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172 Take A Program! (First More)
    Chinese Name: 落地一把98K  Author: Iced子夜(Iced zǐyè, Iced Midnight)
    Original: www.qidian.com | Translator: NineTalesFox.com

In the studio of the Betta Gold Grand Prix.

     Xiaoxiao looked at the game screen and laughed, "Pretty! Let us congratulate the 4a reduction of two people, after all the hardships, finally defeated many other strong teams, eat the first chicken tonight, this is really not easy Up."

     Sika also exclaimed, "Yes, although the last wave of 4a was a destiny circle, in fact, in the first few waves, there's nothing about it. Destiny, whether it’s at the airport or town 4a, it’s been a long time. The trek, this tells us what, tells us that as long as you can persist, the destiny will always be yours!"

     "Well, it makes sense to say that." Rita pursed her lips and continued, "In addition, I have to say, the total number of kills in a 4a hand is an amazing 27 kills! vi!"

     In the official live broadcast room of this kind of event, almost no one would give gifts originally, so although Zhang Xiaotong’s gift is only one airplane, it is still more eye-catching after being brushed out.

     Coupled with the popularity of her name itself in Douyu.

     For a while, almost all viewers in the live broadcast room noticed the aircraft prompt, and many barrage could not help but follow the trend. After a while, the screen was full of "Congratulations 4a."

     In the studio, the three commentators also noticed the rhythm of the live studio.

     "Xiaotongjiang?" He smiled for a while, and then reacted, laughing and teasing, "Oh, it's the little loli who sings in the second element, how can I run the game live room to give a gift, and give me a plane? It's a bit unattractive."

     Sika glanced at the barrage, and said somewhat uncertain, "Huh? I saw a barrage saying that it seems that Xiaotongjiang is Vic's younger sister. I don't know if it is true or false."Hearing Sika’s words, Rita smiled and said, “This is true. I saw Vic taking Xiaotongjiang and Sister Fa a few days ago to play together, and then Wei Shen also went. These two are indeed brothers and sisters, and one thing is quite interesting. Vic is the anchor of our Douyu's face value area."

     "Vic? The anchor in the face value area?" The smile seemed to be frightened. "The anchor in the face value area came to participate in our chicken competition and was 18 kills? Is this World becoming too fast and I can't keep up with the rhythm? ?"

     In the official live broadcast room of the Golden Grand Prix, many viewers who didn't know Liu Zilang could not help being curious when he heard that he was broadcasting live in the Yan value area, and they came to the Yan value section to look for it.

     In a short while, the popularity of Liu Zilang's live broadcast room once again ushered in a skyrocket, rapidly rising from more than 100,000 to more than 400,000, and once again became the first big man in the beauty area.

     The popularity has risen even more than the last time Zhang Xiaotong and Fa Jie made the rounds.

     At the same moment, Liu Zilang's live broadcast room.

     After playing a round, Liu Zilang also adjusted the delay back during the rest waiting time.

     As soon as the tuning was done, he saw the surge in popularity and barrage in the live broadcast room.

     "Fuck, the anchor has such beautiful hands! Is this really a man?"

     "I don't feel like a man, so it's not like a young lady using a voice changer or something."

     "Then this transforming device is too real, besides, can Miss Sister be 18 kills?"

     "It's hard to tell, isn't Xuejiu quite good?"

     "Anchor anchor, are you sisters with Xiaotongjiang?"


     Seeing these barrage of everything in disorder, Liu Zilang couldn't help but twitch at the corner of his eyes, a black line on his forehead.

     He thought for a while, suddenly a thought flashed through the mind, opened the backstage of the live broadcast room and set the speaking level.

     In an instant, those new audiences who had just entered the live broadcast room suddenly reduced the barrage, and only the old audience with fan level 3 or above could speak.

     Liu Zilang coughed dryly, "Excuse me, this is a green live broadcast room. New viewers still have to go through a program, pay a little attention to what it is, and then give a free gift to speak. It's not right to steal technology. ."

     Hearing what Liu Zilang said, many viewers who rushed in from the official broadcast room scolded Liu Zilang as shameless.

     Some people turned around and left immediately;

     However, most of the viewers came over after watching the game and felt that the anchor was really strong and nothing to say.

     Some people still have questions in their minds. If you can’t wait to speak, you can directly click on the follower card to get a fan card. Many of them also use free fish balls to upgrade their fan level after clicking on the follower.

     After a while, the barrage in the live broadcast room became lively again.

     Liu Zilang did not expect the audience's enthusiasm to be so high. Seeing these painful barrage,

     Liu Zilang couldn't help being lightly coughed and said seriously, "Finally declare that the anchor is really male. My voice recognition should be very high. In order to impress everyone, I decided to sing a song. A "Ten Years" for everyone."

     "If those two words..."

     Hearing Liu Zilang's disagreement, he began to sing, and the audience in the live broadcast room was suddenly confused.Esports Eason Chan?

     Now the anchors are so versatile as Nima?

     But thinking that Xiaotongjiang sings so well, and he is Xiaotongjiang’s brother, maybe "long tradition of family learning"...

     This idea just appeared in their minds, but after Liu Zilang spoke up.

     Countless viewers in the live broadcast room suddenly showed constipation expressions, realized how naive they are!

     In an instant, the popularity of the live broadcast room dropped at the speed of visible to the naked eye, and for a time it achieved a magical effect of "clearing the scene"!