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177 An Eternal Show Of Streams And Mountains! (Two In One)
    Chinese Name: 落地一把98K  Author: Iced子夜(Iced zǐyè, Iced Midnight)
    Original: www.qidian.com | Translator: NineTalesFox.com

Seeing this scene of the Jedi counter-kill, a short pause suddenly appeared on the barrage in the live broadcast room.

     Then suddenly it seemed as if the river had burst its bank, and a full screen of barrage rolled past!

     "666, fellow daoist, palm thunder want to know more?"

     "Di! Your friend Junkrat player is online!"

     "Fuck, this city of vi and the east bridge are all included, but for now, I still do not know what kind of circle it will be.

     But it can't be them here anyway.

      Without a doubt, 4a far away in the city of r must at least run to the farm position near the east bridge to enter the circle.

     It is natural to drive at such a long distance.

     However, a few people ran to the garage in R City and found that there was only a three-wheeled car.

     Needless to say, a three-wheeled car will definitely not fit four people.

     Fortunately, Wei Shen also found a motorcycle on the east road and quickly rode it over, finally solving the vehicle problem.

     And during this period, Liu Zilang also remembered the first person he had climbed Nanpo to steal to die and make up the box before he had time to lick it, remembering that the person seemed to have brought the rifle again.

      Thought until here, Liu Zilang excitedly ran to take a look, suddenly a little dumbfounded.

     I saw a handful of 6, which Liu Zilang used most conveniently, lying in the box, but the 5.56 bullet was only 6 shots left by the man. It is estimated that it was time for the man to get the gun.

     There is neither speed nor occlusion,

     Sometimes when I drive a little faster, I accidentally throw myself to death...

     Taking these factors into account, they can't help but be a little more cautious and take a detour.But anyone who hadn't thought is,

     Just after they drove to Xiaoqingshan, they unexpectedly encountered a group of people dividing things there.

     In the fighting fish studio.

     "It's the lgd team! They seem to find that there is no car after the jungle, and they want to divide the ammunition and medical supplies equally before running the poison."

     "Yes, that's bad, the equipment of the lgd team looks pretty good, and it's easy to be swept down if you rush over in 4a!"

     "Well, and lgd has also heard the noise of the car from the north. They hid, and they seem to think about 4a!"

     With the excitement of the commentary, the audience in the live broadcast room suddenly became nervous.

      Unconsciously, every move of 4a in this game has begun to affect the minds of most viewers in the live broadcast.

     on the hill,

     In a "buzzing" sound,

     The motorcycle of Wei Shen and Liu Zilang took the lead.

     At this time, it can be clearly seen that after 4a, the two cars opened a clear distance.

     The advantage of this is that a faster motorcycle can be used to detect the enemy's situation, and if something is wrong, Aluka and the small eye-catching three wheels can be bypassed in advance.

      has to say, in this brief moment Their caution has played a very important role!

     Suddenly -!

     At the moment when the gunshot suddenly sounded in front, Wei Shen, who was driving the motorcycle, immediately turned around and accelerated towards the slope on the other side!

      At the same time, Wei Shen also yelled in his voice, "Someone! Don't go from here!"Upon hearing this, Aluka who followed behind quickly turned around and pulled to the side.

     They don’t want to run,

     But want to gain a foothold and stop and fight back,

     This is definitely better than rushing to someone's face and being swept down.

     However, Wei Shen who rushed ahead never expected that there were also people behind the slope he rushed up with Liu Zilang!

     It turned out that after hearing the sound of the car, the lgd team took a separate position in order to prevent the unblocked person from being slipped away by the opponent.

     next moment,

     I saw that among the hail of bullets on the side, Wei Shen was carrying Liu Zilang's motorcycle rushing up the slope, suddenly rising off the ground, and rushing into the air!

     Da Da Da -!

     At this moment, a violent burst of fire suddenly struck from behind the slope below!

      dīng dīng dāng dāng 丁丁-!

     Suddenly, the motorcycle suddenly burst into flames,

     Liu Zilang and Wei Shen in the car also groaned for a while, and a few clouds of blood mist burst out of their bodies!

     In a crisis, Wei Shen suddenly gritted his teeth and pressed the w button, and suddenly raised the front of the car, the motorcycle suddenly began to flip in the air!

     Wei Shen wanted to use this method to disrupt the opponent's gun line and achieve the effect of dodge.

     However, when Liu Zilang in the back seat turned upside down on the motorcycle, he suddenly saw the two people behind the slope in his vision while standing upside down!

     Seeing this, Liu Zilang couldn't help but eyebrow raised, and immediately held up the u9 in his hand, and shot at the bottom!

      It should be noted, one-handed submachine guns like Uzi and U9 can be shot from the back seat of a motorcycle.

     Da da da-!The two lgd on the slope hadn't thought that Liu Zilang could still shoot on the motorcycle that turned upside down in the air.

     The moment the gunfire sounded, the two of them were suddenly confused!

     The next moment, a scene that made countless audiences in the live broadcast room dumbfounded appeared!

     In the first angle of view of Liu Zilang given by the director, I saw him holding a U9 in the air with the motorcycle flipping.

     In an unimaginable way, all spin the gun and shoot,

     Forcibly pressed the quasi-heart of u9 firmly behind the opposite slope two people's bodies!

     When Wei Shen completed a 360-degree rotation in the air while driving his motorcycle, and then fell to the ground,

     At this moment, the two LGDs behind the slope were swept to the ground by Liu Zilang's U9 with the expansion!

      what is this ghost?

     360-degree Thomas maneuver to kill?

     Motorcycle 2.0 enhanced version flying?

     Seeing this scene, countless viewers in the live broadcast room were completely dumbfounded. For a while, few people thought of sending a barrage, because they didn't know what to say at this time.

     If you didn't see it with your own eyes, I'm afraid that no one would believe it!

     "Uh...what was that just now, was it an illusion?"

     "Have you heard of a to drop from the sky marksmanship?"

     "Ask weakly, is Tianxiu suitable for me this time?"

     "Tianxiu? This Nima is the god of good fortune clock show!"

     "Fart! Obviously it is an eternal show of streams and mountains!"

     "Sorry! This is the show of Li Yunlong's wife Xiuqin, head of the independent regiment of the 129th division of our army!"

     "Sorry! Excuse me! Goodbye!"

     "..."In just a blink of an eye, the live broadcast room was suddenly flooded by countless barrage like tides.

     In the Betta Golden Grand Prix studio, Laughing Sika and Rita almost startled to fall the chin, and it took a long time to turn around.

     After a while, smiled and breathed a sigh of relief. The first sentence that opened his mouth was, "My bud! This vic is still human? Has Douyu seriously verified the player information?"

     Upon hearing this, Sika and Rita on the side were nodded very seriously.