw it towards the slope.

     At this time, the man in Poxia ftd was muttering silently "Can't see me! Can't see me!", not even daring to head.

     It seems that he doesn’t look at others,

     No one will look at him.


     Just listen to "Kang Dang"!

     The man suddenly felt that what thing fell on his right front.

     He pulled the angle of view, and suddenly everyone was stupid!


     After the gunpowder smoke, a System Notification came out!

     "4a-vic used a grenade to blow up ftd-highshao!"

     In a moment, the poison circle hadn't started to shrink.Two people were cut again on the field, leaving only nine.

     The remaining fc lone wolf originally wanted to get into the circle ahead of time. At this moment, seeing the tragic situation of learn a lesson from the mistakes of one's predecessor, he didn't dare to act blindly without thinking.

     For a while, the situation on the court seemed to froze again.

     However, once the countdown is over,

     The poison circle began to shrink, and the deadlock was soon broken!

     At this moment, the lone wolf of ig and arai and fc seemed to have reached a tacit understanding.

     Neither one shot each other, but ran towards the safe area on the top of the hill where 4a was.

     Because everyone knows that if you fight when you run poison, it is equivalent to the three teams braising the chicken for this game and bringing it to the table for 4a.

     They of course don't do such stupid things, what's the matter wait until they enter the circle.

     While running the lap, the guns of the three teams have been facing the safe area, and they are ready to shoot at any time.

     But when they were halfway through, no one showed up in the safe zone.

     The other side just put us in the circle?

     The three teams were wondering in their hearts. Suddenly someone saw a lot of black spots flying in the sky right in front of them one after another.

     A few people took a closer look!

     This Nima is not a grenade what is?

     For a while, it was as if they had walked into a minefield, and the hōng lóng lóng's voice in their ears remained unbroken.

     Have you ever felt despair?

     That's it!

     The lone wolf of fc saw hopelessness into the circle, and immediately gritted his teeth and directly aimed the muzzle at Arani not far away.In the thunder of the grenade in the ear, after Arani’s people were beaten, they didn’t immediately find the one who beat them.

     Turning his head, I saw the ig three on the side.

     As a result, they also pulled their guns over.

      At this time, everyone has also figured it out. Instead of passively being bombed to death here, it is better to get some head points before dying.

     If you kill a team, you can still advance your ranking in this game.

     In this case, the hilltop is naturally messed up again!

     "It's fighting! The thunder thrown by the 4a is really deadly! It seems that they are fate chickens!"

     "Yes, now the championship has been set by 4a! Other teams on the field can only compete for second place."

     "Oh! The number of people is decreasing drastically. The thunder of vic blows up the two of Arani, and there is only one left on ig!"

     "The lone wolf of fc stole the rest of Arani, but he was also killed by thunder!"

     "Then there is only one Ze Shao and 4a left! Ze Shao 1v2! Can you change the fate against the Heaven?"

     "Oh! Two more thunders are flying over! Ze Shao can't hide!"

     "Vic also stood up from behind the bunker, he seems to be declaring victory!"

     In the game, Shen Zeyan saw the thunder above his head getting closer and closer, but he didn't seem to feel the approach of death.

     The moment the figure appeared behind the stone in the safe zone, he held up a shot thinks not to think and shot it out!



     The next moment, the picture freezes!

      great luck, great profit, eat chicken tonight!

     4a won the first victory of the Golden Grand Prix tonight,But it’s worth mentioning that

     At that moment when he was eating chicken, Liu Zilang was kneels down on the ground.

     Seeing this scene, the audience in Liu Zilang's live studio was taken aback first, and almost laughed to death.

     Because they just saw clearly,

     Liu Zilang suddenly got up after squatting and throwing thunder.

     While shaking his fist in the air at Shen Zeyan, he tilted his head left and right.

     At this moment, seeing Liu Zilang kneels down on the ground in the chicken eating scene, all the audience’s mind only has one,